Work and rest - an ideal balance (Statistics)

Often, what we are accustomed to consider as rest, in fact, is not such. From the point of view of benefits for the body, scrolling the VKontakte feed after an 8-hour working day, also spent in front of a computer, can hardly be called “rest”. Therefore, even those people who have enough time for recreation after work still feel chronically tired. This is due to overload with the same type of activities and the inability to rest properly. In the time management training, we briefly mentioned some rules for rest. It's time to expand on this topic in more detail and talk about how we need to rest properly so that our brain and body receive the necessary relaxation.

Change of activity

Rest is not idleness, but a change of activity. By switching from one task to another, you can protect yourself from monotony. Human labor is divided into three categories: mental, physical, spiritual. If you alternate them in a timely manner, it is much easier to maintain inspiration for everything that is planned for the current day. Alternation of work should occur as often as possible; this is the secret of success.

Feel free to be distracted by pleasant and useful things while working. Exercise during a technical break or take a walk outside during lunch. The brain must rest, otherwise the working day will turn into an exhausting hard labor. There are times when the whole day is loaded with intellectual or physical work, and there is not enough time for everything else. You need to follow a similar rule: temporarily switch your attention to another stage of work, and then return to the previous task.

Dangers of Exhaustion

Oddly enough, rest also requires energy expenditure. And if you return from work in a state of critical fatigue, you may not have enough strength to relax. Doing your job with full dedication is both good and bad. You need to be able to think about your own interests. Fitness. A walk with the family. Reading books. Everything requires strength, so learn to reserve at least some energy for yourself.

It is much easier to get rid of minor fatigue than severe overwork. An exhausted state is always stress for the body, which can lead to the most unpleasant consequences. If you feel unwell, you are unlikely to want to make your vacation interesting and active; fatigue will continue to accumulate.

To feel energetic throughout the day, you need to set a routine for work and rest. Psychologists are sure that this contributes to productive activity and maintaining a good mood.

Full sleep

Nothing restores the human body as effectively as healthy sleep. Even with sleep disorders, it is not recommended to use aids (sleeping pills) for this purpose. You need to fall asleep naturally.

You need to learn to control your desires and not let them take over your common sense. Sometimes you should skip a late night movie or night out in favor of healthy rest. This helps improve physical and mental health.

The better you rest at night, the more energy you will feel in the morning. The mood and readiness to conquer new horizons depends on this. Everyone needs a different amount of time to get adequate sleep (8 hours on average). In addition to the duration of the night's rest, you should take care of its quality. Try to eliminate all kinds of distractions (loud clocks, street noise, heat/cold).

Some people experience real stress when waking up abruptly in the morning. Try to eradicate this habit. You need to wake up and get out of bed gradually. It’s better to set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier and spend your free time smiling at the coming day and putting yourself in a positive mood. Pay attention to how your pets wake up in the morning. This is the best example of a leisurely awakening.

How to relax in 10 minutes?

The above techniques will not replace proper rest with sleep, but if in the middle of a busy day you have a couple of free minutes, you can use them to your advantage and get some rest.



The visualization tool has been familiar to all of us since childhood. At least for those who liked to “have their head in the clouds.” Why is it good for adults too? First of all, you inspire yourself, program yourself for success and achieve what you want. You will not so much relax as you will receive a charge of motivation. So close your eyes, feel the lightness throughout your body, and try to imagine in the smallest detail what you want: you are getting a diploma with honors, or you are seeking a salary increase and a new position. There's no harm in dreaming.


Breathing exercises

We wrote about some of them earlier, but here we present the technique proposed by Lucy Palladino in the book “Maximum Concentration”. From a sitting position, without closing your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose and look at the upper right corner of the room, holding your gaze on it. As you continue to inhale, move your gaze to the upper left corner. Exhaling gradually, concentrate on the lower left corner of the room, and then look at the lower right corner. Thus, you will have four steps of the exercise (four corners of the room) and for every two steps there will be one breathing technique - inhalation or exhalation.


Take up meditation or yoga

This will clear all your thoughts from work worries and personal problems, at least for a while. On the one hand, they unload the mind and body, on the other, they discipline them. Moreover, today, with the help of training videos and literature, anyone can try to practice.

Useful tips

It is a mistake to assume that fatigue is associated only with physical activity. Intellectual work can be more tiring than physical work. However, most plan their vacation as if they were physically tired. Such illusions often lead to the fact that after rest a person does not feel rested.

Instead of distracting ourselves from mental fatigue, we enjoy spending time at home on the couch. Rest does not have to be as active and energy-intensive as possible.

How great it is to take a break from work on a picnic or in the pool, on a bike ride or while playing with the children. Minimal exercise is the “second wind” that is so necessary after tiring work days.

A sauna, bathhouse or massage session will help you take a good break from work. All favorite methods of relaxation will be appropriate for complete relaxation.

Adult Swaddling: Japan

3000 Japanese yen (1700 rub.)


It’s easy to feel safe: just return to the fetal position, or at least recreate it by tucking your legs in and swaddled like a baby. Although the resulting human cocoon resembles a ghost from the Silent Hill universe, the procedure is advertised as relaxing and an excellent alternative to massage. It is called otonamaki (“adult swaddling”).


Midwife Nobuko Watanabe came up with an unusual way to relieve stress. She suggested that if mothers experience the process of returning to infancy for themselves, then, firstly, they will be less afraid that swaddling will cause their children to develop claustrophobia, and secondly, they will get rid of postpartum back pain. To achieve the effect, you don’t need to pack for a long time, 20 minutes is enough.

Home holiday

It is impossible to erase calm, moderate rest with your family from your life; rest after work can be different. There is not always the mood for a noisy company and active leisure. In this case, it is worth thinking about how to spend time within the walls of your home.

To do this, just remember what brings you pleasure: reading books, drinking tea, watching your favorite TV shows. Women often find an outlet in needlework, beauty treatments, and communication with loved ones. Men love to play sports games with children, watch competitions on TV, and read magazines.

For people with a sensitive nervous system, doctors recommend reading before bed, but you can treat yourself to a good book at any time of the day. The main thing is that it calms you down.

Why rest?

Or a short introduction for workaholics. It would seem that you can accomplish so much if you learn to keep your mind and body constantly active! In fact, it is impossible to learn this. Each person's reserve of strength is running out, and without the ability to switch to rest, labor productivity sooner or later falls, the ability to concentrate decreases, and the general state of health deteriorates.

Therefore, rest is a necessary component of life, which should alternately replace other types of activities (work, study). But at the same time, you can relax in different ways: some prefer to watch TV or “surf” the Internet, others, after making tea, start reading an interesting book, others go to a nightclub, others go to the gym or play football with friends. It all depends on a person's personal preferences. But how applicable is the word “rest” to each of the above activities? Does a person rest effectively in this case? Let's figure out what rest should be like in order for our body to restore strength and not lose it even more.


Relaxing after work is not an easy mission. Weekends are not always like that. By this period, a lot of household chores and problems that need to be solved accumulate. You cannot accumulate troubles in such a way that Saturday and Sunday look like ordinary weekdays.

Weekends should be spent somewhat selfishly. This is the best time to spend a holiday with your family or close friends. Interesting communication, fun, new information, positive emotions - this is what is needed to inspire you for the new week. Check out city posters. Spend your free time at a concert of your favorite performer, in a theater, museum, or an entertainment event for the whole family.

If you are tired of people, spend time with those closest to you, alone with nature. Go on a picnic, fishing, go to the forest to pick berries or mushrooms. Take your camera to capture the beautiful scenery and fun moments. All this will help you relax and get a new boost of energy.

Regular change of environment is especially important for those who devote their time to monotonous activities. You can get tired of anything: a large number of people, an office, excessive communication, the same type of tasks. Even a strict dress code can lead to prolonged depression, since each of us wants variety.

If the mentioned problem is familiar, your weekends simply must be radically different from your weekdays. It is much easier to remain calm for those whose profession involves changing different types of activities.

Vulcanoboarding: Nicaragua

980–1150 Nicaraguan cordobas (RUB 2000–2500)


The Cerro Negro volcano is the most active in Central America. Over 150 years, it erupted 23 times, the last time in 1999. Who knows when he will decide to do this next time. It seems that this is a great place for those who have already freerided in the snow of the Alps and Kamchatka and conquered the dunes of the Sahara on a sandboard. Descent on a wooden board from a height of 700 m, dust, stones in your face, breakneck speed! You can’t scream, neither out of fear nor out of delight, otherwise you’ll swallow dust and, worse, be left without teeth. On the contrary, employees of companies offering the service strongly recommend covering your face with a thick cloth first.



The tour is usually organized in Leon, a city that is located near the volcano. The price includes lifting, equipment and lunch.


We don’t strive to work until exhaustion

Each of us periodically faces a situation when the work is not finished, but we no longer have the strength. Usually we try to convince ourselves that we need to be patient a little and see the matter through to the end. This decision is wrong. We begin to rush, make mistakes; the final stage of the work turns out to be crumpled, and its result leaves much to be desired.

The trouble is that fatigue accumulates, so you can’t work to the point of exhaustion. It is much better to take a break and restore strength than to complete the task by overpowering yourself, in a hurry and making mistakes.


Rule #3: Expand your horizons

Every city has parks and ponds. We need to walk more, look at beautiful nature, various shapes, and not just at the rectangles of buildings. When your gaze is not focused on obstacles, but can glide beyond the horizon, this also helps you switch gears and relax. It is no coincidence that doctors have the concept of “landscape therapy”, when the very contemplation of nature, listening to birdsong, the sound of water becomes therapeutic.

Parasite under the skin. Why shouldn't you walk barefoot on the ground? More details

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