Working with internal conflicts using Gestalt therapy methods

The founder of Gestalt therapy, Frederick Perls, believed that there was no need to delve into memories and look for the causes of today's problems. Problems must be solved “here and now”. Interpretations of the causes of the disorder are of little use. It's better to fix them. In Gestalt therapy, the emphasis is on practice. A person must learn to solve his problems himself. Perls called the client’s independent work “experiments.” Here are some of them.

What would our body be worth if nature did not have protective mechanisms built into it? A trivial cut would never heal; the lightest breeze would cause a severe runny nose, putting us not to bed for three days, but to a completely different place and forever. But the cut heals, and a walk in windy weather does not end with a cold. At different levels, starting from the smallest cell, we are protected by nature from diseases and disorders.

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