The simple joys of life: 170 reasons to rejoice

  1. Take a deep breath of spring air.
  2. Immerse yourself in the sounds of your favorite music.
  3. Daydream for a few minutes before falling into deep sleep.
  4. Allow yourself to eat several servings of your favorite ice cream.
  5. When promoting ideas and projects, look for new ways to do this.
  6. Celebrate an insignificant, but such a pleasant victory.

    We so rarely notice small joys

  7. There is always a reason for joy, for example, to experience satisfaction from a job well done.
  8. What a joy in life it is to simply sit on the seashore and look into the distance.
  9. Find a forgotten anti-stress coloring book and immerse yourself in it.
  10. To experience the joy of life is to purchase a new book by your favorite author.
  11. Find time to watch a series that you have been wanting to watch for a long time.
  12. The joy of pets greeting you from work.
  13. A special feeling of comfort when it’s raining outside.
  14. Fluffy soft snow that you look at from the window of a warm room.
  15. The infinity of space that stretches under your feet when you stand on the top of a mountain.
  16. Minutes spent with loved ones.
  17. A feeling of peace and harmony in the soul.
  18. Discovering a new place.
  19. Brightly glowing squares of high-rise building windows when you return home in the dark.
  20. Meet and communicate with like-minded people.
  21. Discover a new blog on a topic that interests you.
  22. Indicate the plan for the day point by point and cross out those completed.
  23. Experience the joy of life by celebrating your progress.
  24. A leisurely cup of morning coffee.
  25. Create your own Internet project and watch its success.
  26. A sudden insight when looking for a way to solve a problem.
  27. Throw away unnecessary things.
  28. Beauty and joy in people's lives - to observe sunrise.

    Appreciate moments of happiness

  29. The light turned on after there was no power.
  30. Vigor given by morning freshness and coolness.
  31. Wander thoughtlessly through the sand, wetted by the sea waves.
  32. A light breath of warm breeze in your face.
  33. The feeling of love and tenderness that filled you.
  34. Ringing silence and clear sky above.
  35. The noise of city streets.
  36. The sounds of morning bird trills.
  37. The arrival of a new idea and the desire to implement it immediately.
  38. Get all your thoughts out of your head and play solitaire.
  39. Discover a new interesting computer game.
  40. Listen to the sound of wheels while lying on the berth of a night train.
  41. Add a detail to the interior that will transform it.
  42. Think about future goals.
  43. Understand that everything planned for the current day has been completed.

    Feel the happiness

  44. Discover an unfamiliar place in your hometown.
  45. Sit on the open terrace of a summer cafe.
  46. The feeling when you have an epiphany.
  47. Dance for yourself according to your mood.
  48. Good and cheerful well-being of parents.
  49. Command executed by a pet.
  50. To be alone when you don't want to see anyone.
  51. A day, every moment of which is filled with emotions and events.
  52. Ride a bike.
  53. See unusual nuances in ordinary things.
  54. Meet a like-minded person , a person close in spirit and intellect.
  55. Going out into nature not for a barbecue or a picnic, but just to lie on the grass.
  56. When you have time to look at the stars and their winks.
  57. A cup of freshly brewed tea with your favorite aroma.
  58. When you wake up in the morning and realize that you have no obligatory tasks to do that day.
  59. Spit on all worries and give yourself a rest.

    Vacation is wonderful

  60. The taste of the first real, not greenhouse, vegetables and fruits.
  61. Find something dear to you that you thought was lost.
  62. Admire the spring blossoms of an apple or cherry tree.
  63. Walk with your loved one by the hand.
  64. When cold, take a hot shower.
  65. Discover that you look great in photographs.
  66. When people like your work and celebrate it.
  67. Hug a child or loved one.
  68. Allow pleasant changes to turn your life around.
  69. Joy is in the little things in life, such as watching an exciting dream to the end.
  70. Experience a new emotion that was previously unknown.
  71. Feel confident in your abilities.
  72. The release of a new song by your favorite artist.
  73. Warm welcome in unfamiliar company.
  74. Receive messages on social networks from people you care about.
  75. Forgetting about respectability, jump on a shopping cart and ride it around the sales floor.
  76. Feel the smell of rain on hot asphalt.
  77. Run your fingers along the ends of hair cut at the hairdresser.
  78. Park correctly the first time.
  79. Listening to foreign speech, understand the meaning of what is said.
  80. Racing along the highway, see oncoming cars flashing at you, and have time to reduce the speed to the permissible speed.

    Race along the track

  81. Open the refrigerator after the holiday and discover that you don’t have to cook anything.
  82. Be scared when you wake up that you are late for work, and then realize that today is a day off.
  83. Finish a job that you really didn’t want to do.
  84. When the minibus you need is already waiting for you at the stop.
  85. Walk through the first snow and hear its crunch.
  86. Press the elevator button and see the doors swing open at the same second.
  87. Be the first to reach an open cash register.
  88. Feel like someone covered you with a blanket.
  89. Feeling pleasantly tired and sore muscles after working out in the gym.
  90. The arrival of guests, to whom you don’t have to make a fuss.
  91. Throw a piece of wood into the trash can and get hit.
  92. Put on a new thing that you have been wanting to buy for a long time.
  93. Have time to get on the train when the doors are already closing.
  94. Enjoy the aroma of fresh baked goods.

    Incredible aroma

  95. When getting to the right place, get into the current of the “green wave”.
  96. Gently and without pain, peel off the dried crust on the wound.
  97. Wake up and, looking at the clock, realize that you can sleep for a long time.
  98. I rack my brains for a long time, remembering, and finally remember the right word or name.
  99. The feeling when the water that has entered there finally flows out of the ear.
  100. In the evening, take off the tight shoes in which you had to walk all day.
  101. Suddenly hear a smell coming from somewhere, reminiscent of childhood.
  102. When you take a small line, and then other clients begin to line up behind you, one after another.
  103. Driving in a car with the window open and your hand stuck out.
  104. When a seemingly empty tube contains enough toothpaste to still brush your teeth.
  105. Hear the clicking of heels outside the window and realize that spring has come.
  106. Fly away by plane from winter to warm summer.

    Fly away to summer

  107. Accidentally hear your favorite song or melody.
  108. When the boss leaves work early.
  109. Quickly peel the egg when the salad should be on the table in five minutes.
  110. Finding a second sock just when you were about to throw out the first.
  111. Sit on the pier with your feet in the water and dangle them.
  112. Buy a ticket and wait for the concert of your favorite artist.
  113. Reading a thick, interesting book and realizing that there is still a long way to go until the end.
  114. Wake up on a summer night under the open sky and see the stars.
  115. Slip in icy conditions and stay on your feet.
  116. Predict what the presenter or commentator will say.
  117. Drive along the road at night , without any traffic jams.
  118. Blooming flower in a pot on the windowsill.
  119. The long-awaited SMS rang on the phone.
  120. Wake up sweating and realize that the nightmare was only a dream.
  121. Guess which side of the baked goods has more filling and start there.
  122. Pizza delivery ordered by phone is carried out within 10-15 minutes.
  123. Slam the mosquito itching above your ear.
  124. A vacation in which you stop focusing on days and hours.
  125. When the traffic jam finally clears up.
  126. Discover a hidden option in a familiar device.
  127. Be able to do what your colleagues couldn’t.
  128. Finally get the annoying thorn out of my finger.
  129. When the film takes place in places that are familiar to you.
  130. Walking past a sale and seeing something you've been dreaming about for a long time.
  131. Accidentally discover a forgotten stash in the pocket of a winter coat or jacket.
  132. Pass the exam (finish a coursework, project, report, etc.) and remove everything that reminds you of it from your desk.
  133. When someone warms up your bed before you have to crawl under the covers.
  134. When the headache goes away or the runny nose stops.
  135. Don't make a mistake when entering a password that you haven't used for a long time.
  136. When pulling out a weed , feel how smoothly the root emerges from the ground.
  137. Clear your spam folder by adding plenty of free space to your disk.
  138. Discover that you have lost weight , although you did not make any effort for this.
  139. Open the cap on the bottle the first time.
  140. Buy air balloons just.

    Buy balls

  141. Blow soap bubbles.
  142. Wander through fallen autumn leaves.
  143. Listen to the infectious laughter of children.
  144. Watch how melted cheese separates when you break into a hot sandwich.
  145. Peace after crying to your heart's content.
  146. Poke the yolk into the fried egg and watch it flow out.
  147. Drop an effervescent tablet and watch it dissolve, releasing bubbles.
  148. Offer your back to be scratched.
  149. Pop bubbles on bubble wrap.
  150. Unfasten the belt or zipper on your pants after you have eaten too much.
  151. A sip of water when you are thirsty.
  152. Cover the callus that has been bothering you all day.
  153. Take a successful selfie the first time.
  154. Buy periodicals and smell the smell of fresh printing ink.
  155. When the first pancake turns out not to be lumpy.
  156. Sledding down a hill.
  157. Drive your own car for the first time.
  158. Feel the warmth of the first spring sun on your cheek.
  159. Rush home, knowing that they are waiting for you there.
  160. Feel the arrival of the New Year holidays by inhaling the smell of tangerines.
  161. Exchange a smile with a stranger.
  162. After doing the general cleaning, plop down in a chair and look around at the perfect order created around you.
  163. When suddenly our jeans start falling off.
  164. The anticipation of relaxation when you pack your suitcase before a trip to the sea.
  165. Close your eyes and relax in a warm bubble bath.


  166. When your salary was unexpectedly given earlier than usual.
  167. Finally, use a toothpick to pick out a piece of food stuck between your teeth.
  168. Lay down fresh linen and go to bed.
  169. Walking barefoot on the grass.
  170. Sneeze to your heart's content after several unsuccessful attempts.

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At least once a week, go to nature, away from the noise and bustle. Ideally to the sea or to the forest. But if this is not possible, then you can just go to the park in the morning.



When you really want to draw, but you can’t, you can color in adult coloring books. There are so many great albums out there now. I advise you to take watercolor pencils - their colors are brighter and more saturated.


You can always go on a short weekend trip or even a few hours to a new city, suburb or nature reserve. There is always some new and unknown place. Which will give new emotions.


Sign up for a massage - relaxing, therapeutic or lymphatic drainage.


Give yourself a creative date every week. For example, you can go to the library, theater, antique shop, cinema, cafe, or just walk around the city or new places. The main thing is not to take anyone with you except your inner child.


Go to a hairdresser, manicurist or cosmetologist. Be alone with your thoughts and take time for yourself.


And just be lazy. Sometimes you can not plan anything, but give yourself permission to rest. And see where it leads.

If you are planning to go on a trip, then I offer you a discount coupon for accommodation through the popular site Airbnb.com. Valid on first booking.


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Post contains affiliate links. Thanks to them, you can get a discount, and I will get a small bonus.

I hope you enjoyed my happiness list! Tell us how you please yourself and your inner child?

How to find your reasons for happiness?


First of all, you need to understand that only you are responsible for your well-being. And no one else has to figure out how to please you. Yes, even parents and family partners. If only because no person can guess what you want at the moment, especially if he is deprived of extrasensory abilities. So you need to make an effort on your own and try to figure it out, constantly listening to yourself and your desires.


Distribute some unimportant but pleasant tasks for each day. No matter how busy your everyday life is, you simply must find time for yourself, your relaxation. So take a calendar and plan, let it be a trip to the cinema on the 1st, and a visit to the massage therapist on the 2nd, come up with it yourself, but everything should be clear in the diary.

Take action

If people, every time they came up with some worthwhile ideas, turned them into reality, there would be a lot fewer unhappy, unsuccessful and depressed individuals in the world. Therefore, learn not just to dream, but to immediately take some steps towards realizing what you want.


Make your own list of pleasures. Let them be simple, for example, like the smell of a just lit match, or a crack in the asphalt in the shape of a heart near a house, but they are quite real and easily achievable.

Listen to your heart

That is, you should not be guided by the tastes and preferences of other people, even significant ones, do what you like. Value your life, so don’t tolerate and pretend, but allow this luxury of being yourself. So go on this great journey of self-discovery and exploration. Try different foods, listen to different styles of music, look for what will delight you, and if you find such things, moments, take care of them.


There must be moderation in everything. If you eat your favorite red caviar every day, the hour will come when you will begin to feel sick at the sight of it. So you need to control the dosage, and to make it easier, you need to have a large number of pleasant little things in stock.


You know, it is important to be able not only to discover small joys, but also not to devalue them, especially when they cease to surprise and give pleasure. To get more information on how to achieve harmony on your own, you can read the article “14 tips to live happily and enjoy life.”


In order to put your thoughts in order, the first thing you need to do is calm down. In the confusion, in the chaotic chaos of thoughts, it is impossible to find the truth, understand something and relax. Serene peace and relaxation are not a luxury, but a vital necessity.

Think about how many reckless things a person can do in the heat of the moment, out of emotion, in a state of anger or despair. How many wrong decisions can be made under the “hot hand”, and a chain of negative consequences begins to spin, leaving its dark mark on the entire trajectory of life. Sometimes all it takes is 15 minutes of absolute silence. Relaxation. Breathe deeply, calm down, throwing away all negative thoughts. “Meditation” is how scientists define this state. Yes, so be it. Meditation. Even just slowly pronouncing and repeating this word, you become somehow calmer. A dream in reality. You can imagine the high mountains of Tibet or the endless ocean... The sound of its waves... And its endless distance...

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