What is ambition and who is an ambitious person?

An ambitious person is a versatile person whose interests extend to many areas of life. Typically, such people are not limited to moving up the career ladder or creating a prosperous family. They persistently acquire new knowledge, broaden their horizons, and seek applications for their talents and abilities.

How to realize your ambitions

In order to realize your ambitions, you need to understand that desire alone is not enough.
Achieving what you want involves painstaking daily work and developing yourself as an individual. An ambitious person has every chance of becoming successful; the main thing is to know the basic rules for implementing his plans:

Self-knowledge. First, you need to decide what exactly you want to achieve, and for this you will have to go a long way to understanding yourself as an individual: realizing your own individuality, identifying your needs and desires. Treat yourself with respect and listen to your feelings, they are the ones who will tell you in which direction to move. Do not force yourself into the framework of generally established social norms, because being one of thousands does not always mean being happy and satisfied with your life. Remember your needs and don’t give up on realizing them to please other people’s desires, but you shouldn’t treat others with a disregard either. The main thing is to stick to the golden mean and maintain harmony in the soul.

Active actions. Once you have decided what you really want to achieve, be ready to act immediately. Make a detailed plan for the implementation of your plans, otherwise you will simply be scattered on absolutely unnecessary actions that will most often slow you down on the path to your dream

Planning will help you motivate yourself to take each next step, organize your time as efficiently as possible, and develop the ability to focus on what is important.

Consolidation of the result. Once you realize your goal, stop and evaluate your actions

Conduct a detailed analysis of everything you had to go through and what you sacrificed for the sake of your own ambitions. You must realize your achievements, otherwise you will never feel inner satisfaction. Acceptance of your own success and increased self-confidence is the result of achieving your ambitions that you must achieve.

One can argue for a long time about how important the role of ambitions is in a person’s life. But, you see, their absence is less preferable. Ambitions stimulate you to work on yourself, give you the opportunity to become better, to begin to respect yourself even for small victories. So, the conclusion is obvious: ambition is very useful for personal development.

But never forget that in any situation you need to remain a worthy person. Therefore, treat others with respect and do not forget about the needs of your family and friends, otherwise one day you will simply lose yourself.

Character traits

Many people are interested in what an ambitious person is like and what is characteristic of him. He has the following character traits:

  1. Persistence.
  2. Self-confidence.
  3. Demanding on people.
  4. Positive thinking.
  5. High level of aspiration.

Such people, no matter what, go towards their goal. Of course, there are often various obstacles along the way, but this does not stop them. The only thing that can stop them is moral standards. There are situations when in order to achieve a goal it is necessary to violate moral standards. This stops some people, but not others. It all depends on upbringing.

Achieving results is impossible without self-confidence and self-confidence. However, ambition implies development into self-confidence: a person may not sincerely believe in achieving his goal, but set himself up for the fact that he will achieve it.

He will constantly tell his friends or acquaintances about his plans and that he is already having his first successes. However, most often we are talking only about upcoming successes. If a person has ambitions, he will demand respect and respect for himself. Even if he is nothing, ambition will take its toll. He may be offended or even angry at adequate criticism addressed to him. It is very important for him that everyone has a good opinion of him and does not dare say anything bad.

Self-confidence is closely related to positive thinking. Even if everything is bad, the individual will not give up and give up. He will move forward and come up with new tasks for himself. However, over time, if nothing works out, he may lose interest in the goal. He has very high self-esteem and demands on people, life and attitude towards himself, and constant failures do not stop him.

A high level of aspirations means strict demands on life. For example, a university graduate with poor academic performance and who does not have any professional skills expects a salary of 100 thousand rubles. Or an unattractive guy who doesn’t know how to communicate with a girl sees himself next to him only as models from the cover of a magazine, and doesn’t even look at ordinary girls who might like him.

What is ambition

Ambition - what does it mean? The term came to Russia at the beginning of the 18th century. Initially, it was believed that ambition was a negative personality characteristic. Synonyms for the word included “vanity”, “ambition”. Later, under the influence of numerous psychological and social studies, the attitude towards this concept changed. It began to be viewed as a positive personality trait, which, if overdeveloped, becomes a disadvantage.

What is human ambition in the modern definition? Ambition is the level of aspiration. They are based on self-confidence and self-esteem. What is the modern meaning of the word? Now this is understood as the desire to act, to achieve success, power, wealth. But in life there is still a noticeable contradictory perception of this term. For example, some employers only look for ambitious candidates, while others prefer to avoid such applicants.

Meaning of the word

What does the word ambition mean? Literally translated as “walking around”, derived from the Latin ambitio. What is an ambitious person? In its primary meaning, this is an individual who constantly plans, sets goals, dreams, aspires, but achieves nothing, abandons goals. This is one of the theories. Let us examine in more detail what the word ambition means, ambitious in other theories.

What else does the word ambition mean (alternative meanings of the word ambition):

  • heightened pride;
  • arrogance;
  • swagger;
  • claims, demands;
  • ambition.

In some sources, ambition is understood as an extremely inflated level of aspirations and inadequate self-esteem. In other sources they are classified into adequate underestimated and overestimated levels.

To determine the meaning of the word, the meaning of its cognates, we turned to Wikipedia. What is ambition as defined by Wikipedia? Ambition, according to the definition from Wikipedia, is pride, arrogance, pretension, aspiration. In Wikipedia we found the meaning of the same root word - an ambitious person. This, according to Wikipedia, is an overly narcissistic, power-hungry, full of pretensions person.

Definition and concept of ambition

In a broad sense, ambition is the desire of an individual to achieve success in any way, to get more, to improve his life. Moreover, most often the subject does not know exactly how he will do this, but is sure that he will certainly do it. Some even succeed (ideas come while moving towards the goal), others in the process realize that they overestimated their capabilities.

Why such a different result? It all depends on the level of ambition; it can be adequate or inadequate. The level of ambition can be determined by an individual’s behavior and speech. A person with adequate ambitions, one who is truly successful, has perfect verbs. An overly ambitious person's speech is rich in imperfective verbs.

An ambitious person does not mean successful and someone who gets everything right the first time. This means that when he achieves success, he does not deviate from his goals, tries again and again, even after defeat.

Developing ambition in yourself

Many people are interested in how to become ambitious. It is important to understand that people who strive for high achievements have to sacrifice something (for example, reading books, engaging in self-development instead of having fun with friends).

Usually they have considerable willpower to overcome laziness, choose useful activities, and give preference to work rather than entertainment. At critical moments in life, they are able to mobilize strength, cope with panic, navigate the situation and respond adequately to it. How to become an ambitious person in the good sense of the word:

  • Set goals that will help you move on and fill your life with meaning.
  • Do not praise yourself to colleagues and relatives, despite the successes achieved.
  • Do not talk about your ideas and plans until they are implemented (fulfilled).
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks, try yourself in new social and professional roles, explore new facets of your capabilities, and reveal your talents.
  • Be open to communication and different opinions, listen and try to understand another point of view - information that comes from outside can be useful for solving personal problems.
  • Focus on your projects and make every effort to implement them.
  • Do not compete with others - racing with obstacles and irreconcilable competition wastes energy and distracts from the main goals.
  • Communicate with other people focused on success and achievement.

The meaning of the word “ambition” implies the desire of an individual to prove to himself that he is capable of more. This is synonymous with success, because the willingness to overcome obstacles and progressively move forward, regardless of the presence of favorable conditions, talents and talents, guarantees results in the form of approval from others, gaining self-confidence, and the effects of personal self-development.

American philosopher Christian D. Larson (Christian D. Larson) said: “If a person’s mind is dominated exclusively by ambition, he will not become great.” Excessive ambition clouds your thinking processes. To achieve the desired results, ambition must be combined with drive.

Aspiration causes the mind to imagine the wondrous possibilities within reach as we move forward. Ambition, disconnected from aspiration, is aimed at satisfying the personal needs of the individual, at his elevation in the eyes of others. An extraordinary mind combined with ambition leads to the fulfillment of any desires.

Healthy ambition is the ability to achieve more than others without harming yourself or others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ambition

Everyone needs ambition in reasonable quantities. After all, it encourages you to move forward.

This is not its only advantage:

  • desire to become successful;
  • the need to maintain good physical shape;
  • self-development;
  • achieving all set goals;
  • lack of fear of difficulties;
  • the right priorities.

Despite so many positive aspects, being ambitious also has its disadvantages. A person may not get what he wants even if he works hard. In such cases, he has a number of unpleasant qualities:

  • selfishness;
  • arrogance;
  • irritability;
  • ruthlessness;
  • deceit;
  • uncompromisingness;
  • aggressiveness.

Such people strive to manipulate others, are constantly offended, and have difficulty communicating.

How to develop ambition

The level of aspirations can be adjusted if a person wants it. Moreover, it is easier to lower the level than to increase it. But in both cases, you need to work separately with each of the components of the structure:

  • self-esteem,
  • self confidence,
  • motivation,
  • awareness,
  • self-perception,
  • goal setting,
  • the ability to listen to others.

The level of aspiration is based on the innate characteristics of the individual, but is formed and developed in the process of socialization. It depends on achievements in childhood and adolescence, and the reactions of others to this. In addition, family upbringing, the attitude of classmates and teachers, the level of knowledge, a person’s erudition and much more have an influence. Claims are formed under the influence of external and internal factors.

Successes and praise for them are important for developing ambition. Ambitious people come from families where parents constantly supported the child, praised, rewarded, and encouraged independence and the right to choose. They taught him to cope with difficulties, in case of failure they supported and prompted him, rather than criticizing and scolding him. If a child was humiliated and suppressed, his achievements were ignored, then he develops a low level of aspirations. If he was always praised for everything, an excuse was found, and others were punished instead of him, then an inflated level of claims is formed. And only a balance of constructive criticism and praise leads to the development of a useful, healthy level of aspiration.

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Varieties of Ambition

What is ambition? First of all, this concept refers to individual aspirations and plans. If a person has no ambitions at all, then his life becomes uninteresting. It is ambition that stimulates a person to become better and more perfect, and helps to gain self-confidence.

An ambitious person will never follow anyone’s lead and will not allow himself to be used to please other people’s desires.

Human ambitions can be divided into three separate types, which depend directly on character, worldview and individual aspirations.

Adequate ambitions

This type should be considered as the most desirable option. A person with adequate ambition is able to:

  • soberly assess your capabilities;
  • set realistic goals;
  • keep your emotions under control;
  • do not depend on the opinions of others.

If you are the happy owner of adequate ambitions, it means that you are able to take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

Unfortunately, this type of ambition is extremely rare due to the fact that not every person is able to objectively evaluate himself as an individual. Most often, people set their sights on absolutely unrealistic goals, and then, having not achieved what they wanted, they are completely disappointed in themselves.


Learn to be critical of yourself and your character. Analyze your feelings and actions

If you learn to adequately evaluate yourself, this will noticeably affect your ambitions.

Low ambitions

They appear if their owner has low self-esteem. A person with low ambitions often:

  • experiences depression, apathy, and lack of self-confidence;
  • calmly tolerates insults from others towards him;
  • almost always goes with the flow;
  • tries to stay away from any opportunity to express himself.

The most striking example of a person with low ambitions can be considered the “gray mouse” type. Even the most shy and insecure people trying to blend in with the crowd have their own aspirations and desires, but this does not mean that they are ready and take action to realize them.

Inflated ambitions

This type is characteristic of individuals with high self-esteem and is expressed in too high demands on others. This kind of person:

  • uncompromising in his judgments;
  • capable of showing aggression and intolerance.

Inflated ambitions force you to completely devote yourself to achieving your goals, often neglecting the needs of others. To be fair, it should be said that a person with inflated ambitions constantly strives to prove through his behavior his own exclusivity and rightness.

Negative sides

Many people don't understand what the word ambition means. Quite often they associate something negative with this concept. Of course, this character trait has some disadvantages, but you can’t concentrate only on them.

Thus, some ambitious individuals have the following shortcomings:

  1. Arrogance is a negative trait. It’s better to get rid of it, because it pushes people away. Of course, ambition will help you achieve your goals, but why should a person have high results in some field of activity if he is lonely? Don't alienate people if they don't meet your requirements and standards.

  2. Distortion of reality. Very often, people with ambitions set too high goals for themselves and greatly exaggerate their capabilities. Of course, you can achieve all your goals. But for this you need to work hard and make enormous efforts on yourself. Ambitious individuals believe that the whole world owes them and sincerely believe in quick results.

  3. Very often, ambitious people are stressed and even prone to depression. This happens because their inflated goals are not achieved. Even though they have achieved high results, their goal bar is higher. The thought appears in your head that the goal has not been achieved, and hence stress and bad mood.
  4. Perfectionism, on its negative side, can interfere with people's happiness. That is, the result can be achieved, but with minor shortcomings. These shortcomings can spoil the whole picture, and in the head of an ambitious perfectionist the thought arises that the result has not been achieved.
  5. After achieving a global goal, you can feel empty and tired. The point is that ambitious people try to prove their exclusivity not only to themselves, but also to others. To avoid this, goals should be based only on personal intentions, and not social standards.

Of course, you shouldn’t regard ambition as an exclusively bad quality. She is very often useful. The main thing is to learn to enjoy small victories and treat other people well, and then the individual will be living proof that ambition is a positive character trait.

It is very important to remember that ambitions should be based only on real achievements and skills. If claims appear out of nowhere, it will play a negative role in understanding oneself and interacting with the world.

What are the types of ambitions?

There are 3 types of ambitions:

  1. Overpriced. An individual sets goals for himself, but cannot achieve them. He lacks time, energy, funds, and intellectual abilities. But at the same time he behaves impudently, boastfully, arrogantly. Although in reality he never achieved anything.
  2. Understated. There are goals, but they are too simple and are achieved instantly. A person does not want to move on, to develop. He is satisfied with the way he lives now. This can happen in any area of ​​his life: personal relationships, career, wealth.
  3. Normal, adequate. The name speaks for itself. An ambitious person confidently moves towards his goals without causing discomfort to the people around him. He is smart, intellectually developed, endowed with wisdom.

Ambitions are also divided into types depending on the direction:

  1. Professional. Concerning career advancement. They are mainly owned by owners of companies, enterprises and offices. They strive to build a career, get a highly paid position, and have people under them. And they will get what they want. But they will have to learn to make the right decisions, to follow the right path, and not over their heads. Otherwise, they will not see a good position.
  2. Family. A person of this type is trying to build an ideal family. This wish can be fulfilled. But don't go to extremes. If you constantly force your soul mate to live up to a fictitious ideal, quarrels and misunderstandings will begin. As a result, the family will fall apart. Remember, there are no ideal individuals. You may also not fit someone's idea of ​​an ideal person.
  3. Financial. Everyone wants to improve their financial situation. These are normal desires: to pay off debts, increase the family budget, be able to travel. But there is another side to the coin. Financial ambitions can make a person angry, greedy, even cruel.

There are also political ambitions. They are especially pronounced among politicians. Interestingly, their goal is not only to achieve certain heights in politics. They want to rule the country, gain popularity and become famous among many people. Such qualities are visible from childhood and adolescence. The teenager is interested in shows and television programs on political topics. Actively participates in school self-government organizations and is interested in social issues.

Professions for people with low ambitions

If, after reading this article, you consider yourself to be a person with a low level of aspirations, do not be upset. There are also many good professions for such a person. Since he values ​​professional stability above all and does not prioritize career growth, he can try himself as an engineer, clerk, economist or accountant.

In addition, people with low ambitions may work in the administrative field, where there is a high turnover of staff. There is always a shortage in the labor market in the field of administrative personnel, because employees who have ambitions usually do not stay in such positions for long; for them it is just a springboard for further career advancement.

So what is ambition? In a broad sense, it is a person’s desire for success. If he sets high goals for himself and strives to achieve them, if he tries to improve the quality of his life and is engaged in self-improvement and self-development, then he can be called ambitious. This character quality can be either good or bad, depending on whether a person has healthy or inflated ambitions.

We hope that after reading this article you understand what ambition means.

Realization of ambitions

Ambition in character motivates every individual to action. If they are not there, then you can lie on the couch and admire the successes of others. If there is ambition in a person’s character, then he sets goals for himself and does everything to get to them.

But it also happens that ambition is a negative character trait. We can talk about positivity if a person has reason to hope for the realization of his plans - education, personal growth, knowledge. If a person does not have the basis for forming and implementing plans, then ambitions are false. It's like a mirage in the desert, it builds on the sand and disappears just as well. To understand how this is, we suggest studying a specific example.

“This was in the late 80s. The two girls were close friends. Natalya and Zhanna were the same age, but they studied in different classes. So, Zhanna always studied well and dreamed of going to medical school. Natalya, on the contrary, was sickly, studied with C grades, but her plans also had an element of grandiosity. She loved languages ​​and dreamed of entering the faculty of foreign languages ​​or journalism.

Both graduated from school and began to prepare for admission. Zhanna studied non-stop, and Natalya didn’t seem to miss days of preparation. But then came the admission, and one managed to pass the exams and become a student, but the other did not. It’s just that Natasha’s plans were based on “mirages”. She did not have the appropriate knowledge and naturally failed the exams.

Years passed, one of the friends, as expected, graduated from university and began working as a doctor. And the second one got married and for a long time did not think about getting an education. Only after family troubles, left alone with the child, Natalya decided to try her luck again. She began to prepare to enter the university at the Faculty of Law.

She studied in the correspondence department, each time she had to pay extra for taking tests and exams. As a result, she still received a diploma. But why does she need it for someone who does not have clear, adequate ambitions to achieve success in the legal field? Surely many people guessed that Natasha hid the diploma in the chest of drawers and never thought about it again.”

We studied a banal, but very instructive story, Natasha seemed to have ambitions, but did not have the desire or determination to achieve results and work on them. They were false.

Unhealthy quality

Now that we have defined what ambition is, let’s try to find out in which cases it can be useful, and in which it can cause significant harm to a person and his environment.

What kind of people can be said to have had their ambitions gone beyond their limits and become unhealthy? First of all, claims must be supported by something. If a person really has some abilities, it is natural that he has certain ambitions. But when they are empty, with a complete lack of abilities in a certain field of activity, it looks funny and stupid.

A person with unhealthy ambition may set impossible goals for himself because he overestimates his capabilities. He cannot even admit to himself that he is not able to cope with any task; he is ready to work on it day and night, just to prove to himself and others that he can achieve this.

In addition, an overly ambitious person is demanding not only of himself, but also of others. He does not respect people with low ambitions and sets difficult tasks for others. He can even act arrogantly, as if he has already achieved a lot. This is what ambition means in an unhealthy and ugly form.

How to become ambitious

Ambitiousness is not an innate trait.

. It originates in early childhood and is formed in the process of growing up and personality development.

Parents play a decisive role in the development of ambition in a child. If they rejoice at his successes and encourage his endeavors, then in adult life such a person will “stand firmly on his feet” and feel confident. If you do not show interest in his results and achievements in various fields, and constantly scold him for his mistakes and failures, then most likely with age a person will become indecisive and complex, devoid of any ambitions.

The main thing is to encourage real achievements

, and not praise the child on every, sometimes completely inappropriate, occasion. Otherwise, there is a high probability of developing in the child large, unsupported ambitions, which will subsequently be impossible to moderate.

To become an ambitious person, you need the following:

Ambition as a moral quality has different meanings in different languages ​​and cultures. Traditionally, in the Russian language and culture, which reveres modesty, it is “1) heightened pride, arrogance, swagger; 2) claims, claims to something (disapproved)" S.I. Ozhegov. Dictionary of the Russian language.

At the same time, in Western countries, where ambition was a virtue, people interpret it as 'Striving to achieve goals, ambition. Demand for external signs of respect and honor. Pride, dignity. The desire to take a place in society different from the current one, expressed in status, reward. Wikipedia

However, now that we are building a bright, but still capitalist future, the attitude towards manifestations of ambition has become different in our culture.

Ambitions are human motives, the foundation of which is the need for success. They make us move forward and explore new horizons, and most importantly, strive for the goal!

Ambitiousness is an undoubted virtue only when it is confirmed by something, when there is a basis for it. When there is nothing behind it and ambitions arise out of nowhere, it looks at least funny.

By developing exceptionally healthy

ambitions, we become closer to our goal: to be better, to be more successful, to lead others!

The benefits of being ambitious

  • Ambition makes us strive for success.
  • Ambitiousness pushes us to constant self-improvement.
  • Ambitiousness ensures achievement of set goals.
  • Ambition gives you the strength to overcome obstacles.

Manifestations of ambition in everyday life

  • Professional activity. Even if you are not striving to make a dizzying career, a bit of ambition will not hurt you, because... In the modern world, inertia is not at all welcome.
  • Career growth. Well, if you care about your social and economic situation, you can’t do without ambition.
  • Family life. This is an area where ambition may not play the best role. You need to learn to balance so that ambitions do not suppress your other half and do not interfere with family happiness.
  • Parenting. How often we make mistakes when trying to realize our ambitions in children. Not worth it! They have their own. It is better to instill in the heirs from early childhood the desire for success and teach them how to achieve more.
  • Sport. You don’t think that the most important thing in sports is not victory, but participation... it’s your ambitions that don’t allow you to think so. A healthy body has healthy ambitions! Develop and improve your ambition!

How to develop adequate ambition

  • Confidence. Be confident in yourself and your actions.
  • Self-esteem. Always evaluate the degree to which your own abilities match your level of ambition.
  • Motivation. Ambition refers to those human qualities that are constantly developing and changing. Ambition is based on personal motivation.
  • Listen to those around you. An objective assessment of your performance by colleagues and loved ones allows you to better understand your own abilities, growth potential and increases self-confidence.
  • Clear understanding. Be clear about what you want. Outline ways to realize your desires.
  • Setting goals. Always set realistic goals for yourself! Only having achieved them, move on. Only then will your ambitions be realized.
  • Stay alert. Do not allow inertia to appear in your life and affairs.



Vanity, sick ambition, pride

Suitable professions

The choice of profession largely depends not only on professional skills, but also on human qualities. The following professional fields are suitable for an ambitious person:

  1. Sales is a business that will “ignite”. Every month there will be a desire to close as many transactions as possible. The employee will bring profit to the company in which he works and receive a good percentage from it.
  2. Entrepreneurship is about achieving goals and making unusual decisions. This is an integral part of the life of an ambitious person.
  3. Leadership positions are suitable for demanding people. The activities of any company require routine tasks. The head of the department is able to motivate his employees to perform these tasks and control the process, and if they are not fulfilled, punish them. Ambitiousness and demandingness are very important traits for a boss.
  4. Sport is about constantly achieving goals and self-improvement. Absolutely all athletes had great ambitions in childhood.
  5. Public service. The most striking example is the Armed Forces. It is impossible to grow in this field of activity without ambition. To achieve the next title you need to work hard. This area requires personnel who show great promise.

For people with low ambitions, the following types of work are ideal:

  1. Scientific activity.
  2. Service sector.
  3. Production.

Any job requires ambition. The meaning of the word is the desire for success. Without this desire, no one will have the desire to work. In any case, developing this quality will be useful for everyone; the main thing is to set realistic goals and not lie to yourself.

How to develop

Since the quality in question is in fashion today, many are wondering how to develop ambition in themselves. And is this even possible? It must be said right away that you are not born with ambition. This quality is acquired in the process of personality development and is laid down from childhood. His own parents play a big role in shaping a person’s ambitions. If they encourage all the child’s successes, are happy for him and praise him, then such a person grows up more self-confident, and with age he develops ambitions.

But if parents mainly scold the child and do not pay due attention to his achievements, then, most likely, he will grow up lacking ambition, downtrodden and insecure.

Situations are also possible when children, whose parents do not provide them with adequate support, grow up and strive to prove to them, to themselves and at the same time to the whole world that they are also worthy of something. Such people try to challenge society, and their ambitions are often morbid.

Thus, we can say that ambition cannot be developed - this trait is ingrained in a person from childhood.

Stop waiting for the right time.

Now you have a list of your goals and you feel like you are ready to tackle these tasks, but there are a lot of excuses that may suddenly appear in your head. Lazy people love to make excuses, so overcoming even one excuse is a painful process. If you are waiting for the right time to achieve your goal, I'm sorry, but I'm going to disappoint you - you won't have the right time, day, week, month or year. Act today, because tomorrow may be too late.

What are the types of ambitions?

As we already know, ambitions can be overestimated or underestimated. But let's look at each of them separately.

  1. So, inflated ambitions - a person sets goals for himself, but for this he has neither financial, nor intellectual, nor time grounds. He acts arrogant and swaggering, boasts, but in reality he is nothing of himself. A simple and accessible example is girls from the outback who dream of becoming stage stars. No, no one is saying that there are no talented people in the province. But if we are talking about someone who has neither a voice, nor artistry, nor an attractive appearance, then what kind of fulfillment of desires in terms of “stardom” can we talk about?
  2. Low ambitions - a person sets himself small-scale, simple desires and does not pretend to anything more in this life. The question may concern the choice of the other half, career, material wealth.
  3. There is also a third type of ambition – adequate. Already by the name we understand that quality is inherent in an intelligent, intellectually developed, wise person. Such types are capable of achieving their goals, but they go towards them gradually, without disturbing the quality of life of those around them and taking into account the interests of loved ones. Ambitions can concern different areas of life. Therefore, psychologists also distinguish political, careerist, champion, imperial and other types of ambitions.

Experts also distinguish between different areas:

Professional. Those who decided to build an excellent career, achieve a high and well-paid position, and have as many people as possible subordinates have precisely this type of ambition. Quality is inherent to owners of holdings, offices, and enterprises. But if the road to realizing your desires was wrong, the wrong decisions were made, you can remain a banal workaholic and never achieve what you want

It is important to set priorities in time and correctly and abandon secondary, unimportant

Family. In this case, a person wants to find an ideal soul mate and build harmonious family relationships in which there will be no place for scandals and omissions. In his dreams, there is always a picture of a family in which there are children, where everyone is friends, communicates, is frank and honest with each other. Well, this is a normal and completely realizable desire. The main thing is not to overdo it with the ideal partner. If you demand from your spouse (wife) to conform to the ideal personality, conflicts and breakup are possible.

In the heat of building ideal family relationships, ambitious parents often force their children to live up to their ideals. The requirement to study better, to achieve success in languages, exact sciences and other subjects can lead to a child’s nervous breakdown and rebellion. At one point, he will refuse to do anything at all and, to prove his independence, will go to great lengths.

In order to at least get closer to your desires, you should learn to talk to your child, listen and hear his arguments. Connection, openness and trust are essential. This is the only way to find a common language. Imposing your ambitious family plans on everyone is stupid and counterproductive.

Financial. Well, we have many like-minded people on this issue. Who among us does not dream of improving our financial affairs? And make sure that you don’t need anything, don’t look for anything, don’t borrow in order to “plug” money holes in the family budget. But believe me, our problems have nothing to do with financial ambitions. There is a desire here to have lots and lots and lots of money. In this case, unlike normal people who want to live like a human being, everything is aimed at only one thing - to have wealth. In such cases, ambitious people do not think about others, they become greedy, stingy and pragmatic in everything.

Political. We can watch the activities of individuals with political ambitions every day on television. These are deputies, officials, political scientists, presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, etc. But it is worth understanding that such persons do not just aim to occupy some high position. They dream of ruling states and enjoying the authority of almost the entire planet. As a rule, future politicians have been interested in political talk shows, magazines, and newspapers since childhood. They begin their political “career” while still at school. They participate in the editorial board, publish wall newspapers, hold a post in the school parliament, participate in debate clubs, etc.

Is it good to be an ambitious person?

It's difficult to say for sure. What do you mean by ambition in a person? If it is the ability to confidently go towards achieving goals, there is nothing wrong with it. If this is arrogance, pride and arrogance, it’s worth thinking about.

In general, being ambitious is a good thing. After all, a person is constantly developing and moving forward. The problem arises when there is ambition, but the person remains stagnant.

The ideal option is that a person wants and knows how to get what he wants. This is the golden mean. There are also 2 extremes. The first is those who believe that nothing will work out. The second is inflated, naked ambitions. A person sets obviously unattainable goals and, of course, fails.

What kind of ambitious girl is this, in your opinion?? ? Do men like these?


Previously, the definition of AMBITION had a mostly negative connotation and was associated with negative personality traits: Ambition is pride, conceit and complete concentration on oneself. Ambition is pride, arrogance, lust for power, and a tendency toward arrogance. There have been many changes in the modern world... Now the word ambition has a more positive meaning. Personal ambition or ambitiousness is associated with the desire to achieve certain goals, with perseverance, this means the desire for career growth, prosperity and position in society. To some extent, ambition is akin to MOTIVATION, because it is what motivates a person to move forward and achieve their goals. Firstly, ambitions can be inflated or real: ***Inflated ambitions do not reflect reality; a person with such vanity wants more, but can offer little. For example, a person graduated from a higher educational institution rather averagely, he has no work experience and his knowledge of the profession is not deep enough, but he makes high demands on his future place of work (expects a high salary and a high position). ***Real claims are associated with self-understanding, with a high level of human awareness and understanding of what he can actually achieve. For example, when a person really evaluates his data and understands that in order to achieve what he wants, he needs to go through certain stages, first gain experience, study the environment, and only then climb the career ladder. At the same time, he has an “inner fire” and a desire to develop. Secondly, they can be both big and small: ***Big ambitions are big plans, serious expectations from life. For example, this is the desire to achieve a lot, to become a business owner or director of the company where you work, to implement a new and large-scale project, or to go on a trip around the world. ***A person’s small, modest ambitions are based on low self-esteem, when he deliberately underestimates or does not notice his merits. For example, when a person already understands some issue seriously enough, becomes an expert, and is offered a promotion, but he refuses, believing that he is not worthy. This personal manifestation is also called lack of ambition. https://grc-eka.ru/eto/ambicii.html


Believe in yourself, believe in your strength, be grateful for everything you have and strive for more. Look around you and help other people achieve their goals. Believe me, this will bring much more benefit to both them and you, because the self-perception of a generous and kind successful person is better than that of a lonely and proud successful person. Both there and there you are successful, but what do you have besides success? Loving and devoted friends, proven over the years, reliable partners, or a snake-like ball of ill-wishers, greedily watching your mistakes? It's up to you to decide. Be honest, kind and patient! And you will be rewarded.

Expand your horizons.

You have to step out of your comfort zone to grow and get what you want. The more new things you learn, the more experience you will gain. The more experience you have, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goals.

Staying in your comfort zone is comfortable because you won't have to take risks, but ask any millionaire and they'll tell you that taking risks is part of success. If you really want to go somewhere further, force yourself to try new things and take risks.

Becoming an ambitious person when you are lazy by nature requires a lot of patience, strength and determination. But it will pay off in the end. When you have doubts or problems, ask for help, but try to rely on yourself first. Challenging yourself is a vital part of personal growth and a successful life. It's time to give up laziness forever, no matter how painful it may be.

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