Great quotes that are filled with depth and meaning

Wise quotes with meaning

  1. Learn from defeat and you are doomed to victory.
  2. Remember, whatever you do behind people’s backs, you do it in front of God. (We recommend reading 122 quotes about God that make you think about his existence).
  3. It's bad when you don't have friends, but it's much worse when you believe that you have them.
  4. Do you want to drown out the voice of your own heart? Then get the crowd's applause.
  5. Surround a person with a crowd and he won’t have to think.
  6. The attitude towards others greatly depends on why they surrounded you.
  7. If there is a choice of whom to crucify, the crowd always saves Barrabas.
  8. The lower the intelligence, the louder the insults.
  9. Happiness is when you thank God more often than you ask.
  10. The more pride a person has, the more irritated he is by the successes of other people.

  11. Don’t ask God for an easy life, but ask him to make you stronger.
  12. You can be at the top of the highest mountain, and someone else at the bottom of the deepest earthly abyss. But you are as far from the stars as he is.
  13. God doesn't die when we stop believing in him. We are the ones dying!
  14. It is very easy to fall in love with beautiful eyes, but you can only LOVE with a beautiful heart!
  15. The most beautiful woman in the world is the one you love. The most beloved man is the one for whom you are the most beautiful in the world.
  16. Real men have happy wives, others have strong wives.
  17. Some people wear crosses around their necks and zeroes in their hearts.
  18. Love is a feeling of deep affection, and not just a habit of being together.
  19. Perhaps wisdom does not bring visible income, but it definitely helps to avoid unnecessary costs.
  20. In this world, the position of a person is important, not the person himself, what he is wearing, and not what he is.

Quotes about happiness

Lee Iacocca

To find happiness, you first need to experience failures and falls.

Robin Sharma

Here I will just cite statistics that a 4-year-old child laughs on average 100 times a day, while an adult does this no more than 15.

William James

Interesting fact: If you practice your smile in front of the mirror every day, you will noticeably become more positive and happier.

Oprah Winfrey

Moreover, you will also forget about all your experiences.

Richard Branson

There are no limits for a person. The limits are only in his head.

Wise thoughts for every day

  1. Courage is the victory over fear, but not the absence of it.
  2. When you learn to love what you have, you will stop thinking about what you don't have.
  3. If someone laughs at your beliefs, it means you have them. I could laugh at a lot of things, but there’s nothing at all.
  4. The smarter a person is, the more this is visible in his deeds. And the dumber a person is, the more he considers himself the smartest.
  5. Spirituality cannot be bought with money, but it can be lost with money. (We recommend reading 62 wise quotes about money and finance from great and famous people).
  6. It's not hard to simplify your life; it's hard not to complicate it again.
  7. The quality of life increases its quantity.
  8. Self-discipline is human dignity in action. This is the ability to not give in to the persuasion of your heart.
  9. You have to be willing to give up the good for the better.
  10. Deep thoughts are beyond the reach of shallow people.
  11. It is necessary to teach not thoughts, but to learn to think.
  12. Emptiness: it is impossible to imagine, but it is hard not to notice in a person.
  13. All roads lead from the past, but not all lead to the future.
  14. A wise man feels lonely when surrounded by fools.
  15. Showing respect to others means treating their words as “meaningful statements.”
  16. There are no unresolved problems, only wise solutions.
  17. It is in trials and difficulties that an understanding of certain values ​​comes.
  18. A fall does not mean the end of the race.
  19. Don't promise what you don't want to do.
  20. You're tired of waiting, but how much worse is it for those who have nothing to wait for?

Inspirational Quotes for Study from Harvard Students

Rumor has it that Harvard University students reread these quotes before each school day. Try it too. Maybe something will come of this.

1. If you fall asleep now, you will dream your dream, but if you study now, you will make your dream come true.

2. The pain of learning is only temporary. The pain of not knowing—ignorance—is eternal.

3. Studying is not time. Studying is effort.

4. Life isn't all about studying, but if you can't even get through that part of it, how will you know what you're capable of?

5. Learn to do everything earlier, learn to make an effort, learn to enjoy the results.

6. Not everyone can truly succeed at everything. But success comes only with self-improvement and determination

7. Not everyone can truly succeed at everything. But success comes only with self-improvement and determination

8. People who invest in the future are realists.

9. Your salary is directly proportional to your level of education.

10. Even now your rivals are leafing through smart books.

Wise quotes from famous people

  1. People tend to see what they are looking for and hear what they are listening for. Harper Lee
  2. Success is how high you jump when you hit bottom. (George Smith Patton)
  3. Be so good that others cannot ignore you. (Steve Martin)
  4. If you don't like something, change it. if you can't change it, change your way of thinking. (Mary Engelbreit)
  5. Failure is simply a signal to move forward. (Helen Adams Keller)
  6. Stop allowing people who do so little for you to control your mind, feelings and emotions. (Will Smith)
  7. Rise above the storm and you will find the sun. (Mario Fernandez)
  8. The best friend you will find in your life is the friend who always comes back to you, no matter what happened or how much time has passed. (Maxim Lagace)
  9. A penguin cannot become a giraffe, so it is better to be a good penguin than a bad giraffe. (Gary Vaynerchuk)
  10. It's easy to dream about it. It's much more difficult to execute. So keep working! (Gary Vaynerchuk)
  11. It's about personality. Be the kind of person who gets things done. Even when it's difficult. (Tom Bilye)
  12. It hurts so much to want what you can't have. (Johnny Depp)
  13. Look up to the heavens and say, “Now it’s my turn to make history.” Cristiano Ronaldo
  14. The time you spend hating someone robs you of your own time. You literally hate yourself and don't even realize it. (Joe Rogan)

Wise phrases and smart thoughts

  1. A painful impression is made by a person who uses words without understanding their meaning.
  2. Wisdom is needed in the ability to distinguish where it is necessary to act and where to endure, where it is necessary to change something or where it is worth reconciling.
  3. The trouble with many people is that they think with desires and not with reason.
  4. Pride is afraid of objective assessment.
  5. There is one thing that misers are generous with: how to give advice.
  6. Today's charity events are more like distributing candy to hungry people.
  7. If you are ready to accept fame, then be ready to endure envy.
  8. Anyone who is free from prejudice must be prepared that not everyone will understand him.
  9. Sometimes a person spends a lot of energy opening closed doors and does not find time to look into open doors.
  10. Strange as it may seem, in the modern world few people want to think, but at the same time everyone wants to have their own opinion.
  11. Pride, to some extent, can be compared to alcohol: the more a person drinks it, the more he loses touch with reality, and the more difficult it is for him to correctly evaluate himself and others.
  12. Noticing shortcomings in yourself and not making changes means flattering yourself.
  13. If you want to make yourself unhappy, start being jealous.
  14. The so-called civilized world is nothing more than a huge masquerade, in which everything comes down to personal profit.
  15. Working only for material benefits is slave labor in a camp with all the amenities.

One of the “wise” things is to start each day by reading something related to something that will motivate you. Therefore, we recommend that you read these motivational quotes for success.

Thoughts of wise people

  1. True understanding lies beyond the desert. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  2. Maintaining hatred towards someone is the same as helping them torment you. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  3. Calm is the best revenge. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  4. You are what you believe in. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  5. Wanting to have everything is a recipe for disaster. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  6. Experience is difficult to acquire. Only the wise acquire it. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  7. What makes us great is not what we can do, but what we don't do what we can do. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  8. It is always easy to defeat a hungry person with a piece of bread. But only the wise can defeat the strong. (Bangambik Habyarimana)
  9. Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. (Auguste Rodin)
  10. I consider life a good book. The further you delve into it, the more it makes sense. (Harold Kushner)
  11. Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but about how well you jump. (Vivian Komori)

Wise aphorisms about happiness, grievances, courage and wisdom

  1. Each flaw has a first and last name.
  2. The one who washes the floor knows how to wipe his feet.
  3. The lazier a person is, the more he presents his work as a feat.
  4. Listening carefully is the best compliment a person can receive.
  5. Don't expect gratitude for your good deeds if you want to remain happy.
  6. False promises are more annoying than outright refusals.
  7. A courageous person is more capable of generosity than others.
  8. Sow an action and you will reap a habit, sow a habit and you will reap a character, sow a character and you will reap a life path.
  9. For the triumph of evil, one condition is necessary - that good people sit with their hands folded.
  10. When a person does not solve problems, but runs away from problems, he is a deserter.
  11. It's better to be a smart sheep than a stupid lion.
  12. The darker the environment, the easier it is to become a star.
  13. Life in this world is like a bridge: a wise man will cross it, and a fool will build a house on it.
  14. It is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all subsequent ones.
  15. Those who miss the past have not found themselves in the present and, as a rule, are indifferent to the future.
  16. The smart one understands what is happening, and the wise one sees how it will all end.
  17. A person's merits should be judged not by his good qualities, but by how he uses them.
  18. Testing ourselves means evaluating ourselves.



A 1. Angels are always barefoot 2. English mentality - benefit B 3. Trouble forces you to lie 4. Mediocrities hate geniuses 5. Idlers and rain have fun 6. Selfless is always noble 7. Carelessness is the cause of disasters 8. Insomnia gives insight 9. Undeniable thoughts uninteresting 10. Gratitude is the memory of conscience 11. Noble is an eternal debtor 12. God is our conscience 13. More ringing than meaning 14. In disputes they lose the truth 15. Polite refusal - silence 16. Faith rejects doubts 17. Peaks await eagles and reptiles 18. The cheerful ones live longer 19. Nonsense is the spice of politics 20. Lust for power is a ferocious passion 21. The doctor is the consolation of the soul 22. The most harmful vice is a lie 23. Everything great is rare 24. Speak everything to the point 25. Everything is determined by benefit 26. The Universe and stupidity are endless 27. Brevity teaches everyone 28. Every excess is a vice 29. Those who want to recover recover 30. The abominations expressed do not forgive 31. Books make a fool stupid 32. Stupidity cannot be cured 33. Stupidity is the friend of self-love 34. Anger gives rise to cruelty 35 States are destroyed by bad ones 36. Grandiose plans are failures 37. Rudeness responds in kind 38. Actions are more important than words 39. Follow through 40. Democracies perish from inequality 41. “The tree of knowledge in paradise” (Serpent) 42. Keep to the rut - will not carry you 43. Children are an extension of their parents 44. Having achieved success, withdraw 45. Kindness is the music of the soul 46. Kindness is higher than love 47. Kindness does not harm life 48. Little lasts 49. Virtues cause harm 50. Dignity is strictness of behavior 51. Friendship is a value communication 52. Friendship unites the worthy 53. Mistrust kills friendship 54. Make friends with smart people 55. You can’t make a fool wiser 56. Foolishness knows no fear 57. The spirit is strong with joy E 58. Unity gives victory F 59. Greed is a stranger to happiness 60. Desire - condition for recovery 61. Female instinct - insight 62. Life is a free struggle 63. Life is movement 64. Life is constant hope 65. Journalism - literary slander Z 66. Envy is the poison of the soul 67. Laws multiply criminals 68. Laws are born from customs 69. Long speech becomes boring 70. Healthy people love life 71. Health is the clothing of happiness 72. Evil is defeated with good 73. Evil smells bad 74. Evil must be avoided 75. Evil harms without benefit 76. Anger is the fuel of self-immolation 77. Snakes of snakes don’t bite 78. Knowledge is the path to mastery 79. Knowledge begins with surprise 80. A connoisseur doubts more And 81. Ideas sell like trousers 82. Ideas are the engine of humanity 83. Measure life by results 84. Disabled person of high illusions 85. Intelligentsia is a dirty word 86 Art is the clothing of culture 87. The art of long-lived people is labor 88. History is ordered rumors K 89. Classics are praised without reading 90. Slander is the revenge of cowards 91. Books are the children of the mind 92. The bell does not go to church 93. The Constitution does not heal prostitution 94. Eloquence feeds on convictions 95. Beauty is a silent recommendation 96. Beauty is a purgatory of purses 97. Beauty is not friends with wisdom 98. Brevity is the sister of talent L 99. It is easy to give advice 100. Laziness is the mother of vices 101. Laziness is a bad teacher 102 Liberals are innovators of delusions 103. The line of behavior is crooked 104. A lie is a perverted truth 105. The best prayer is short 106. The best habit is honesty 107. It is better to bend than to break 108. Flatterers know how to slander 109. Unrequited love for mathematics 110. People do not tolerate superiority M 111. The mother of boredom is idleness 112. Revenge is the pleasure of baseness 113. Dream is the meaning of expectations 114. Dreams are the wings of the soul 115. Dreams are the beginning of actions 116. Mercy is a step to philanthropy 117. A lot of nonsense in verbosity 118. Silence is a polite refusal 119. Silence is the virtue of the wise 120. Morality is difficult to justify 121. Wisdom is the science of happiness 122. Wisdom is useful knowledge 123. Wisdom is the patience of the mind 124. Wisdom is the daughter of experience 125. The wise use learning 126. Men without women fade 127. Music is the poetry of the air 128. Flies cannot be tamed 129. Thoughts are the beginning of actions N 130. Observe the end of life 131. The market reward is money 132. Hope is the medicine of the soul 133. Hope is the best healer 134. Naivety is the electoral base 135. Science is systematized knowledge 136. Science sees the hidden 137. The beginning is half of everything 138. Don’t be a nit-pick 139. Don’t be a fool in front of witnesses 140. Don’t cheat on your friends 141. Only idlers don’t make mistakes 142. Don’t raise dust 143. Don’t betray your friends 144 Don't make the toothless laugh 145. Don't humiliate yourself 146. Don't frown 147. Ignorance is born of the stupid 148. Bad luck is the punishment for stupidity 149. Intemperance is the nurse of doctors 150. Scoundrels are always sociable 151. Hatred gives birth to slander 152. The wrong one is angry first 153. Not decent ignore the question 154. Do not tell unpleasant news 155. Hide misfortunes from enemies 156. There is no prophet in his own country 157. Novelty is a sign of genius 158. Need is the best adviser 159. Need will teach anyone 160. Need teaches well-being O 161. The abundance of laws is criminal 162. Teaching - learn 163. Clothing - a person's preface 164. Loneliness is a sign of aging 165. Loneliness is the lot of the generous 166. Stupefaction from one's own mind 167. Optimism brings results 168. Experience is beyond imagination 169. Experience is the source of knowledge 170. Intoxication reveals the soul 171. The one who offends will never forgive 172. A donkey does not need honey 173. Leave slander unheeded 174. Caution is older than wisdom 175. The cautious are less likely to make mistakes 176. Wit borders on stupidity 177. Return evil with good 178. The father is a natural banker 179. Those who are absent are more guilty than those who are present P 180. Writers are the conscience of society 181. A writer is a preacher of morality 182. You learn bad things without a teacher 183. Know yourself 184. Politics will take care of you 185. Use without abusing 186. Monday is a day off for priests 187. Understanding is the beginning of agreement 188. Proverbs - these are fragments of culture 189. Mediocrity has no enemies 190. Praise corrupts lovers 191. Honors are a source of income 192. An admirer of one’s own conscience 193. A poet is a musician of speech 194. Truthfulness is not a vice 195. The truth is told in jest 196. Law is the art of justice 197. Law – repeated violence 198. Idleness is the source of delusion 199. Superiority causes disgust 200. Superiority gives rise to enemies 201. It is more difficult to foresee than to see 202. Contempt is a form of revenge 203. Teachers are horses of enlightenment 204. The sign of contempt is silence 205. Example is stronger than preaching 206 Example is more useful than instruction 207. Examples teach everything 208. Principles do not change circumstances 209. Nature makes everything for nothing 210. There is no cure for slander 211. The past determines the future 212. Forgive your enemies 213. By forgiving, you become stronger 214. Drunkenness is voluntary madness 215 Drunkenness breeds idiots

R 216. Equality of people - prejudice 217. Balance of mind and stupidity - consensus 218. Rejoicing alone is sad 219. Reasonable arguments offend 220. The wounds of slander are incurable 221. Wounds do not hurt the winners 222. Revolution - mass terror 223. Rare pleasures are more pleasant 224 Speech is the image of the soul 225. Speech is an indicator of the mind 226. Homeland begins with the family 227. The market is a place for deception C 228. A narcissist has no rivals 229. Complacency is insanity 230. Conceit is a congenital disease 231. Self-confidence is a lack of experience 232 Freedom liberates the conscience 233. People's secrets are short-lived 234. The serious is destroyed by laughter 235. Strength is overcome by the mind 236. Skeptics are not deceived 237. Modesty is the guardian of virtue 238. Constipation betrays the miser 239. Fame is the smoke of popularity 240. Glory is in the hands of labor 241. Glory is poorly preserved 242. The word is the shadow of deeds 243. Fate helps the brave 244. Conscience is the moral lamp 245. Advice is accepted with disgust 246. Compassion is the foundation of morality 247. Haste is a sign of madness 248. Argument is the worst conversation 249. Arguments are stopped by the smart 250. The remedy for resentment is forgiveness 251. Quarrel is the worst argument 252. Old people study poorly 253. Fear is worse than danger 254. The essence of vulgarity is sensation 255. Happy people multiply friends 256. Happiness is in knowing success T 257. Talents are not inherited 258. Talents create geniuses 259 Hurry to the goal slowly 260. Haste is the path to mistakes 261. He who hastens makes mistakes more often 262. A coward thinks with his feet 263. Cowardice gives rise to cruelty 264. Vanity is poverty of mind 265. You are better than your reputation 266. Egoists have few rivals 267. Surprise - etiquette of ignorance 268. Intelligence is the salt of speech 269. The mind of a fool is in distrust 270. Moderation protects life 271. Smart people avoid fools 272. Smart is a nugget of wit 273. Smart is lenient towards stupidity 274. Anticipate bad talk 275. Stubbornness is a sign of stupidity 276 Success is better than speakers 277. Success loves the persistent 278. Success gives rise to arrogance 279. Aspiration strengthens life 280. Learn from loved ones 281. A scientist writes with benefit F 282. Philosophy - love of wisdom 283. The foundation of laws is morals X 284. Cold beauty freezes 285. A good breed from the pasture 286. A good worker does not get fat 287. The worst enemies are former friends C 288. The goal of a person is happiness C 289. A person is colored by his deeds 290. Honesty is the cause of poverty 291. Honor is the sister of conscience 292. Don’t change your honor for honors 293. A clear conscience is a holiday 294. Calligraphy does not give birth to geniuses Ш 295. Use jokes in moderation E 296. Echo is the answer of emptiness Y 297. Humor is a spotlight of absurdities 298. Lawyers are rapists of justice I 299. Save your head with your tongue 300. Clarity of the speaker in frankness Compiled by: S.G. Selivanov

Quotes about sports

Conor McGregor

Become just such a person and see what happens.

This is the whole difference. Until you fully believe in victory, you will not achieve it.

If you no longer have anyone to compete with, compete with yourself.

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Quotes about success

John Kavanagh

Are there people here who have been hammering away at one point for several years now, but there are no results? If so, know you are not alone. Never give up.

Alex Novak

This quote is similar to the previous one. You need to have patience to achieve results.

Bodo Schaefer

The first condition for the condition is to be completely confident of victory.

Tony Robbins

If you dream big, then your behavior should correspond to this dream.

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Gary Player

If you are not born with talent, the only way out is to work hard.

Robin Sharma

If you do the same thing as everyone else, you will not rise above the average level.

Benjamin Hardy

The choice of environment is a very important component of success. Look around, see what apartment you are in, what friends you have. Does it push you towards success, or does it drag you down?

Quotes about books

Robin Sharma

Just like your environment, books can shape your worldview.

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Dale Carnegie

People read books “to get rid of it” and after an hour they already forget the contents. This is their main mistake.

Alex Novak

If you are wondering whether to write your own book or not, then the top phrase will push you to a positive answer.

Francis Bacon

You waste extra time reading each book from cover to cover. If you feel that reading for a long time does not bring you any benefit, feel free to close it.

Quotes about love

Leland Forster Wood

Don't worry about not being able to find a girl or guy. Maybe it's you.

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Alex Novak

Do not allow this under any circumstances. Regularly “throw wood” into the flames of your relationship.

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