How and why to ignore a man, a description of effective techniques

Why ignore

People are attracted to forbidden topics. Many people who see the red button want to press it. This happens for one reason - because of the desire to comprehend the unknown. Ignoring works on the same principle. To interest a man, you need to ignore him.

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Guys are hunters by nature. They are attracted to difficulties, and approachable girls are repulsed. If a friend does not respond to messages and does not show reciprocal feelings, excitement appears. I want to go all-in to get a heart “not like everyone else.”

What not to do

In an obsessive desire to punish the offender, women often do stupid things, for which they later pay bitterly. This is because they are driven by anger, which blocks the mind.

So, what not to do in pursuit of revenge:

  • damage someone else's property (scratch a car, break into an apartment, beat equipment in a fit of anger, set fire to his office), for this you can be held accountable;
  • injure a negligent man;
  • lose your own dignity in the desire to prick the cheater (cheat in response);
  • take revenge on a rival (pursue, threaten, ruin her life);
  • punish a man through feelings of guilt (try to commit suicide);
  • involving innocent people (parents, children, loved ones) in this is unjustified cruelty on your part.

Revenge is still destructive. It can significantly spoil not only the reputation, but also the lives of people. Both for you (if you are obsessed with this feeling) and for the partner who once behaved wrongly. Psychologists advise punishing the offender only if there is no other way to let go of the situation. And if you let off steam through punishment, then only in such a way that it does not harm anyone. It will only be enough for a man to hurt his feelings and deal a blow to his male pride. Everything else is superfluous.

Basic operating principle

You can only make an interested man fall in love with you. You should ignore him only when you are sure of his sympathy. You can see your interest based on a number of signs:

  1. Constantly trying to start a conversation.
  2. The desire to make the object of adoration smile with the help of jokes.
  3. Using abstruse words in speech.
  4. Flaunting your positive qualities.

It's better to use ignore at work. This way you can interest a man. There are many ways to attract his attention to your own person. The simplest option is to unobtrusively ask to be escorted to a distant office, to complete a difficult task, to keep company at a corporate event, etc.

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You should ignore a guy after a long flirtation. Such behavior from a girl will cause him confusion. The man will rack his brain and wonder what went wrong. Because of this, he will begin to pay even more attention to his friend.

Unfortunately, no one knows how to properly ignore any man. People are different, so their reaction to such methods of seduction is different. It is important not to abuse silence. This method of manipulation is effective only if used in moderation.

Also, you shouldn't try to get a guy's attention by ignoring him. Due to the small amount of communication, you can be left with nothing.

Finally - an unusual technique

Let's do a thought experiment.

Imagine that you have the superpower to “read” men. It’s like Sherlock Holmes: you look at a man and you immediately know everything about him and understand what’s on his mind. You could get any man and have an ideal relationship, and you would hardly be reading this article now in search of a solution to your problem.

And who said that this is impossible? Of course, you can’t read other people’s thoughts, but otherwise there is no magic here - only psychology.

We advise you to pay attention to the master class from Nadezhda Mayer. She is a candidate of psychological sciences, and her technique has helped many girls find ideal relationships and feel loved.

If interested, you can sign up for a free webinar. We asked Nadezhda to reserve 100 seats specifically for visitors to our site.

Ignore rules

This technique is often used during long-term relationships. Many people don’t know whether to ignore a man after a quarrel. Guys are stubborn and self-confident creatures, they rarely make concessions first, so teasing an angry bull is prohibited. But if you apply the technique correctly, then you can achieve the following results:

  1. Using control threads. The longer partners are together, the more ways of manipulation appear. They must be, otherwise silence and indifference will be of no use. The technique works effectively only as a means of intimidation. The guy should be afraid to be alone. But if he has a mistress, then he will only be delighted with a woman’s composure.
  2. Treat what is happening as if it were a game. You should not use such techniques to improve relationships. A serious approach can lead to undesirable consequences. It’s just that sometimes it’s worth responding to SMS longer to make your partner feel uncomfortable.
  3. Don't go too far. The most important point of all. Often girls get carried away by indifference. Because of this, you can be left in splendid isolation.

Hidden threat

You can't predict how a guy will behave when ignored. From time to time, such manipulations lead to obsession. The lover sets the goal of his whole life to win the favor of one single girl. He does not feel the feeling of falling in love; for him it is important to conquer the next peak. Such relationships are dangerous. They never end with a wedding.

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In order not to miss happiness, it is necessary to correctly ignore the man, so to speak, to arouse interest. To do this, you need to act gradually and meaningfully.

Strengthening positions

After competent use of feminine tricks, it’s time for a date. The guy will take the first step on his own, but you should refuse the invitation. This should be done gently and gently. The meeting should be postponed indefinitely, citing heavy workload or poor health.

You can’t refuse constantly, otherwise your partner will suspect something is wrong, quickly grow cold and start looking for another girlfriend.

On a date, you need to flirt with a fan and show interest in him. A man needs to feel that all his efforts are not in vain. He must realize that he made the right choice.

It is better to hold the first meeting in a restaurant or park. Cinema and theater are too trivial places. In addition, there will be no opportunity to communicate and get to know each other better. You can hint to the man in advance where you would like to go.

For a good date, you can reward the guy with a kiss on the cheek. Such a gesture of attention will be enough to provoke him. After the date, you should turn on ignore again for a few days so that the young man gets worried.

A man needs to be properly ignored in order for him to come back. This method can restore any relationship. To breathe into a man his former passion, you need to:

  1. Always be irresistible. We must not forget about external attractiveness. Because of routine, women stop taking care of themselves, and this leads to the fact that husbands stop paying attention to them. You need to try to look chic every day, then your spouse will begin to appreciate and love you again.
  2. Go out without a boyfriend. Sometimes it's worth spending time alone with yourself.
  3. Ignore SMS and calls. You shouldn’t respond to a man’s every whim. Let him understand that this is a person with his own opinion.

Such actions should cause even the most selfish person to feel shame. Due to addiction, people stop paying attention to their loved ones. It is important to open their eyes in time.

The girl does not want to communicate, ignores or freezes

Why does this happen - the most common situations

She was offended

Perhaps the reason for her silence is quite banal - the girl is simply offended by you. Analyze your last dialogues, remember if you could have offended her with some action or words. If you still don’t remember anything like that, then it is possible that her offense is far-fetched (if there really is one). To clarify the situation, of course, you should initiate a dialogue with the girl and ask directly if she is offended by something. If possible, it is better to call or initiate a personal meeting.

She's busy

Maybe the girl simply does not have the opportunity to answer you, even if she is online. It is possible that at the same time she is busy with some other activity, and she simply has no time for communication. Wait a little, if this is really the case, then the interlocutor will soon respond to your messages.

Women's ignorance as a means of manipulation

It must be admitted that some women use ignorance for their own purposes. Of course, they often do this because they had the opportunity to make sure that with the help of such behavior they can achieve certain “bonuses” for themselves. What does ignoring them give them?

Firstly, in this way they try to determine a man’s true attitude towards himself. If the chosen one did not notice anything, then the woman notes that he is not too attentive to her. If he begins to worry and tries to somehow clarify what is happening, then it is obvious that he is seriously interested in the relationship and reacts to the slightest changes in his beloved’s mood. Sometimes, it is really important for a woman to simply determine the attitude of a man, but often everything goes much further. Subconsciously, she, of course, is counting on the second option - that the man will be excited by her behavior. And after this, some people calculate how exactly their partner’s concern might benefit them. Someone on this “wave” is trying to get certain actions from the chosen one; more mercantile ladies can simply achieve gifts in this way.

How not to think about a guy

To be a good ignorer, you need to learn to get rid of thoughts about your lover. But not everyone is able not to think about the object of adoration. To make this task easier, you should follow the following rules:

  1. Communication with other people. You should never give up fun company for the sake of one person. Try to lead an active lifestyle to avoid boredom. The busier a girl is, the less she thinks about a man.
  2. Expanding your horizons. Development is the key to success in all life endeavors. It is necessary to read books, watch films, play musical instruments, etc. Any activity brightens up the process of ignoring.

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What to do if annoying acquaintances demand attention?

So, you've weighed everything carefully and are still confident that ignoring is your option. If people you don’t want to communicate with know you superficially, then

  • Look into their eyes as little as possible; when you do, don’t smile.
  • keep your distance from these people; when passing by, don’t linger.
  • do something else. If you read a book or listen to music while wearing headphones, you are less likely to be disturbed than if your face looks bored and your eyes look one way or the other.
  • take the necessary action on social media.

If you don't like one of your employees, limit yourself to discussing business issues.

Using NLP

To win a man's heart, you can use special techniques. To do this, you need to delve into the basics of psychology.

All people are different. Each personality is formed under the influence of society and genetics. The process of understanding your loved one can take several years. However, it can be sped up. To do this, it is enough to study NLP (neurolinguistic programming), which will help you better understand people. The more we know about others, the easier it is to control them.

You can become familiar with NLP techniques either independently or through special courses. Girls with low self-esteem should not use this method, as their internal complexes will lead to constant reflection and thoughts will appear that the guy is too good. This will make depression worse.

Ignoring is the best way to tie a person to you: why, why and how it works in general

Hello to all those who like to pick their brains! No, I’m not talking about surgeons and pathologists, I’m talking about those who are impressed by psychology, those whom you don’t feed with bread - let them study such a complex phenomenon as a person.

Today I will touch on a slightly rare, but not at all boring topic - ignoring individuals of their own kind. We will figure out why ignoring is the best way to tie a person to you. Let’s also think about why this “method of attracting attention” is so effective.

Advice from psychologists

There are two points of view on manipulation in relationships:

  1. Ignoring a man is the worst way to start a conversation. The couple will not be able to exist together, since the connection is built artificially. Love is a chemical reaction that cannot be created out of nothing. If the partner is cold from the beginning, then nothing will change. It is better not to try to win the heart of an indifferent person. There are a lot of people in the world who will give you much more positive emotions in the future. A woman shouldn't get hung up on a guy who doesn't show interest in return. Such people need to be avoided.
  2. Relationships start with shenanigans. The person lies and embellishes. This behavior is encouraged by society, so people lie to make themselves look good. At the beginning of a relationship, a guy flaunts only positive traits. He, like a turkey, tries to dance a mating dance for the female. A girl can ignore a guy and use other manipulations. There is nothing immoral about this.

Both theories are correct, because they have a common link - the factor of falling in love. It doesn't matter where the feeling comes from. If people are made for each other, then they will be together both with and without ignorance. There are no limits or frames for love. She will be able to get into a hard heart and soften it.

Cases in which ignoring will only do harm

Women are greatly mistaken when they think that ignoring can be used as a preventative measure. In some cases, it is better to take no action at all than to harm the relationship.

Sometimes a man and a woman manage to build a strong relationship. They meet, everything goes well. But suddenly the girl decides to add a little emotion so that the guy doesn’t think that she’s so spineless. It includes ignoring, as a result the man has a misunderstanding. What's happened? There must be some reason for this behavior? Naturally, there is no normal excuse to be found. The chosen one falls into a trap that she herself made.

The method of ignoring for prevention does not work, so you should not listen to smart friends and writers who think that they know everything about men. The guy will not do something incomprehensible and understand artificially created issues. He will simply shrug his shoulders and go to someone else. To one whose behavior will be normal and predictable.

If you want to add new emotions to your relationship, you can look for them elsewhere. Come up with an interesting date or bring something new to your sex life. This will give more.

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