How you can program yourself for success using the simplest methods of working on yourself

The main thing is victory. How to program yourself for success? 20 July 2015, 00:00 | Katya Kozhevnikova

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107 years ago, on July 19, 1908, the English bishop, blessing the Olympics, said: “The main thing is not victory, but participation.” Since then this phrase has become famous. Although many will not agree with her. At all times, people are divided into those who tolerate participation and those who accept only victory. Moreover, the latter usually achieve their goal. After all, in order to win in sports, career and life in general, you need the right psychological attitude. Let's think about whether it is possible to program ourselves to win.

There is such an eastern wisdom: “Winners win before going to war, and losers seek victory on the battlefield.” This statement can be attributed to both strategy and psychology. After all, those who are confident in their victory even before the competition often win in various areas of life. And those who are pre-set to lose are always left without first places.

There is a winner and a loser in each of us. And our chances of success depend on which of them is stronger in each specific situation. Is it possible to “strengthen” your inner winner, and, on the contrary, push the loser into a distant box? Let's try!

Think positively

Victories start with positive thinking. There is such wisdom: “When a person thinks that he can cope, he is right. When a person is sure that he cannot cope, he is also right.” So you need to start the path to success with changes in your head. Try to remove such words and thoughts from your speech and head: “I can’t”, “I never succeed in anything” and the like. Replace them with positive statements: “I will succeed,” “I will definitely win,” “I am the most charming and attractive.” And there is nothing to laugh about, auto-training is not a fiction from a famous Soviet film, but a real psychological technique. I have already written in more detail about how to learn to think positively.

See the goal

Another Soviet film had its own recipe for success: “See the goal, believe in yourself and not notice the obstacles.” True, there it was necessary in order to pass through walls, but for problems in real life, I think this rule is also suitable.

Let's especially focus on the first part: seeing the goal. To program yourself for success, you need to have a very good idea of ​​what you are trying for. There should be more specifics here, rather than general formulations. The goal “to be rich and happy” is good, but unclear. Visualize in detail what you want to achieve. Psychologists assure: visualizing your desires is the first step towards achieving them.


If you don’t yet have your own recipe for success, watch successful people: how they cope with difficulties, what they do if something doesn’t work out, how they find solutions to complex problems. Chat with your “winners” friends, read books by famous businessmen. Of course, I don’t believe that the book “How to Become a Millionaire” will make every reader rich, but it may well inspire heroism.

Conquer fear

You won’t achieve anything with positive thinking alone; to win, you have to act. And in this we are sometimes hindered by conscious or subconscious fear. We are afraid of responsibility, new tasks, we are afraid that we will not cope. And this fear makes us make mistakes and blocks the road to our dreams. We have already talked about how to cope with fears.

Get angry

Sometimes you have to get really angry to win. For yourself, for your opponent, and even for the whole world around you. Thought: “I’ll show you all!” - often turns out to be not such a bad motivation, and anger is an excellent driver of personal progress. True, this technique is not suitable for everyone. But as for me, I remember how, as a student, I out of anger beat opponents at chess who were objectively better players than me.

Do you think it’s possible to program yourself to win?

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In the psychology of a winner, every little thing is important. Even your favorite scent that lifts your spirits and helps you believe in yourself.

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Programming methods for successful results

1. “Director of Life”

Imagine several situations that are most meaningful to you. It's like it's a movie or a play. And myself as a director and at the same time an actor. Then play out each situation from all roles in 4 genres: first in the form of a tragedy, then a philosophical parable, a comedy, and an action movie.

This technique shows that only our attitude towards the same situation matters and influences the outcome. We ourselves determine in what genre we want to move towards the goal, and it is important to be able to look at life from different angles. And rewrite the script that you weren’t happy with.

2. “Luck magnet”

Remember the state when you felt lucky and confident, and try to maintain it for as long as possible. And at the same time imagine yourself as a magnet that attracts this feeling from everywhere. After all, the outer world is a continuation of your inner self, while you attract favorable circumstances to yourself as a guarantee of the successful implementation of your plans.

A positive way of thinking is very effective. I am sure you have noticed that there are cases when luck follows luck, or vice versa, there is even a saying “trouble does not come alone.” This is precisely due to our internal mood. After all, if we notice every small favorable moment, even in the form of finding a ruble on the floor or buying the last piece of bread in the store, we will subconsciously consider ourselves a winner. And if at the same time we assign ourselves the proud title of a lucky person, then success is guaranteed.

3. "Float"

Imagine the sea during a storm, how the waves roll over one another, with such force that you can hear the roar. And in the water there is a swinging float, which is either at the very crest of the wave, or disappears under it, eventually rising to the surface again, despite the full power of the blow. Now imagine that you are in the middle of a raging life, and, despite the strength and magnitude of difficulties and problems, you emerge again and again, not allowing yourself to be drowned. Finally, the sea, having failed to defeat you, calms down, there is calm and the sun, peeking out from behind the clouds, fills you with happiness and confidence.

Four options

Take one situation that is significant to you and that causes you anxiety about the outcome. And consider four scenarios that are not in your favor. What's so terrible that could happen? Imagine the possible consequences. Then, for each negative outcome, come up with several options for a positive ending.

Thanks to this exercise, you will come up with strategies for solving difficulties, you will feel more aware and prepared. And the ability to imagine failure legalizes the energy of fear, as a result of which you will feel much more confident. In addition, we often doubt and fear, without really understanding what exactly. It’s scary to lose, it seems clear.

But if you think about it, what will happen then or what such a terrible thing will happen to me if I lose? And more often than not, it turns out that in principle we can live, the world will not collapse... Then there is much less fear and we will move towards the goal more confidently, and this is the key to success.

5. "Anchor"

Remember the brightest moment in your life when you achieved your goal despite obstacles. Try to relive the emotions you felt at that moment. As soon as you feel them clearly, clench your fist tightly, “anchoring” this state. And in the future, when difficulties arise on your way, clench your fist, remembering the feelings of a winner. And then you will cope with any difficulties.

This technique is borrowed from NLP, you can read more here: “NLP what is it and how it can help you without training and practice.

6.Favorite color

Think about what color you associate with confidence. Then close your eyes and let this color flow through your body. Clearly imagine how you inhale it from a point between your eyes on your forehead, and it spreads throughout every cell of your body. Every muscle, every nerve is filled with this color, it fills you up and gives you confidence.

7. “Tank” technique

Imagine that your goal is on top of a high mountain. And on the way to it there are many obstacles in the form of fallen trees, mountain rivers, canyons and steep cliffs. Mentally overcome each one, allowing your subconscious to produce a stream of options that you can take advantage of. And then address each obstacle with a question about how it can be overcome. Thus, you will learn to find a compromise and negotiate with the one who created the difficulty. Giving him recognition of his strength, while continuing to move towards his goal.

8. Rest

After performing any exercise and generally at the end of the working day, it is very important to give your body the opportunity to rest. There are a lot of stressful moments in life, after which exhaustion can set in. You need to take care of yourself and your resources. Take a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale and exhale from the abdomen, which should protrude when inhaling.

Then remember some place where you felt very good and comfortable. Imagine all the details, mentally look around and consider everything around. Every minute the picture will become clearer and brighter. Spend 20 minutes in this place, just as calmly, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Then slowly open your eyes. You will feel recharged with energy and strength.

Levels: layer by layer

Imagine that your body is an onion. Outside are the organs that we see: arms, legs, stomach and all that. This is the first level.

There is a second one directly below it. It consists of all those things that give our physical body the energy it needs to stay healthy and strong. This includes food, although the ancient books of the East say that our body is also supported by hope, sleep, and even those quiet moments when we can sit down and think about something without being distracted.

The most important source of nutrition, the energy “raw material” for our body, is not at all what you might think, it is our very breath. We can go for days without food or even drink, but every two minutes we absolutely need a good breath of air. Our body is made up of billions of cells, and each of them receives nutrition through the amazing pulmonary circulatory system.

If you “peel off” this second level—the level of breathing—there will be a third underneath, the one that makes our breath move. This is the level of the internal winds (subtle energy channels). Remember how in images of the human nervous system, nerves fill our entire body, branching from the spinal cord like the branches of a tree and reaching the tips of the fingers and toes. Imagine a ghostly network of the thinnest tubes and channels made of such a thin substance that touching it is as difficult as catching a ray of sunlight peering through your window. These are internal energy channels - they are located inside the complex system of nerves, blood vessels and even bones in our body. In fact, the entire complex structure of the nervous system, blood vessels and skeleton grows according to the plan set by energy channels woven from rays of light during the period of intrauterine development. The shape of our body, inside and outside, is simply a reflection of these subtle internal channels, just as frost on trees follows every bend of a branch. Blood flows through the vessels of the circulatory system, electrical impulses pass through the branches of the nervous system, and internal winds move through internal energy channels. They are so called because, like the wind that fills the sails of a ship, they are invisible to the eye and just as powerful. In addition, they are closely related to another type of “wind” - our breathing.

Imagine the internal winds and breath as a pair of strings on a guitar. If you tune two strings to the same note and strike one, the other will vibrate in resonance on its own. Likewise, breathing follows the internal winds. If the internal winds flow easily and freely, the breathing will be the same.


  1. Use affirmations daily. These are formulas of positive self-hypnosis that you need to repeat to yourself every day. They work best when you say them immediately after waking up or just before going to bed. Examples: “I am calm and confident”, “Everything works out great for me”, “I am always lucky”, “I am aware and feel my strength” and the like. Come up with a positive statement for yourself or choose from the ones suggested, and in 21 days you will see and feel the result. You can read more about affirmations here: “How to program yourself for success using affirmations.”
  2. Exercise daily. And no matter which type you choose, an active lifestyle and physical activity will stimulate satisfaction in life. Cheerfulness and a charge of energy will give confidence and activity.
  3. Learn to manage your time. Discover your desires, set goals, define tasks, plan, and set priorities correctly. You can read how to do all this in the article “What is time management or how to effectively manage your time.”
  4. Surround yourself with your favorite things, pleasant and positive people. A comfortable environment and positive emotions will make you satisfied with your life.
  5. Visualize. Imagine in the smallest detail the effect you want to achieve. This will serve as motivation for action, activity, and will also help in the process of achieving the goal. After all, if you haven’t decided what exactly you want, but only vaguely imagine the result, it will be difficult to plan the process of implementing tasks.

What makes internal winds move?

To answer this question, you need to remove another layer from the onion and go down to the fourth level. The fourth level is simply our thoughts. Thoughts and internal winds are always connected, they move in tandem: thoughts seem to ride on internal winds, like a rider on a horse. When we are faced with a strong emotional experience, our thoughts stop flowing smoothly; they literally boil, and complete confusion sets in in our heads. And since thoughts ride on the horse of internal winds, the winds also begin to seethe and conflict with each other inside the energy channels. It's like the rider suddenly throwing the reins and driving the spurs into the horse's sides. The horse breaks away and rushes in an unpredictable direction, wherever the eyes look. And since the internal winds are connected to the breath, like two guitar strings tuned to resonance, our breathing also becomes out of control. We begin to breathe faster and faster, breathing becomes confused and intermittent. Suddenly the cells stop receiving nutrition on time. If this cellular starvation continues long enough, the result can be a stomach ulcer, a heart attack, or just premature wrinkles: the body's language telling us that we are not treating it right.

This is how a moment of strong negative emotion at the fourth level, the level of thoughts, brings confusion to the work of the internal winds. This failure at the third level is reflected in the second - our breathing. And this leads to troubles at level number one, that is, at the level of the health of our physical body. So the problem of the fourth level makes its way to the first.

Knowing the pattern of this process gives us wonderful opportunities: we can use the relationship between these levels to correct problems at different levels.

Practical task: Exercise for the spine

From all of the above, it is obvious that the basis for strong human energy is a healthy spine. Everyone can improve their condition; for this there is an excellent exercise for the spine from the book “Soulful Light” by Luule Viilma.

Meditative exercise “Energetic cleansing of the spine”

But that is not all. We can not only physically influence our spine, but also energetically, and even with the power of thought. How to do it? I suggest you do the meditative exercise “Energy cleansing of the spine” and you will understand everything yourself. I will only say one thing, the reviews about meditation are very good, some people even had back pain go away. I wish everyone a pleasant viewing.

This is how the article turned out about luck and fortune. Yes, indeed, everything is in our hands! I wish everyone to be energetic and lucky, and see you in the next tickets!

With love and respect, Elena Azhevskaya.
Cheat sheet for success, ticket No. 9. Go to the list of tickets


If you are going to do something for a long time (and most often these are the main goals), then try to give yourself constant reminders. You can write your goal on a sticky note and hang it on your monitor. Draw an image and stick it on a mirror or door. You can use the techniques from the material “Visualization of Desires”.

I also recommend writing a list of all your goals on a piece of paper and putting it in your pocket. Every time you have a free minute, re-read them and imagine yourself as if you have already achieved them. First of all, it’s a great motivator. Secondly, it increases your chances of a positive result and you will no longer have to wonder how to set yourself up for success, because you will be literally immersed in it.

I also advise you to comply with all deadlines. In general, there is an excellent post on this topic, “How to Set a Goal,” where everything is described in great (even too much) detail.

Psychic advice

There are many different ways to attract good luck. The advice of psychics on this issue is very broad and varied. Each of them has its own methodology and its own ways of achieving success. But they all agree on one thing - only positivity attracts luck, and the more of it, the more significant the luck. Psychics advise the following:

  • bring positivity to people;
  • live in harmony with nature and the surrounding society;
  • clearly formulate your desires;
  • be friendly and responsive;
  • suppress the negativity in yourself.

Get support

You can ask your friends, relatives or colleagues for support. Remember how, before some difficult exam, they asked you to keep your fingers crossed for you? So why not do the same in other situations?

Direct assistance is also possible. For example, if you want to renovate your apartment, you can ask your friends to come help. I think if they don't have anything important to do, they'll actually agree.

Another option is indirect assistance. That is, they seem to take away part of the tasks that weigh on you at the moment of achieving the result. Parents, for example, can sit with their children while you finish the next chapter from your book. Or your wife takes care of household chores while you draw up a business plan.

Secrets of successful people

Many had to see from their own experience that determination and hard work are not enough to achieve their ideal of happiness. For some reason, some are happy in literally everything, while others try in vain, not moving forward. But the reason is simple: luck must be added to the efforts.

Every successful person has his own secrets in attracting luck, which opens all doors for him. What are the signs to distinguish the lucky ones from the unlucky ones? How can they use these common traits to achieve success in life?

Start taking care of your body

Taking care of your body is the key to stability. What happens if you suddenly get sick while renovating your apartment? Living for two weeks in a half-dismantled house? Not a bad prospect, yes... So start taking care of your body today. It’s not in vain that you read material about how to set yourself up for success, right?

Many people imagine this concern as exhausting workouts that make you fall off your feet every evening (this has its own charm). However, to maintain normal physical condition, it is enough to spend only 10-20 minutes daily. This can be as simple as exercise and walking, but it needs to be done. I bet you'll soon get the hang of it and want to diversify your workouts. You can read about how to start running.

It is also very important to eat healthy foods. Avoid fast foods and unhealthy foods. Monitor your sleep. Don't allow yourself to sleep too little or too much. I have already written a lot on this topic on this blog. I advise you to look at the following posts: Phases of sleep, how to learn to wake up early, the results of the experiment “Healthy sleep in 30 days.”

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