What every person should know for general development

The development of the human spirit is impossible without new experiences

It is generally accepted that a person should develop only in the area that is related to his profession. After all, this is how he will improve his skills. But in fact, this opinion is very limiting. There are many areas and skills that are no less useful in life than professionalism. And everyone should master some of them.

Why it's good to be versatile

People limit themselves and don't learn new things because they are afraid of the unknown. Their thoughts look something like this: “What if the information I will study turns out to be unreliable. And if this knowledge is not useful to me, why study it at all?” To redirect your thinking, you need to know the benefits of being a well-rounded person.

  • Wider outlook. A well-rounded person has the ability to look at situations from different angles. And this helps to make the right decisions.
  • A large number of friends. Someone who has studied a lot is a very interesting conversationalist. People are drawn to him themselves.
  • Life becomes brighter. If you do the same things every day, life becomes boring and monotonous. And learning something new adds color.
  • Motivation increases. To be well-rounded, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. You can take an example from them and recharge yourself.
  • Creativity develops. A well-rounded person can generate ideas using multiple areas of expertise. This makes them more interesting and unusual.

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Where to start spiritual growth

As mentioned above, first you need to realize your eternal nature, at least at the level of speculative philosophizing. To do this, you can read some inspiring books. It is important to understand that trying to capture the highest truth in books is like trying to photograph the wind. The pictures will show anything but the wind itself. Various kinds of scriptures can show us the path of movement, the direction to which we need to pay attention. But you can feel the wind of truth only if you go out into the field yourself.

Almost all religions speak about the immortality of the soul. There are some disagreements in small things, but basically everyone is united: the true nature of man is immortal and not subject to destruction. The issue of the immortality of the soul is discussed in particular detail in the Bhagavad Gita, mainly in the second chapter.

What every person should know for general development

Everyone decides for themselves in which directions to develop. This could be sports, art, fiction, etc. But there are areas that definitely need to be improved. This way a person can help not only himself, but also those around him.

Economics and finance

There are many people in the world who have their own businesses, but there are very few who know about financial literacy. People lose thousands (or even millions) of rubles because they don’t know how to manage money.

This is because, in the opinion of people, only bank employees should understand finance. But money is a component of every person’s life. Therefore, you need to know about the rules for their use.

Expenses should not exceed income

To avoid this, you need to learn how to plan a family budget. Then you will see how much is spent per month and what it is spent on. At the same time, it is not necessary to limit yourself in everything. You just need to spend it wisely.

Financial cushion

In unforeseen life circumstances, it will become a life saver. To create it, you need to set aside some funds or invest them wisely.

Credit and credit history

It is worth taking out a loan only in the most extreme cases. In this case, you need to carefully study the offers of different banks. If you are not sure that you will be able to pay it regularly, it is better to consider all the risks. After all, a bad credit history can hinder you in the future.


Absolutely everyone needs basic knowledge in the field of medicine. After all, anything can happen: bruises, cuts, fainting, etc. You need to understand what to do in such situations.

For example, if you faint, you should take the following actions :

  • Lay the victim down so that his legs are higher than his head.
  • Unfasten constricting clothing and provide access to oxygen.
  • Pat your cheeks and splash water on your face.

Another important skill is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Knowing how to carry it out correctly can save a person’s life.

  • First, you need to make sure that the person has no pulse and is not breathing.
  • Secondly, clear the airways of foreign bodies (if any).
  • Third, start CPR.

The ratio of pressure and inhalation should be 30:2. You need to perform 2 cycles per minute. The arms should be straight and the palms pressed tightly to the sternum 2 cm above the xiphoid process.

life safety fundamentals

The job of the smart is to foresee trouble before it comes, the job of the brave is to deal with trouble when it has already arrived.


Fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes - all this happens every day in the world. And there is no guarantee that this will not happen to you. Therefore, you need to know how to behave in such situations. Your life and the lives of those around you will depend on it.

For example, in case of a fire, you should first call the fire department. If the fire is not strong, you can put it out yourself. If the fire is serious, you need to moisten a napkin and apply it to your mouth and nose. This will clear the air a little of the smoke. Under no circumstances should windows or doors be opened.

If it is possible to leave the apartment, you need to do this by closing the front door behind you. And if it is blocked, you need to go out onto the balcony, close the door and call passers-by for help. It is better to move by crawling, because the floor has more oxygen and less smoke.

Nutrition and sports

These are skills rather than knowledge, but everyone should be able to apply them. After all, nutrition and sports are the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. They will provide a person with the necessary vital energy.

Here are some rules of nutrition and sports:

  • You need to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.
  • You can do up to 4 workouts per week for different muscle groups.
  • Food should be varied and rich in nutrients.
  • The training should last no more than an hour.
  • It is necessary to monitor calories and dietary supplements, but do not get carried away with it too much.
  • Before class, be sure to do a warm-up and a cool-down after.

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You need to know psychology not only to understand others. This is necessary to understand yourself

Our every word and action is not accidental. From them you can understand what a person is really thinking about. But this requires care and knowledge. Those who study psychology receive both the first and the second.

First, psychology helps to resolve one’s own internal conflicts. At this stage, a person works with himself. As a result, he will become a more harmonious person.

At the second stage, psychology helps to build relationships with other people. A person learns to understand others, to know what they need.

And at the third stage, a person learns to change other people. Many people want to change the negative aspects of their loved ones. But this leads to conflicts. Because people don't know how to act correctly. Psychology will teach you this too.


The first thing that comes to mind is travel. And it’s true, travel is a source of positive emotions. And they will become even brighter if you know the language.

But it's not only that. Firstly, there are foreigners in almost every city. Communication with them is a great opportunity to learn new things without leaving home.

Secondly, due to globalization, large companies need people who know multiple languages. They earn significantly more than their colleagues and work in better conditions.

And thirdly, learning foreign languages ​​develops the brain. You will immediately notice this effect of learning something new. You will remember information better. The brain as a whole will work much faster. And this will affect all areas of life.

Milton's patient and automatic writing

But there have long been assumptions in science that intuition is not fiction. There is an interesting case in the psychological practice of the world famous hypnotist Milton Erickson. It clearly hints at what information intuition may have about us, and is associated with automatic writing. Automatic, or trance, writing is a procedure during which a person writes without the active participation of consciousness. That is, he holds a pen or pencil in his hands, but is in a hypnotic state.

During one of his lectures, Milton Erickson demonstrated this method with the participation of a girl named Peggy. While under hypnosis, she wrote down a note on a piece of paper. Peggy then folded it several times and hid it in the pocket of her bag.

A few months later, the famous hypnotist received a phone call from her. “I found a note in my bag. Where did she come from? I assume that its presence is connected with you.” “What does it say?” asked Milton Erickson. “Will I have a wedding with Harold?” Peggy answered. “Please tell me, at the time of your visit to my lecture in April, did you know Harold?” “No,” the girl answered, “I was engaged to Bill. And nothing hinted at our separation. I recognized Harold in June, and before that I had only seen him a few times.”

Obviously, for several months the girl’s subconscious had information about her future relationships. Since consciousness could not yet accept this information, during hypnotic immersion she hid the note in a deep pocket.

What can you study for self-development in your free time?

Reading interesting books

Literacy and erudition are excellent qualities that can and should be developed. Find an interesting book with different stories - romantic, fantasy, popular science, history - whatever.

This will significantly expand your horizons, so you will become an interesting interlocutor and will be able to support small talk and more! The main thing is not to fall asleep or get lost in your thoughts while reading.

Studying your own rights and responsibilities

Nowadays, everyone should know how to defend their position in various disputes. Knowledge of rights and laws will keep you out of trouble and protect you in sometimes frightening situations. As the famous expression goes: “Ignorance of the law does not exempt you from responsibility. But knowledge often liberates.”

Foreign history and domestic

Knowing the origins of our life is very important, because this will allow us to better understand the cause-and-effect relationships between events and wars. This area covers not only the memorization of dates, but also the study of world art and culture, famous personalities.

There is a huge amount of material on this topic on the Internet - from free books and reference books to films, TV series and even songs!

Photography mastery

Another thoughtless selfie will not teach you anything, unlike high-quality photography with thoughtful composition, light and color. Create your own collection of unique images that will serve as a source of memory, using a treasure trove of works by many photographers and artists to learn the basics.


The idea of ​​drawing, abandoned long ago in childhood, can flare up with renewed vigor if you only have a couple of extra hours and a great desire! Developed fine motor skills of the hands, as well as many fantasies turned into reality are pleasant bonuses when learning how to draw. You just have to find the necessary step-by-step lessons or tutorials among the huge amount of material.

Learning foreign languages

Knowledge of one or more foreign languages, as mentioned above, is a great advantage in our time. When you have a free minute, you can review grammar, rules, learn new words if you already have experience in this area.

Or you can try to memorize the basics of languages ​​that you have long wanted to learn, using free reference books and applications on your phone. There are no obstacles - it’s easy and the materials are always at hand.


Perhaps, living in a metropolis, many are accustomed to eating ready-made meals in restaurants or cafes. But do not forget that the ability to cook is a skill of first importance. In his free time, a beginner can find easy recipes on the Internet to help him learn basic dishes, but an experienced one should practice more.


Knowledge of the structure of your own body, although ideally not necessary, is a great advantage. This way, it will be better to navigate the “map” of your body, find out what hurts and approximately for what reasons.

Sign language

Perhaps you will meet a wonderful deaf-mute person, then you can easily get to know each other better, or you will need help, a sincere conversation, then this skill will come in handy.

Basics of sewing or knitting

Anything in life can happen - and, for example, in the morning your favorite shirt was torn. There are threads and needles, but no knowledge. The ability to hem a shirt or pants for yourself, your child, your aunt, or your friends will make you not only an indispensable person, but can bring additional income. For the winter, the ability to knit yourself a warm sweater or cardigan will save money, plus it will make your look unusual.

Knowledge of graphics and text editors

This is the age of technology, so you can’t do without knowledge in this area! Getting a job often requires proficiency in programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Word, Excel and many others. It won’t be difficult to understand them and their functions; all you have to do is sit over them for an evening and it will be different.

Fast typing and hot keys

This echoes the previous point, because if the typing speed is very low, then you won’t be able to properly learn even the basics of editors, because you will have to constantly be distracted by searching for the required key.

Ideally, touch printing. Hotkeys will help simplify your work; there are many of them, but you don’t need to remember everything. For a beginner, the basic ones will be enough, such as: CTRL+Z, CTRL+V, CTRL+C, CTRL+A, CTRL+ALT+del, etc.


Sitting at the computer for a long time can ruin your health, so you need to warm up in the most fun and accessible way - dancing. Catch the melody and join the rhythm. You can find lessons that allow you to learn popular ones on social media. networks dancing.

Charm Lessons

Looking presentable, being able to speak beautifully and being liked by people is the basis of modern life. It’s easy to develop these qualities, you just need to work on yourself a little.

The main steps here are improving diction through exercises, putting on a beautiful smile, and preparing neat, clean clothes that are in line with trends. But it is also advisable to have good social skills and not be shy - interesting video lessons on this topic will help.

Playing any musical instrument. Music

You don’t have to be a professional in this matter; it’s enough to know how to play a couple of unobtrusive melodies, for example, on a guitar or piano. This way you can brighten up a boring evening, please and surprise your friends and loved ones. Another option, if you don’t have instruments at hand, is to sing your favorite song in your own voice!


A very important skill that will help protect yourself and loved ones in stressful situations, especially women. Knowledge of physical techniques, ability to handle weapons - a pistol, stun gun, gas spray, etc. Excellent skill – knowledge of karate and boxing.


Makeup makes you look great, but not many people know how to use it to truly highlight their strengths and hide their flaws. There are a huge number of lessons and step-by-step instructions on this topic on the Internet, and you can also sign up for courses for professionals.

The most advanced device: the human brain

What influences the development of a person’s personality the most? Of course, developed intelligence, the responsibility for which is our brain. The part of the brain that strictly corresponds to intelligence is called the neocortex - the cerebral cortex. It is filled with neurons - nerve cells. They are so densely packed that the average neocortex contains about 30 billion nerve cells. If you draw a small square on paper, the side of which is equal to 1 mm, then a hundred thousand nerve cells will fit in it.

These 30 billion neurons are the human personality. In fact, the main directions of personality development work precisely with this microscopic area. Almost all the skills, abilities, and memories are contained here. As for the brain as a whole, the already mentioned Tatyana Chernigovskaya gives the following comparison regarding its “capacity”. It holds 5.5 petabytes of information. It's like watching a video series for 3 million hours without interruption - it would take three hundred years.

Another phenomenon is the division of the brain into two hemispheres. Left hemisphere thinking is logical and systematized. It is activated during the processes of counting, reading, writing, and collecting individual facts. The right hemisphere works on a completely different principle. It thinks in images - it “recognizes” faces, places, melodies.

About a century ago, humanity had no idea what diversified personality development was. The concepts of the functions of the right and left hemispheres arose in the mid-twentieth century. But they provide an opportunity to learn some obvious principles. Example: Children are often scolded for sitting in front of television screens instead of reading books. And, apparently, for good reason. Watching TV or hanging out on the Internet really comes at the expense of personality development.

Television carries a huge flow of visual information, perceived by the right hemisphere. But processing and understanding it with the left hemisphere requires time and skills that the child does not possess. Through reading, children develop the ability to think abstractly. Television, with its constantly changing pictures, does not provide such an opportunity. Diversified personality development, especially in childhood, occurs only when both hemispheres are used.

How to find time to learn new things

The most common excuse in self-development is “I don’t have time.” But is this really true? No. Everyone has at least 10–20 minutes of free time to study new things. And that will be enough.

For example, if a person travels to and from work by bus, then on average he has an hour to spare. At this time, you can read or watch an educational video. It's not difficult and very effective.

Another option is to start planning your time. When a person writes down his activities, the brain does not have to retain a lot of information. Therefore, he can concentrate on the business itself. This way you will have time to do everything, and there will still be time for rest.

Two laws can help in planning: group and divide. Small and similar tasks can be combined into groups. It’s better to divide complex tasks into sequential steps. This will make it easier and faster to complete them.

Over time, the skill of planning will be fixed in memory, and the person will no longer need to write it down. The brain itself will be able to create a to-do list and easily retain it in memory. But this requires self-discipline and sincere desire.

The development of a person as an individual should be the same priority as the development of professionalism. After all, a versatile person is more lively and interesting. Therefore, you should not limit yourself and look for excuses. New knowledge means new experience. And the more experience, the wiser a person becomes.


The ancient Greek thinker Socrates believed that his ideas were dictated to him by a personal demon called Daimonium (inner voice). Most people do not use the storehouse of knowledge about the world that lies within them - intuition. Its existence has been proven by researchers. In the main directions of personal development, methods have long been developed that allow optimal work with this precious tool.

Neurolinguist and professor at St. Petersburg State University Tatyana Chernigovskaya, based on recent research, makes quite interesting conclusions about the functioning of the brain and intuition. Here are some of them.

  • The human brain is a mysterious thing that people mistakenly call “mine.” Who belongs to whom is a separate issue;
  • Successful solutions from the unconscious “I” - intuition - come only if a person has already worked on a problem for a long time, but has not been able to find a solution using logic. A scientific discovery or creative idea cannot come by invitation. His maid did not dream of the periodic table. The scientist worked on his “brainchild” for a long time until something “clicked” in his brain;
  • You definitely need to force your brain to work. The more the brain works, the longer it remains intact. Bekhterev’s granddaughter Natalya Bekhtereva spoke about this in her work “The Smart Live Long”;
  • The brain makes a decision half a minute before a person realizes it. 30 seconds is a huge time interval for nervous activity. In the end, Chernigovskaya asks, who owns the decision made – the person or the brain?

Diverse personal development will be incomplete without a developed “sixth sense.” You can use different methods to develop your intuition. Effective methods are various self-knowledge techniques and meditation. They help clear the mind of information “garbage”. By practicing meditation, it is easier to listen to your inner voice.

You can also use the power of your brain while you sleep. As you fall asleep, think briefly about questions or problems that need solving. This is how the imagination is activated. While the conscious mind rests, the unconscious mind will search for a creative solution. Keep a notepad and pen nearby. If you wake up in the middle of the night with interesting ideas, you can immediately write them down.


Diverse personal development is possible only when a person’s unconscious aspirations are combined with conscious goals. Simply put, when intuition is friends with logic. Only a person with good self-esteem, balanced needs and motives, clearly defined goals and developed habits of self-control can count on achievements in various areas. Devoting time to the main areas of personal development also requires developed time management skills. These efforts are never in vain. A harmoniously developed person can avoid most disorders in the emotional, physical and moral areas.

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