Rules for safe behavior on ice for children
REMINDER - RULES OF CONDUCT ON ICE. REMINDER rules of conduct on ice. Every year on reservoirs
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Yakut knives - fashion influence or universal field knife?
It is difficult to find a knife that is more entangled in myths than the Yakut one. Even inferior to him
snow house igloo
Igloo, the home of the Eskimos: why is it warm in severe cold if the entrance is always open
What is an igloo? Translated from Inuktitut, “igloo” means “winter dwelling of the Eskimos.” Such houses
A shotgun with a folding stock. TOZ-106: mushroom picker's gun
TOZ-106: mushroom picker's gun In North America there is a whole class of weapons: “bear” pistols and revolvers.
What types of forest plants are there? Plant with edible fruits: how not to make a mistake
The forest always attracts people with its beauty. He served people as shelter, gave food,
Characteristics of nuclear weapons: types, damaging factors, radiation
Throughout history, man has created perfect tools to achieve his goals. Needed
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