The top 10 films of 2021 that everyone should watch have been named

A good movie comes from an interesting script, beautiful cinematography, a talented director and a stellar cast.

It happens that all these components are ideal, and then the film becomes a cult film. It is praised by critics, watched and re-watched by millions of people, and the actors who starred in such films become legends.

In this selection you will find just such films - each one can be watched again and again, enjoying every scene or plot twist.

Choose a masterpiece for the evening:

Fight Club (1999)

Year 1999
A country USA
Director David Fincher
US fees $37 030 102
Budget$63 000 000
Time131 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.659

IMDb: 8.80 (1,433,924)

The main character lives an ordinary and boring life. Nothing happens at all. He wants to destroy the usual way of life. Life takes a turn - a chance is given to change everything. Soon he meets an interesting person and a friendship begins. This guy has specific views on existence, its meaning. They create Fight Club. There are fights there. Strong metamorphoses occur - an ordinary clerk turns into a strong, dangerous massacre machine. What will come of the idea? How will the whole idea end? Read more »

Green Mile

After watching this film, what is it, this masterpiece, no one will remain indifferent. It can safely be called the standard of cinema, including a strong meaning, excellent acting, an exciting plot and a certain special atmosphere.

Another condemned person was brought to one of the prison blocks where criminals are kept before the death penalty. His name is John Coffey. It seems nothing surprising, but this huge and absolutely calm man knows how to cure diseases. The film touches on issues of good and evil, reminds us that in any situation we must remain humane, even when there is nothing bright left, and the world is dark and cruel.

The film is touching and sad, but will be remembered for a lifetime. Perhaps the ending will be far from ideal and many would like it to be completely different, but at the same time the picture leaves only positive emotions.

My name is Khan (2010)

Year 2010
A country India
Director Karan Johar
US fees $4 018 771
Budget$12 000 000
Time155 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.112

IMDb: 8.00 (67,736)

The main characters are ordinary Muslims. Rizwan Khan is an ordinary man, a Muslim, suffering from a rare syndrome. Immigrates to another country and falls in love. The Muslim beauty Mandira becomes the chosen one. Against the wishes of their relatives, the couple creates a small business. They live happily until 2001. There is a split in the family of Prizvan and Mandira. She leaves. Khan makes a journey, charting a route across America to find his beloved, then returning to himself. Read more »

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Year 2013
A country USA
Director John Lee Hancock
US fees $83 301 580
Budget$35 000 000
Time125 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 7.654

IMDb: 7.50 (123,573)

A promise, once made, must be fulfilled... The famous Walt Disney once promised his cute daughters to film the famous story about a strict, sweet, kind, wonderful woman who takes care of other people's children in the absence of their parents - Mary Poppins. But for film adaptation you need permission. So Disney is trying to get permission from the author about Mary. The writer is strict and openly does not welcome Walt's intentions. What did you have to do to get the consent of the wayward, unyielding writer? Read more »

Last love on Earth

Undoubtedly, this is a film that all lovers should watch. It cannot be said that it carries some hidden meaning and a clearly thought-out idea. No, this is a film about love. It will make you think about how important feelings are and how dear a loved one can be.

Essentially this is a disaster movie. However, here the cities will not be attacked by a terrible monster and there will be no hurricanes or tsunamis. People have been struck by a truly terrible virus, they are losing their senses. And all the horror of the current situation is shown to the viewer through the relationship of two loving people. The picture will make you think about the value of what exists here and now, because tomorrow it may not exist.

We recommend watching the film to those who are confused in life, experiencing a difficult breakup with a loved one, or suddenly caught themselves thinking that their feelings have faded away.

The Fisher King (1991)

Year 1991
A country USA
Director Terry Gilliam
US fees $41 895 491
Budget$24 000 000
Time138 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 7.786

IMDb: 7.60 (64,913)

Jack is very popular. Many people listen to his radio broadcasts. He has a very specific personality with a sharp, sarcastic humor. Giving comic, caustic advice to the radio, the presenter did not suspect that one of his advice would be taken seriously. It was one radio listener who followed Jack’s advice and shot the cafe’s visitors. This successful person is greatly shocked. Breaking off the entire familiar structure of life, he goes out into the street. There he meets an extraordinary homeless man. He is interested in dreams and fantasies. The whole world is changing in their eyes, turning into a jungle. How will the story end? Read more »

Marigold Hotel. The best of the exotic. And so cozy!

They started talking about India, and a picture appeared before our eyes: scatterings of all kinds of fruits and multi-colored seasonings, the smell of which intoxicates the head, the finest silk, the softest pashmina, bright cheerful colors, the shimmer of gem beads, the bustle, the crowd, which, however, is not annoying. And among all this oriental splendor, a small gray-haired woman slowly moves. This is the heroine of Judi Dench, who was brought (there is no other way to say it) from Foggy Albion to Jaipur. Or rather, to a dilapidated hotel, where she was promised heaven. Several more of Evelyn’s compatriots bought into the catchy advertisement of the “palace hotel,” who are now at a crossroads: pack their bags and return to their homeland or adapt to new conditions. Film "The Marigold Hotel". The best of the exotic” is so soulful and “cozy”! The best thing is to watch it on a long autumn evening!

Mulholland Drive (2001)

Year 2001
A country France
Director David Lynch
US fees $7 220 243
Budget$15 000 000
Time147 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 7.652

IMDb: 8.00 (251,958)

A girl gets into a car accident with two men. The gentlemen die, the lady survives. Amnesia... The girl takes the name Rita after seeing a poster of the famous actress Rita Hayworth. A new stage of life begins. The young lady becomes an actress and finds a friend. The past does not want to let go of its paws, pursuing girlfriends. What is hidden in the past of the surviving stranger? Will they be able to achieve fame in Hollywood? Who died in the car? Why do the police consider them criminals who may have kidnapped Rita? Read more »

"Pride and Prejudice" (2005)

Another adaptation of Jane Austen's novel of the same name. England of the 19th century. Mrs. Bennet hopes to marry her five daughters to successful gentlemen. Against this backdrop, serious disagreements occur between one of the girls, the wayward Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), and the handsome but arrogant Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen). Will each of them be able to overcome their own pride and prejudice?

Still from the film “Pride and Prejudice”

Ex Machina (2014)

Year 2014
A country Great Britain
Director Alex Garland
US fees $25 442 958
Budget$15 000 000
Time108 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 7.101

IMDb: 7.70 (295,484)

Man has created many amazing things. One person managed to surpass all achievements. A man heads a strong and wealthy corporation specializing in the creation of robots. It is necessary to test the first female robot that was developed by this genius. To do this, a smart programmer is invited to the residence. He feels tension, danger. He begins exploring the mansion while studying the robot. The miracle of technology is smart and has great capabilities. How will the experiment end? Read more »

Interrupted life

The film is based on the real life events of Suzanne Cason. The story tells about the life of this woman in two completely different places: in the world of ordinary people and in a psychiatric hospital, where she met many special and at the same time amazing people. The life of young Suzanne was more than prosperous; a wonderful future awaited her. But one day everything falls apart when she decides to commit suicide. Why? No one can answer, so the heroine agrees to undergo treatment at a specialized clinic.

The film is quite strong and will seem difficult for many, but it is imbued with a philosophy of life. Watch it when you suddenly find yourself in difficult, stressful situations, when your mood seems slightly depressed. This picture heals.

A good movie always leaves a positive mark on the life of its viewers. It helps, motivates, supports. What do you think of our list of films that everyone should watch? Perhaps you know more suitable paintings. Let's discuss them in the comments.

1+1 (2011)

Year 2011
A country France
Director Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
US fees $10 198 820
Budget€9 500 000
Time112 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.816

IMDb: 8.60 (546,876)

After being paralyzed, Philip seeks a companion-nanny. He chooses a black boy. The main characters are completely different and atypical, they are opposites. One is a nobleman, the other is a former prisoner. But it was a tall, strong black man, who served time in prison and grew up on the outskirts, who was chosen by a clean, successful and wealthy aristocrat as his assistant-nurse... How do men interact? What prompted the aristocrat to take such a step? Great drama. Best Comedy. Read more »

A simple request (2018)

For lovers of psychological detective stories with an exciting plot, we can recommend this good film for evening viewing, which can be perceived in one breath. After the death of her husband, a young widow tries not to give up - she moves to a new family nest, raises her little son, conducts social work and a cool video blog. Soon, simple-minded Stephanie makes friends with Emily, the mother of her son's classmate, a chic businesswoman and the wife of a writer. One day, Emily asks Stephanie to pick up both boys from school, and she mysteriously disappears.

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Original title : A Simple Favor Genre : Thriller, drama, comedy Actors : Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding... Country : Canada, USA Rating : Kinopoisk – 6.8, IMDb – 6.8 Age restrictions : 18+

American History X (1998)

Year 1998
A country USA
Director Tony Kaye
US fees $6 719 864
Budget$20 000 000
Time119 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.301

IMDb: 8.60 (828,656)

In a typical American town there is a gang, the leader of the gang is Derek Vinyard. Racist, cruel, merciless, rude man. There is a younger brother who inherits him in everything. Name - Danny. Racism prompted Derek to brutally murder two black citizens, for which he receives a prison sentence. The dark company is now headed by his younger brother. The laws of the prison change Derek, and so does Danny. What happens when their destinies intersect? Can brothers become strangers? Will there be a family reunion or a war caused by the schism? Read more »

The Silence of the Lambs

Genre: thriller, detective, crime, drama, horror Year of release: 1990 Audience rating: ⭐️ 8.60 (IMDb) Country: USA Director: Jonathan Demme Cast: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Brooke Smith, Scott Glenn

What: a cannibal maniac with the habits of a gentleman helps an investigator catch another maniac

A psychopath is abducting and killing young women throughout the American Midwest. The FBI, confident that all the crimes were committed by the same person, instructs agent Clarice Starling to meet with a maniac prisoner who could explain to the investigation the psychological motives of the serial killer and thereby lead to his trail.

The prisoner, psychiatry doctor Hannibal Lecter, is serving a sentence for murder and cannibalism. He agrees to help Clarissa only if she regales his sick imagination with the details of her complex personal life. Such an ambiguous relationship not only gives rise to an internal conflict in Clarissa’s soul, but also brings her face to face with a killer crazy to the point of genius.

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Leon (1994)

Year 1994
A country France
Director Luc Besson
US fees $19 501 238
BudgetFRF 115,000,000
Time133 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.686

IMDb: 8.60 (760,781)

Can a person change? Change radically? A merciless, cruel, professional killer, Leon makes his living by eliminating the people the customer needs. He's been a killer for a long time. There was no need to change. But I met Matilda. She lives nearby the killer’s home and her family was shot by the police after being caught selling drugs. Having fallen in love, the man decides to help the girl and win her love. Life takes a detour and changes: both for Matilda and Leon. Will they be able to overcome themselves and live like ordinary people? Read more »

Angel A (Angel-A)

Genre: fantasy, drama, melodrama, comedy Year of release: 2005 Audience rating: ⭐️ 7.10 (IMDb) Country: France Director: Luc Besson Cast: Jamel Debbouze, Rieu Rasmussen, Gilbert Chalky, Serge Ryabukin

What: a guardian angel helps an unlucky Frenchman improve his life

28-year-old Andre owes tens of thousands of euros to various gangsters across Paris. When the time for payment approaches, he realizes that there is no chance of paying off. Both the police and the American embassy refuse to help him.

But, having decided to commit suicide, he sees a stunning beauty on the bridge in a very small black dress, who is jumping into the Seine. Andre rushes after her. The rescued girl promises to help Andre in everything: she comes up with amazing ways to get money and helps solve problems with creditors. But then Andre begins to wonder – why is this amazing girl trying so hard for him?

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Inception (2010)

Year 2010
A country USA
Director Christopher Nolan
US fees $292 576 195
Budget$160 000 000
Time148 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.665

IMDb: 8.80 (1,566,558)

Cobb is an important asset in the modern world, where you can steal thoughts while the victim is asleep. He has such abilities. This is a rare occurrence, which is why Cobb is in demand. The guy always has to run. He is hunted and hired. Having decided to stop eternal escapes, the man decides to take an adventure. It is necessary to introduce the right idea to a certain person. The task is dangerous. But he agrees. During the operation, a powerful enemy appears, who interferes and calculates Cobb's moves in advance. How will this risky venture end? Read more »

She decided to play a dangerous game: irony over the bourgeois

And finally, again about France. We're including Paul Verhoeven's new film, Her, on our "extra list." Suddenly? Of course, this is a thriller about rape! At first glance, this is true. Divorced businesswoman Michelle was caught just like a child: she opened the door to her cat, and let in a scoundrel in a mask, who caused a small pogrom, beat the heroine and brutally took possession of her right on the floor among the fragments. However, the victim behaved very strangely: she did not go to the police, washed away traces of the crime and began to figure out the villain - this was clearly someone from the circle of the owner of a computer game development company. Having started a dangerous game, the lady openly enjoyed the new sensations. And then we see the light: yes, this is a black comedy, Verkhoveen’s signature irony interrupted any thoughts about how scary it is to be alone in the house with a stranger... We also recommend this film because of the amazing Isabelle Huppert. At 63 years old, she easily played a 49-year-old pervert, and with such passion!

Mind Games (2001)

Year 2001
A country USA
Director Ron Howard
US fees $170 742 341
Budget$58 000 000
Time135 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.562

IMDb: 8.20 (648,293)

Encouragement, hitting - such a tactic of life. The average student achieves great success in the field of mathematics. Works on game theories. He's John Nash and he's a genius. Has high intelligence and good intuition. But he is callous, proud, arrogant and does not feel pity. After gaining fame, girls flocked to him, but no one tamed him. Feeling the taste of fame, the guy does not expect a ride, he simply enjoys life. A blow of fate - doctors give John a terrible diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia.” Nash is hallucinating, and yet he will soon receive the Nobel Prize... Read more »

Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno)

Genre: fantasy, drama, war Year of release: 2006 Audience rating: ⭐️ 8.20 (IMDb) Country: Spain, Mexico, USA, France Director: Guillermo del Toro Starring: Ivana Bakero, Sergi Lopez, Maribel Verdu, Doug Jones

What it's about: an amazing story of friendship between a girl and monsters

Ophelia, fascinated by fairy tales, discovers an ancient abandoned labyrinth not far from her house and meets a fairy who guides her to the center of the labyrinth.

There Ophelia meets Faun, the owner of the dungeon. The Faun claims to know her true destiny and her secret purpose. It turns out Ophelia is the missing princess of a magical kingdom, who has been searched for by her father for many centuries.

The Faun offers her the opportunity to return to the magical kingdom. But first, she must pass three tests before the full moon. Nobody should know about this.

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

Year 1994
A country USA
Director Quentin Tarantino
US fees $107 928 762
Budget$8 000 000
Time154 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.625

IMDb: 8.90 (1,404,197)

The criminal world... Cruel, does not forgive mistakes. The mafioso has done something wrong, and now two bandits must take his suitcase. The case was entrusted to the believer Jules, who seeks to understand God, and Vincent, who is entrusted with custody of their boss's wife. The latter furiously fulfills his duties and protects Mia from attacks, fearing for his own skin. Her husband, who is their boss, often breaks the limbs of careless fans. Boxer Butch appears. He is being hunted by Mia's husband, who bet on his loss in the arena. Read more »

"Far from Heaven" (2002)

Retro drama, stylized as films of the 50s. For her role in this film, Julianne Moore was nominated for an Oscar. The film raises racial and gender problems in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. In the story, the main character, Katie, finds out that her beloved husband is homosexual. Who will help her survive his departure to his young lover?

Still from the film “Far from Heaven”

Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Year 1994
A country USA
Director Frank Darabont
US fees $28 341 469
Budget$25 000 000
Time142 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 9.115

IMDb: 9.30 (1,780,970)

1946... An office worker is accused of murder. The punishment is imprisonment in the same prisons as America. Andy Duffane denies guilt, but the verdict has already been heard... The place of imprisonment turns out to be one of the dark, cruel prisons - Shawshank. Once there, there is no chance to get out, especially if you are given a life sentence. Under the yoke of gloomy, sadistic guards, ruthless prisoners and an indifferent prison warden, the guy begins to waste away. Black Red notices this. He is also a prisoner, but has been there for almost half his life. Will you escape from Shawshank? Read more »

Alien (1979)

Year 1979
A country Great Britain
Director Ridley Scott
US fees $80 931 801
Budget$11 000 000
Time116 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.076

IMDb: 8.50 (601,108)

The future... The era of astronautics and great discoveries, which greatly simplified people's lives. A cargo spaceship makes a flight. The entire crew sleeps peacefully in special capsules, while in suspended animation. An on-board computer endowed with artificial intelligence is required to wake up the team when they are in the Solar System. Awakening occurs much earlier. An SOS signal has been received from a planet not inhabited by humans. Without thinking twice, the team lands on this planet. They find eggs of unknown origin and a crashed starship. And the computer notifies that this was a warning about danger... Read more »

Knockin' on Heaven's Door (1997)

Year 1997
A country Germany
Director Thomas Yang
US fees $5 710
BudgetDEM 4,300,000
Time87 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.635

IMDb: 8.00 (21,485)

At the clinic, two young guys are given terrible diagnoses. They have a few hours left to live. Rudy meets Martin while in the same room. Deciding that they don’t want to die like this, the guys head to the sea, wanting to see it and die in peace. They escape from the ward, steal a car... There is a lot of cash in the car that belongs to the bandits. The bandits give chase. Martin and Rudy will visit a brothel, get away from the pursuit of unlucky bandits and law enforcement agencies, see the mafia... Everything happens at a compressed pace - the last few hours of the guys’ lives. Will they see the sea? Read more »

God's city

The film takes place over 30 years. The picture shows life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, which is called the “City of God.” The only rule by which the local population lives is that either you will kill or you will be killed.

The main character of the film is a guy nicknamed “Rocket”. Despite the cruelty of the slums, he tries to lead a good life, although he does not always succeed. A feature of the plot is the constant tension in which the viewer is located from the first to the last minute, which makes the picture as interesting as possible.

Of course, the lack of famous actors and special effects, as well as the special filming style, can somewhat confuse the viewer. However, this film is definitely worth watching.

Interstellar (2014)

Year 2014
A country USA
Director Christopher Nolan
US fees $188 020 017
Budget$165 000 000
Time169 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.583

IMDb: 8.60 (1,030,986)

Humanity has always wanted to explore space, discover new planets suitable for people to live on them, explore new galaxies and discover new worlds... The engine of progress has always been disasters or threats. While scientists were looking for a way to explore space, a food crisis was brewing on the planet. There were more people, less supplies. It is necessary to find a way to optimally move between galaxies as quickly as possible and find a new Earth. Scientists find such a way and send an expedition... Read more »

Forrest Gump (1994)

Year 1994
A country USA
Director Robert Zemeckis
US fees $329 694 499
Budget$55 000 000
Time142 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.924

IMDb: 8.80 (1,339,234)

The most ordinary boy with a kind heart does not stand out from the crowd. He is very noble, but a little stupid. His unique ability is fast running. He made the football team. The team became famous. Millions of people prayed and idolized Forest. He has not changed, remained ordinary and kind, as he was originally. The Vietnam War... Forrest Gump graduates from high school. He is drafted into the army. Having returned, the guy becomes an American role model. And he only wanted reciprocity from his childhood friend... Read more »

Back to the Future

The film by Robert Zemeckis was able to fall in love with millions of viewers, and not only because in the 80s he amazed with his interesting plot about time travel and special effects. This is the standard of films that, even after many years, remain interesting and exciting for viewers.

The plot is quite simple. Emmett Brown, or as everyone calls him, simply Doc, created a time machine. His young friend Marty went on a trip. Returning thirty years ago, he meets his young parents and, of course, finds himself in different stories.

The film is very light, positive and leaves only a pleasant aftertaste. It is already deservedly considered a cinema classic. Watch it several times. Each time you will find and notice new details and nuances.

Braveheart (1995)

Year 1995
A country USA
Director Mel Gibson
US fees $75 609 945
Budget$72 000 000
Time178 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 8.286

IMDb: 8.40 (773,527)

When Scotland was captured by England, many Scots wanted freedom... All attempts to resist were brutally suppressed. The British did terrible things and were not punished for it. The English soldiers killed the locals at will. Then the English soldiers killed the father in front of the baby's eyes. Time passed... The guy grew up. The guy's name is Sir William Wallos. After organizing resistance and training local men in combat, he challenged the British. He wanted the liberation of his lands. He became a hero under the nickname "Braveheart"... Read More »

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Year 2000
A country USA
Director Darren Aronofsky
US fees $3 635 482
Budget$4 500 000
Time102 min.
Rating Kinopoisk: 7.989

IMDb: 8.40 (604,561)

Dreams can be disastrous, fatal... Sarah is a woman who has seen a lot. Her son Harold ignores his mother and neglects her in every possible way. Sarah is lonely, she watches a TV program, secretly dreaming of getting on its set and participating. The chance comes and the woman is invited. Driven by the desire to look young and good, she uses pills that contain amphetamine as one of the ingredients. Harold seeks to stop his mother and forbids Sarah to take pills; he is a drug addict and knows the dangers of drugs, selling them. It seems that no one’s dreams will come true... Read more »

Erin Brockovich

The story of Erin Brockovich, a single mother of three children who is not very spoiled by life, once again proves that only a strong desire and self-confidence are enough to “move mountains.” This picture inspires and gives hope.

Erin has many positive characteristics. She is a smart, beautiful and independent woman. But she is simply catastrophically unlucky, neither in her personal life nor in her career. Many in her place would have given up long ago, but not her. Erin is not used to retreating and no matter how hard it is, she will achieve her plans and be happy.

Director Steven Soderbergh presented Brockovich as a collective image of all women in the world who achieve success on their own. Watch this film in difficult times and it will make you believe in yourself.

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