Preparing firewood for a fire in winter
Learning to make a fire in a snowy forest
Where is the best place to make a fire? No matter what time of year a tourist gets into the forest,
Actions in the event of a tsunami threat: causes and harbingers
Natural disasters, due to their suddenness, are among the most dangerous and destructive emergency situations.
How to survive an avalanche. Tips for tourists and drivers
What is a snow avalanche? This is a heavy mass falling or sliding down the slopes of mountains. How
Lituya Bay
The biggest tsunami in the world. What is the height of the world's largest tsunami?
Lituya Bay - July 9, 1958 For Alaskans, this date became bloody
A do-it-yourself winter fishing rod (see picture) is a rather ancient piece of equipment used for
Gas shut off
How to check for gas leaks at home: effective ways to check and what to do in case of a leak
Why are the first signs possible? Reasons that can cause a leak in an apartment can be
What to do when meeting a stray dog: safety rules and protection
There can be several reasons for a dog attacking a person. A common case is that the person himself does not
DIY crossbow | How to make and what to assemble a device for shooting bolts from
Important formalities Young people aged 12-20 years are mainly interested in making a crossbow. And here it is important
Rules of conduct on the subway
Safety rules in the metro: analysis of situations
In the largest megalopolises of Russia, the metro is the most convenient and popular type of public transport, which has formed
What is magnitude
What is the magnitude of earthquakes? Richter scale
Thanks to modern technologies, scientists have been able to calculate how many earthquakes occur on our planet every year. Their
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