Cycling tourism – what is it and why is it attractive?

Fascinating, exciting, useful cycling tourism is not entertainment, but a way of life for many travelers. A democratic form of healthy and exciting pastime has become a fashionable trend in modern life. Cycling not only keeps you physically fit, but also expands your ability to explore the world. A bicycle at least doubles your travel speed, allowing you to reach places inaccessible to a car. The choice of clothing, equipment, and comfortable modernized bike models depends on the purpose of the trip. While eco-friendly cycling does come with its own risks, with proper preparation you can tackle challenging routes with ease.

Why is cycling tourism attractive?

Rest for the benefit of soul and body is the motto of a cyclist, which any healthy person can become, regardless of age. People who decide to join the group of travelers on two-wheelers are interested in the question: what is attractive about cycling tourism and what features should a vacationer take into account. A charge of positivity, a surge of adrenaline, free movement over long distances, the ability to change the route at any time to unite with nature - a small list of the advantages of an active respite from the bustle of the city. Along the way you will encounter sights, secluded corners, and unique places of nature that you cannot see from the window of a sightseeing bus. Compared to hiking, a bicycle hiker will cover longer distances in less time. The bicycle will travel along paths that are inaccessible to a car. The benefits of cycling tourism for human health are undeniable:

  • when traveling, half the muscles of the body are involved;
  • in one hour of cycling, 500-600 kcal are burned, body weight is reduced;
  • 2 times more oxygen enters the blood and lung volume increases by a third;
  • An attractive holiday relieves stress, improves sleep, slows down the aging process;
  • Cycling strengthens the cardiovascular system and immunity.


Scientific studies have found increased IQ levels in people who cycle. Travelers on two-wheelers are guaranteed to receive a charge of positivity and aerotherapy. Main features of cycling tourism:

  1. Before your trip, you can take a training course at special schools for cyclists.
  2. Travel does not require large financial investments.
  3. All you need is a bike, comfortable clothes, and equipment.
  4. Breakdowns along the way are easy to repair.
  5. A bicycle tourist gets the opportunity to have a wide view, which is important for the aesthetic perception of the beauty of nature.
  6. Routes are available in all countries of the world (especially in Europe, where special infrastructure has been created for cycling tourism).


Modern bicycle tourism allows every tourist to feel complete unity with a certain area, because you will not have any boundaries. Using a bicycle, you can explore the area as if you were walking along it.

Complete freedom of travel destinations. A unique opportunity to choose your route and change it at any moment when you want. Modern mountain bikes can handle absolutely any route, so this should definitely be used.

Many people in our modern world pay attention to the environment and try to take care of it as much as possible. Every person wants to travel actively and visit a variety of countries. In this case, cycling tourism is the best and optimal option.

What are the other advantages of such popular tourism:

  1. Every minute you breathe fresh and clean air, and your body receives a constant load.
  2. A tourist has a unique opportunity not only to see the sights, but also to improve immunity.
  3. Cycling tourism is also relevant for those who suffer from heart disease, but they are allowed exercise controlled by a doctor.
  4. Cycling tourism is quite economical.

You will only have to spend money once - purchasing a good and comfortable bicycle, as well as equipment. You have the opportunity to purchase additional items or update your set. Sometimes repairs are needed, but they are not global, so there will not be large expenses.

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