Quote boomerang effect. Statuses about boomerang with meaning. How to use the boomerang effect to your advantage

What is the boomerang law

The law or boomerang effect involves the return of all actions you have ever committed back. It acts the same as a regular boomerang. In the past it was used as a weapon. After the throw, he made a circle and returned back to the hunter. In some cases, he even wounded or injured him. This happens in life too.

The boomerang law was successfully used in ancient times. Only the name was different. It is spoken about in the Bible. Remember the call to treat people the way you want them to treat you.

The boomerang effect in life is well reflected in folk art. You are probably familiar with these expressions:

  1. What goes around comes around.
  2. As it comes back, so will it respond.
  3. What is hello is the answer.
  4. Don't dig a hole for someone else, you will fall into it yourself.

There are also many quotes about the boomerang law, interesting aphorisms:

  1. “The boomerang effect: how you look at life is how it will answer you” - Harry Simanovich.
  2. “Before reaping the fruits of justice, you need to throw its seeds into the soil of your actions” - Igor Subbotin.

Here we can recall the famous words of Omar Khayyam:

“Don’t do evil - it will come back like a boomerang, Don’t spit in the well - you will drink the water, Don’t insult someone of lower rank, What if you have to ask for something. Don’t betray your friends, you won’t replace them, And don’t lose your loved ones, you won’t get them back, Don’t lie to yourself, you’ll find out over time, That you’re betraying yourself with this lie.”

It turns out that you need to seriously think about your actions. Regret for them may come in old age, and maybe even now. It depends on the speed at which the boomerang returns.

Statuses about life ##11-20:

status #11: Sometimes, one phone call changes the whole situation. However, an unanswered phone call also changes a lot...

status #12: You can’t drive away someone you once let into your soul. His empty chair will remain there forever.

status #13: Don't try to keep someone. You shouldn't be jealous of someone. After all, if he feels good with you, he won’t leave.

status #14: An ancient Chinese proverb says: “Those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstances, are connected by an invisible red thread. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”

status #15: If you want it, you will find a thousand ways; if you don’t want it, you will find a thousand reasons.

status #16: Those who have been beaten will achieve more. He who has eaten a pound of salt values ​​honey more highly. He who shed tears laughs sincerely. He who has died knows that he lives.

status #17: When God wants to send you a gift, he wraps it in a problem. And the bigger the problem he wraps him up in, the bigger the gift he wants to send.

status #18: Troubles don't queue: they come in all at once.

status #19: We are all pencils: everyone draws their own destiny, some break, some get dull, and some sharpen and move forward.

status #20: Doing what you enjoy means being free. (Voltaire).

Statuses and statements are suitable for contact/vkontakte, classmates, Facebook, agent and other social networks, as well as for use as aphorisms and anecdotes.

Our entire life is carried out according to certain laws of the Universe. People come up with some laws themselves and put them into practice in order to control life processes, but if you are careful, you can establish certain patterns in nature. The expression “boomerang law” is heard often. What does it mean and how does it work in relation to our lives?

Why do people doubt the boomerang law?

There are many reasons. What hinders you from believing in “return”:

  • inadequate perception of oneself as an individual, inflated self-esteem;
  • excessive self-confidence;
  • blind faith that nothing bad will happen to a person;
  • unreasonable optimism;
  • ambition;
  • cowardice;
  • naivety;
  • anger;
  • arrogance;
  • vengeful nature;
  • infantilism.

A person with such character traits behaves ugly towards others. He considers himself better than others. Childishly confident that bad things will pass by. Moreover, he thinks that he is fate's favorite. And she is tolerant of wrongdoing. At first, this may be the case. But one day a person will face problems. Moreover, they will arise immediately in all spheres of life.

Life is a wise thing

Each of us has already encountered that from evil comes evil, and from smile and kindness comes goodness and understanding. Therefore, statuses about a boomerang in life are full of anticipation of what we ourselves have launched into this life:

  1. I thought about bewitching him, then I realized - how will I pay for my madness?
  2. When you feel bad and lonely, remember who you recently did bad to, go and apologize.
  3. The boomerang of life is an inevitable reality. Don't try to deceive him.
  4. Energy does not disappear anywhere, it spins among us, and then finds its owners.
  5. A boomerang always returns to the place from which it was launched, and in life it’s the same when it launches a gossip, and it already gives you a hundred times more of it.
  6. Don’t get angry and don’t take your anger out on people, they may not answer, but life will give you back what you have.
  7. When you offend someone, expect an answer, maybe not even from this person - no one has repealed the boomerang law.
  8. I’m already afraid of getting angry, I noticed that as soon as I’m angry, monsters begin to surround me, and when I’m kind, fairies and trolls.
  9. Be afraid of being angry and unrestrained, nothing can be held in your hands right away - everything falls and collapses.
  10. The boomerang will distribute to everyone what they deserve.
  11. I decided to smile all day - so, you know, people are kind.
  12. Hatred only begets hatred - it has been tested by life, so why do you need it?
  13. Do not wish evil upon anyone, it is indiscriminate and will come to you.
  14. Are you up to something bad? Expect the worst for yourself.
  15. Good bright thoughts are returned by reliable friends, kind people around and pleasant events.
  16. Learn to think positively - protect yourself from the powerful blow of life's boomerang.
  17. Positive energy gives birth to only positive events.
  18. If you are full of evil and hatred, then try to forgive everyone, because your evil will never forgive you.
  19. When they spat in your soul. Forget about it and forgive, that person will soon choke in the spit of others.
  20. Do not offend people and do not insult them, otherwise you yourself will become humiliated and insulted.
  21. To prevent your life from becoming a walk in torment, learn to see the good even in a pile of manure.
  22. Don't throw stones at people, the time will come to collect them that hit you directly in the head.
  23. Don't want to get sick? Don't feel sorry for others. Otherwise, the disease won’t ask - it will come and mow it down.
  24. Do you want to be happy? Wish others happiness.
  25. Everyone will receive their well-deserved reward in life: loneliness and disappointment, or joy and harmony of the soul.
  26. Be afraid of your negative thoughts, they tend to spread to everyone, you will not be an exception.
  27. She did a lot of nasty things in her life and was always sure that she was lucky and, if something happened, she would dodge and get out of it - she didn’t have time.
  28. Do not be angry with your offenders and do not take revenge on them, let them go in peace. Boomerang will find them himself.
  29. If you want to pick delicious fresh fruits, don’t give rotten fruits to others.
  30. It’s a pity, of course, for the old women who complain that their son is a goat, their daughter-in-law is a bitch, their husband is an idiot. And who are you yourself? Rather, a malicious, indifferent person who does not know how to love.
  31. A dream for yourself about the best while wishing the worst for everyone around you is impossible to fulfill.
  32. Did you think you could get away with it? No, the boomerang is on its way.
  33. Don’t ask yourself the question: “Why doesn’t anyone love me?” Better ask yourself: “Why don’t I love anyone?”
  34. When bursting with joy, it’s worth bursting and splashing everyone.
  35. Judge not and be not judged, and if you judge and judge, you yourself will get bogged down in it.
  36. The boomerang of curse will fly not only to you, but also to 7 generations of your family.
  37. Don’t be happy when others feel bad, otherwise you’ll die and no one will come to see you off.
  38. I wanted to live a peaceful life so much that I gradually removed unnecessary people from my life; today I turned out to be the odd one out for everyone.
  39. Even pronounce words carefully, because they are the shell of thoughts, and thoughts are material.
  40. As much dirt as you throw at people, the same amount will come back to you, and it will not be healing...
  41. If you don’t want to live and look back, then fill your boomerang not with anger and hatred, but with kindness. And when he returns, everyone will be fine.
  42. Your envy will only give rise to pity for you, and your anger will return in its original “beauty.”

How to protect yourself from a boomerang

If you don't want to experience the boomerang law for yourself, follow the recommendations below:

  1. Don’t spread gossip, don’t criticize, don’t judge people’s actions. You have no information about why they did this. You don’t know what circumstances prompted them to do it this way and not otherwise.
  2. Don’t wish bad things on people, even in your thoughts. You yourself will suffer from this. This also applies to cases where a person has offended you. Don't worry, his actions and negative energy will still come back to him. And your wishes, even if partially, will come to you.
  3. Don't hurt others. If someone cries because of you, sooner or later you will also face a similar situation.
  4. Don't be jealous. It’s better to direct your strength and energy to your own development. Envy will prevent you from achieving success.

If your emotions are running high and you feel like you are about to explode, say “Stop.” Breathe deeply 3 times. Try to understand what and why you are feeling now. Such thoughts will help you calm down and reduce the intensity of passions. Do this when you want to wish something bad to your interlocutor, maybe even the offender, or to take revenge on him. This is the only way you can build a constructive dialogue and solve the problem that has arisen between you. Don't forget: the boomerang law always applies.

Statuses about life ##1-10:

status #1: A strong person is not the one who is doing well, but the one who is doing well no matter what.

status #2: You need to have something in common in order to understand each other, and be different in some way in order to love each other.

status #3: We invent our own problems, obstacles, complexes and frameworks. Free yourself - breathe life and understand that you can do anything!

status #4: Happiness is given only to those who know. The more a person knows, the sharper, the more powerfully he sees the poetry of the earth where a person with meager knowledge will never find it.

status #5: Your success is just beyond the point where you think you have run out of strength.

status #6: There are people whom you want to approach and ask, what is it like to live without a brain?

status #7: The Lord said: “Fear the person you have offended. After all, he will ask me for help. And I will help. The one who abandoned will be abandoned, the one who has not forgiven will not be forgiven, the one who deceived will be deceived. Everything will come back like a boomerang.”

status #8: In order to put children on their feet, you need to remove them from your neck.

status #9: Don’t ask about things that don’t concern you, otherwise you’ll hear something you don’t like.

status #10: The most popular activity before bed is to count how many hours you will sleep if you fall asleep right now.

Examples from life

Is there a boomerang law in life? Yes. Surely you can remember more than one such case. Imagine two people, each of whom wants to take a higher position in their company. There is a struggle between them. One of them, considering himself smarter and more cunning, begins to tell management unpleasant information about his opponent. This leads to the latter being fired in disgrace. Or maybe he leaves on his own, unable to bear the gossip behind his back.

Let go. Farewell.

He who does not return anger with anger saves both - himself and the other. Ancient India

By being offended by a person or situation, each time you send a powerful negative destructive impulse, which will result in destructive negative events in your life.

It is simply unprofitable to be offended!

You yourself once launched this boomerang to yourself. Accept what happened as a fact. If you can fix something, do it. If not, just let it go. And focus on something positive.




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Briefly to the point

The status about a boomerang in life is short when it has already arrived. Then there is no time to philosophize and run wild with thoughts, you need to talk about your boomerang and put short statuses:

  1. If you don't want to be broken, don't break others.
  2. Don’t expect gifts from nature if you haven’t given her anything yourself.
  3. Trying to be good ended in strong friendship and sincere love.
  4. Whatever you are waiting for, do it.
  5. Life’s boomerang will definitely return – both to the forehead and across the forehead.
  6. If you get angry, get it.
  7. He who betrays once will be betrayed three times.
  8. If you insulted me, you were answered by barking from a pack.
  9. Boomerang is the law of life, violators are given a double boomerang.
  10. He was angry and drowned in it himself.
  11. It's not scary to miss a shot, it's scary to launch it.
  12. By hating others, the cup will spill out on you too.
  13. How will our word respond? Yes, by what they put into them.
  14. Anyone who does not know how to love will not be loved by others.
  15. If you don’t want negativity, don’t give it to others.
  16. Don't be angry, and you will be happy.
  17. No one has ever escaped their boomerang.
  18. While you are angry, there is light in the darkness.
  19. If you betrayed yourself, expect betrayal.
  20. Deceived - the lie will not keep you waiting.
  21. Indifference to people now means loneliness in old age.
  22. Giving away your last shirt means wealth.
  23. If you offend people, then don’t be offended yourself.
  24. I didn’t notice anyone - I myself became invisible.
  25. Forgot your parents? The children will forget you.
  26. Boomerangs don't take bribes.
  27. If you steal a ruble, you will lose everything.
  28. If you rejoiced at someone else’s misfortune, don’t expect sympathy.
  29. Give without regret, then life will reward you.
  30. If you hit someone in the face undeservedly, you will receive a blow ten times stronger.
  31. One who knows the law of boomerang cannot be offended.
  32. If you want to live in peace, love this world.
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