24 films for self-development and motivation. No spoilers!


Subscribers:: 9.22 million Views: 1.3 billion

Canadians Mitchell Moffitt and Gregory Brown created this channel to talk simply about complex things: they expose fakes, analyze Internet legends from a scientific point of view, and smash urban legends.

By the way, they were the first to answer the popular meme “What color is this dress?” As for the chicken and the egg - also in their pleasant hand-drawn videos. It won’t be boring, especially since there is Russian voice acting.

10. People of action

Number of subscribers: 236 thousand.

The “People of Business” channel was created in 2021 by Pavel Kuryanov and Ilya Kusakin. They achieved great success and decided to share their experience. Pavel is known as the founder of the Black Star label (together with Timati and Walter Chassem). Ilya is a popular business coach. They know a lot about entrepreneurship, so first of all, their channel will be useful for those who have decided to open their own business.

However, information is collected here not only about business, there is a place for personal growth, creativity and relationships. The channel contains numerous interviews with different people, mainly top officials of top companies. Principles of success, tips for self-development and motivation, specific ways to achieve goals - each video is of great value.

Everything is like animals

Subscribers:: 272 thousand Views: 24.5 million

An original channel in the spirit of the “Travelers Club” and “In the Animal World”: lectures are interspersed with broadcasts from national parks and natural habitats of various animals.

Information about animals is supplemented by materials on biology and even anthropology, and the authors often draw important parallels between the behavior of animals and humans. Much more intelligible than any materials on psychology.

Anastasia Kay

Number of subscribers: 562 thousand.

Anastasia has been running her channel since 2013, during which time it has become quite popular. The girl worked in the financial sector for some time, and is now studying cognitive science at Harvard. She doesn't like to sit still, travels a lot, knows 7 languages. Anastasia is not only smart, but also beautiful, watching her is a pleasure. Her channel will be of interest to schoolchildren, students, and adults. Recommendations for time management, planning, marathon of habits, rules for a productive day, a list of useful books and simply interesting stories from life. Kai knows how to motivate himself and sets a great example for his followers.

TED in Russian

Subscribers: 728 thousand Views: 33 million

An unofficial TED channel filled with the most popular video lectures translated into Russian. Recommended to all fans of the genre. Society, politics, science - everything is there.

For those unfamiliar with the now household term, TED has become synonymous with giving a lecture or monologue on a socially important topic, often at conferences or professional events.

Radislav Gandapas

Number of subscribers: 349 thousand.

We can talk about this man for a very long time. He is ranked 30th in the world ranking of speakers and holds the status of “Certified Speaking Professional” (a well-deserved designation for professional speakers). No one else in Russia has achieved such success. He has nine books and fourteen films on public speaking and leadership to his credit.

Anyone who wants to change their life simply must look at the Gandapas channel. He has a clear understanding of the components of success and shares his work with subscribers. Radislav tells how to overcome fears and conquer the world, where to find strength and energy for active action.


It's time to abandon the myths and return to reality.

Interesting and fun about science from QWERTY. A channel for everyone who believes in science, critical thinking and common sense.

QWERTY is a platform for communication and discussion of current topics in the field of science and technology. These include live broadcasts with leading scientific experts, regular news releases (really important news), programs on medicine, physics, mathematics, astronomy, biology, and social psychology. They are preparing to launch programs in chemistry, economics and other sciences.

An interesting and useful popular science channel on Russian YouTube.


Website: https://nbu.ru Cost: from 15,500 rubles. per course

New Business University specialists have developed an effective program to increase personal efficiency. The concept of self-development includes constant work to improve your abilities to achieve your goals and solve problems.

Courses to improve personal effectiveness at the National Bank of Ukraine will allow you to gain new skills from scratch or improve your qualifications as a psychologist.

NBU is modern technologies in the field of education. Personal effectiveness courses can be taken from anywhere in the world. All you need is the Internet.

Distance learning is fun and effective due to the fact that the lessons are filled with various illustrations, tables, diagrams and video materials.

The training is accompanied by constant communication with University specialists who will answer all your questions and help you master the material in the most efficient and effective manner.

After completing the training, you will receive a state diploma with an international supplement on completion of the professional course “Self-development”.

Online school of personal growth by Konstantin Dovlatov

Website: https://dowlatow.ru Phone: , +7 (499) 301-00-77 Cost: to be confirmed by phone

Modern society places special demands on its members. It is no longer enough for a woman to be the keeper of the home, and for a man to be the breadwinner. You need to be successful, financially and psychologically independent, fulfilled individuals in your areas.

It is not surprising that many people become desperate because they realize that they cannot meet such high standards. Personal growth training will be a real help in such a situation.

Konstantin Dovlatov offers online personal growth training, a comprehensive personality development program. You can use it in your personal life to achieve balance and move to another, more comfortable level, and for work and successful career advancement.

Personal growth training for men is a program that, first of all, teaches how to develop the potential of your personality in order to leave all competitors behind.

A developed personality is a person who is confident in himself and his abilities, who knows how to conduct a dialogue, adapts to any society, and can support a conversation on any topic.

For this purpose, Konstantin Dovlatov’s personal training provides a special module on ultra-reading, because only those who obtain information in sufficient quantities can use it competently.

There are also separate personal growth trainings for teenagers.


Funny and bright animated videos in an interesting format, stylized as drawings that are drawn in the process.

The topic is interesting and presented from an unusual perspective. Juicy, clear about robots, the universe, space, music, global warming, intuition, allergies, radiation, frame 25, the Bermuda Triangle and much more.

Really curious. The unusual visual representation of serious themes on the screen captivates the viewing experience. You watch one video, and after 3 hours you find yourself having watched half the channel.

This makes studying science much more interesting. See for yourself - just watch the video. One definitely won't do.

YouTube channels for learning English

LLC "Business Answer"

Website: https://blog.molodost.bz Cost: check on the website

Many people often think about personal growth. From the great variety of self-development methods that exist today, how to choose the right one?

Before you begin this difficult path, it is worth at least getting a general idea of ​​the basic concepts and methods used in self-development. If you make mistakes, then all your efforts will be wasted. Also, the disappointment that has overtaken you may lead you to think that personal growth trainings are programs that have never worked and have not helped anyone get results.

Anyone who achieved success on the way to their goals, did not want to stop there, did not want to vegetate in a swamp, is probably familiar with the concept of personal growth. Without this process, a person's life is like a purposeless existence.

From birth, everyone has enormous potential for improving their skills and abilities. The process of personal growth can only be started when a person has an irresistible desire for development and self-improvement.

A huge amount of effort and labor can be spent on this. This is a long and rather labor-intensive process of improving oneself, becoming an individual, strong personality with its own characteristics and unique character traits. This process brings not only personal but also social benefits.

In order to achieve personal growth, it is not enough to just set one goal and continue to dream about its fulfillment without taking any action.

Conducting a detailed analysis of your goals and drawing up a detailed step-by-step plan for their implementation is a useful self-development technique that usually leads to the desired result.


SIMPLE SCIENCE - exciting experiences and experiments.

The SIMPLE-SCIENCE channel is a fascinating physical and chemical experiments for children and, of course, adult children.

The channel was created by Denis Mokhov Studio.

Evan Carmichael

Number of subscribers: 396 thousand.

Another channel with Russian translation. Evan Carmichael is an entrepreneur from Canada who is ready to reveal the secrets of success. First of all, he is aimed at obtaining material benefits and developing his own business. Videos are produced in various formats: rules of success, motivation from the stars, clear recommendations. Evan managed to collect a lot of useful information and structure it into a video. In addition to business advice, here you can find ways to cope with illnesses and your own fears, with uncertainty and still become an improved version of yourself.

Alunika Dobrovolski

Channel: Alunika Dobrovolski

Wonder Woman Alunika Dobrovolskaya helps every girl change and discover herself. If you are ready to become a new woman with her fragile but strong core, if you are ready to change, but you simply do not have enough strength, then these videos are made for you!

Alunika examines issues of betrayal, marriage, money, sorts out complexes and other problems. She puts the right ion in women's minds, which helps to reveal their inner significance and value. It is not only pleasant to listen to, but also to watch!


“Attic” is a scientific and educational project. The authors write about science – Russian and not only.

They talk about interesting popular science lectures, exhibitions, books and films, show experiments and answer pseudo-scientific questions about the surrounding reality.


The channel is dedicated to experiments in inorganic and organic chemistry! Here you can find many chemical experiments, each of which contains explanations that will be understandable even to the most distant from chemistry people.

The author in his video experiments also indicates formulas that will help you understand the essence of chemical reactions and transformations. This is practically a self-instruction manual for chemistry. Schoolchildren will see a lot of interesting things here, but everything they see should be repeated under the supervision of adults.


Website: https://samopoznanie.ru Cost: to be specified on the website

The Internet portal “Self-knowledge.ru” is dedicated to trainings and seminars on personal and spiritual growth.

A huge selection of useful online courses, video courses, audio courses. Everything related to personal growth and spiritual development (psychology, esotericism).

Watch and study video seminars and online lessons, listen to audio trainings and courses.

Study at a time convenient for you.

TOP 12 best YouTube channels for self-development

I wondered what I could watch on Russian YouTube on the topic of self-development. Where can I get some food for my mind and soul? The result is a selection of the 12 best, in my opinion, channels for self-development on YouTube.

Dharma Bums

This is a crazy channel where a young guy, riding on the roofs of trains, goes on the most incredible journeys. The hero finds himself in extreme situations and gets out of them. He demonstrates courage and shows that you need to pursue your dreams by any means necessary.

In general, travel channels greatly develop us, because they show us another world, expanding the boundaries of our views on life, which is far beyond the borders of our homes and cities.

Institute B

In second place we have a more philosophical channel, but no less interesting. This channel reveals contemporary problems in the life of our society.

The channel successfully matches its name; if you want to find out where the roots of all problems grow, then this content will help you get closer to enlightenment.

Gloomy Voice

On this channel, the guy does an excellent job of translating educational and entertaining Western content. For example, translations of such popular YouTube channels as: “TED”, “Adam ruins everything” and “Kurzgesagt”.

Here you will find many latest videos about psychology, relationships and self-development.

The channel is also updated regularly.

Battle Nerds

This channel is not only about sports and fighting, in it everyone can find something for personal development, not just the body.

The heroes conduct an audit of various combat schools, talk about health and everything connected with it.

All this is diluted by a note of skepticism and selective humor:

Black Triangle

The channel is dedicated to digital culture. In particular, there are a lot of interesting things about the Internet, security and anonymity on the World Wide Web.

Every modern person should know about this.

In Cor Cadit

The channel is about psychology, relationships between people and a lot of educational information for self-development.


The guys are translating Western videos, also on the topics of psychology, motivation, philosophical debates and interesting lectures.

Here's what the studio itself says about its channel:

“The world is interesting! We are simply blown away by how amazing the Universe is! If you begin to be present in the moment and observe, a world of incredible diversity and depth opens up. No man-made tools, substances or means of entertainment can compare with the endless world of pure beauty that surrounds us. This is what we want to create, talk, translate and discuss!”

Meditation lessons.

This is just a super channel that covers much more than just one meditation. The author (guru) “living Buddha” will introduce you to the spiritual heritage and sacred culture of India and the East, but most importantly: a lot of philosophy, spiritual quests, life advice and of course colossal motivation, from a truly wise teacher. P.S. I personally am a big fan of this channel and am grateful for a lot that I found this channel in time.

I recommend it for everyone who dreamed of learning or learning meditation and becoming spiritual people.

Warrior of Light

We already have a whole interview with the author of this channel, which you can read: Life in constant struggle: Interview with the author of the “Warrior of Light” channel. About courage, motivation and spirituality. A channel for a predominantly male audience: the main topics are abstinence, self-development, meditation. “On all fronts,” as the hero of the channel often says.


I believe that every person should know at least one more language besides their native one, for example English. And on this channel, the author explains the difficulty, the differences between different languages ​​and how to learn them effectively.

A channel for all beginners or advanced polyglots.

Fireside audio

The channel is filled with audiobooks: there are Russian and foreign classics, excellent reads. In general, if you have been looking for a good, fresh and updated channel with audiobooks for a long time, then this is a great option. We have a separate article about the benefits of books: Why you need to read books: 11 reasons to start reading.

I AM ATMAN (I am Atman)

Audiobooks and translations of various thinkers, yogis and sages.

Conversations about the eternal, about life and our place in it.

This is the top of 12 channels for self-development. I hope you find something inspiring that will change your life.

Please like and be sure to leave comments.

Online trainings by Edgard Zaitsev

Website: https://edgardzaitsev.com Cost: from 2500 rub. per course

It will be:

  • 7 hours of online self-immersion: this is a real training in which you fully participate. Online only. This means you can sit at home, in a comfortable chair, and go through the process in a comfortable manner.
  • Practical psychology without water: a minimum of theory, 4 full-fledged psychological meditative processes that you will go through with Edgard.
  • 100% money theme: a decent life requires money. Where can I get them, how can I find resources and strength within myself? And most importantly, how do you understand what a worthwhile life is for you personally?

All the answers in the online training!

For whom:

  • Who wants money... a lot of money to create a decent life around themselves
  • Who now DOESN’T like his standard of living, who has stagnated and frozen at one financial level
  • Who feels a dam blocking his financial flow
  • Who feels like a “shot down pilot” - when forward movement is suddenly interrupted, plans collapse, money slips through your fingers?
  • Who is used to saving on themselves, and feels unhappy, denying themselves pleasures, beautiful things, joys for which they have to pay, but have nothing to pay with
  • Who is ashamed of their appearance, their apartment, their car, their position in society. Who is ready to improve their position in society and stop being ashamed
  • Who wants to live something different - a beautiful life, full of joy and pleasures; but at the same time it’s scary that “retribution” will come for all this beauty
  • Who feels worthy of more than he has, but at the same time scolds rich people for “stealing” their wealth
  • Who wants to see how to build their life and get resources for it?


If you don't give your brain a moderate workout, it will very soon turn into a useless set of neurons. You need to constantly train and develop memory, attention, logical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

“Become a genius” from Advance Information Technology Center

Become a genius - a unique author's product that has no equal in the vastness of the Runet. Its author, Nikolai Yagodkin, is the most famous specialist in Russia on methods of effective teaching and learning foreign languages. More than 50 thousand people were trained using his methods.

After passing you will be able to:

  • remember three times more information than you are used to;
  • increase the effectiveness of any training several times;
  • quickly process, structure and analyze information using special algorithms.

The promises of the course developers are very eloquent. They give the following statements as examples:

  1. Having mastered the course, you will be able to learn a foreign language in 3–6 months instead of 2 years.
  2. It will take you only one day to prepare for the university exam.
  3. In a year you can graduate from university as an external student.

It costs 44,900 rubles. This is not a small sum, but you will quickly recoup it by completing the training.

“Emotional Intelligence” from Vikium

Emotional Intelligence - a course from the largest online platform for brain development. It is aimed at developing skills in managing one's emotions and recognizing the emotions of other people. Its author, Oleg Kalinichev, is an international expert in the psychology of emotions, a consultant to the intelligence services of the FSB and the CIA, and a “living lie detector.”

In 20 lessons you will learn:

  • recognize lies;
  • “read” a person like a book;
  • control the manifestations of your emotions;
  • show empathy;
  • protect yourself from manipulation;
  • notice sympathy in your direction.

The course is suitable for everyone, without exception, and especially for people who are hot-tempered, unrestrained and overly trusting. It costs 990 rubles. with discount.

“Critical Thinking” by 4brain

Critical thinking is a course that will teach you to analyze information received from outside and draw the right conclusions based on it. In the age of the information revolution, this is simply an indispensable skill. It consists of 6 lessons, after which all students will have to pass an exam.

You will learn:

  • notice details;
  • extract the main idea from any information without wasting time on unimportant things;
  • draw conclusions based on the laws of logic;
  • competently justify your opinion;
  • make effective decisions.

The basic version is free and available even without registration. It is also possible to activate additional options if you sign up for a paid subscription on the site.

Webinar “Chambers of the mind or how to improve your memory” from the Advance center

Palaces of the Mind or how to improve your memory - an intensive lesson in mastering the technique of effectively memorizing information.

At the webinar you will learn:

  • which memory development techniques work and which don’t;
  • how to remember and structure different types of information in memory;
  • how to correct errors and inaccuracies in what you have already memorized;
  • how to repeat what you remember so you never forget.

No water or empty talk – just practice. And most importantly - absolutely free!

You will find even more training programs in our article “Courses on the development of intelligence.”

Meditation lessons

Number of subscribers: 382 thousand.

The channel is not for everyone, this is not a business project, it is a real school of life. Since 2013, Dada Sadananda has been teaching how to open your chakras and teaching people personal meditation techniques. Dada has its own yoga center, it is located near Barnaul. True, for this it is necessary to meet a number of conditions. No, you don't need to pay money. This is an original course that inspires people to lead a healthy lifestyle, broaden their horizons and help them find themselves. Some are suspicious of the Meditation Lessons channel and call Sadananda the founder of the sect, but everyone has the right to their own life. Not everyone wants to do business and earn big money; for a certain category of people, spiritual development is much more important than the financial component.

Simple thoughts

Number of subscribers: 770 thousand.

A channel that presents itself as a “polite and thoughtful community.” Valid from February 2021. At first glance it may seem that it is not original; there are many similar communities. Videos on the topic of personality development, sports and nutrition, philosophy and ordinary human happiness, reviews of films and books. Simple and short, but there is nothing superfluous in them - just the essence. You don’t have to spend a lot of time watching, the average duration of one recording is no more than 5 minutes. The channel has a lot of motivational and success-oriented videos. This is a great opportunity to learn new ways to improve yourself and learn self-discipline.


Website: https://udemy.com Cost: from 1199 rub. per course

Self-confidence and self-esteem training. How to become a strong and confident person, not be afraid to be yourself, say what you think and stand up for yourself.

What you will learn:

  • Work with a trainer to achieve results
  • Strong self-confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Show your real self, without masks

All your results in life are the result of the quality of your interactions with other people.

It is impossible to learn confidence by watching a video or reading a book, so they will teach you confidence and bring you to the final result.

You will perform different exercises and practices until you feel that you can now do everything.

Confidence is the basis of charisma. If you wear a mask and are afraid to show your true self, then no one will believe you, and especially no one will go.

All problems in life are directly proportional to how difficult it is to interact with each other. By working on just one confidence, you can radically change your results.

Self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence are qualities of character that affect a very large number of areas of life. Correcting these traits will affect your life and well-being in general.


Website: https://you-change.online Phone: Cost: from 6900 rub. per course

Why is it so unbearable to make a choice between what you want and what you need? Why can't we meet our life partner? Why are you experiencing panic attacks? Why has life lost its taste and color?

Because we live in a complex world, facing many problems every day. And if some problems can be attributed to external, rather everyday problems, then others are the result of internal mental processes.

These internal processes are not always easy to detect; they are hidden inside the subconscious, but they are the ones that determine the quality of life.

In 90 days you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of your psyche and work through three important blocks. You will realize and correct your character, you will be able to see and overcome childhood traumas, you will become a truly adult and conscious person, having acquired true goals, values ​​and meanings.

You will learn how:

  • get rid of fears, problems, failures
  • better understand yourself, the reasons for this or that action, decision, reaction
  • know your character and discover its resources
  • replace unconstructive (but habitual) behavior patterns with constructive ones
  • approach life creatively
  • recognize and overcome childhood traumas
  • learn to better understand other people and turn communication into joy
  • choose a worthy life partner
  • find harmony in family relationships
  • become a truly adult, responsible and free person
  • find your true goals, values ​​and meanings

Each block of work in the online school is dedicated to a separate module, which was developed specifically for the distance format, so that in an easy and accessible way you can change while remaining yourself.

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I’ve already followed the steps, it’s really good and nice))

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Koza Project – Leekei28

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There were no such opportunities before. Nowadays there is enough educational materials and a handy online media player, where you can improve the storyboard. It is not suitable for the name of the statistics, but there are channels for self-development here. However, it will help us to make it easier to acquire the song’s information.

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The videos are dedicated to humanities.
Just a treasure trove of excellent materials about the humanities - history, literature, philosophy, art, anthropology. A collection of photo galleries and newsreel fragments, quotes from forgotten books and interviews with experts.

Come in, it will be interesting.

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