12 qualities of a charismatic person
What is charisma in a person in simple words and how to develop it: signs of a charismatic person and his 5 main rules
Friends, hello everyone! Society needs heroes. Does he need people who charge him with life?
Karpman triangle
Karpman triangle in relationships: roles, exit, exercises
We have already written more than once about why people, in principle, find themselves in a hopeless situation.
Procrastination: what it is in simple words and how to deal with it
Procrastination is the tendency of a person to put off matters of any importance for an unspecified time. Concept of procrastination
Personal socialization – what is it: types, stages and conditions of socialization
Socialization is an integrative process of a subject’s entry into the structure of society, through his mastery of social
What is synergy or how to get super results from your activities
January 18, 2021 Hello, dear readers of the KtoNaNovenkogo.ru blog. There are words whose meaning is clear to us,
vanity is
The meaning of the word vanity - what it is and why it is bad
Vanity is a property of human character, expressed in an excessive desire to make a good impression, and
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