A shotgun with a folding stock. TOZ-106: mushroom picker's gun

TOZ-106: mushroom picker's gun

In North America there is a whole class of weapons: “bear” pistols and revolvers. This is a short-barreled weapon chambered for powerful large-caliber cartridges. It is intended for self-defense against dangerous animals (in particular, bears). It is used by people who are forced to frequently visit places where the danger of meeting them is more than likely, but for whom, due to their occupation, it would be burdensome to have a gun or rifle with them.

These pistols are in great demand among rescuers, repairmen, various inspectors in Canada and the northern states of the USA, where an encounter with a grizzly bear is more than likely.

We don’t make or sell such pistols and revolvers. But there are plenty of places where an encounter with a clubfoot, with wolves, and with simply dashing people is more than likely. And where without a weapon you feel somewhat uncomfortable.

If you are not a hunter or a huntsman, but, say, a tourist or a mushroom picker, then carrying a full-fledged gun with you will be burdensome, and a sawn-off shotgun will be illegal.

But in 1993, the Tula Arms Plant began producing civilian weapons, which, of course, although not a “bear” pistol, were conceptually close to it. Well, or howdah - a short-barreled, large-caliber weapon chambered for a hunting type cartridge, which was used in colonial India by hunters to protect themselves from an attack by a wounded tiger as a “weapon of last chance.”

We are talking about the TOZ-106 gun, popularly nicknamed for its external resemblance to the kulak sawn-off shotgun “Death of the Chairman” and created on the basis of the MTs 20-01 gun. The latter, made under 20 caliber, having a rifle-type sliding bolt action and a detachable magazine with a capacity of two cartridges, was once very popular among hunters and commercial hunters.

Unlike the MTs 20-01, the TOZ-106 received a barrel shortened to 280 mm, a pistol grip and a folding metal shoulder rest of the AKMS type, folding down and forward.

According to the passport, this gun is intended for amateur hunting of birds and small animals at short distances, as well as for protecting domestic animals, crops, stationary household objects and transported cargo. That is, its creators were guided by the concept of a “farmer’s” gun, fashionable in the 90s - an inexpensive compact weapon for self-defense and shooting pests.

The gun turned out to be really very compact - 53 cm with the butt folded. As required by law, the weapon was equipped with a forced safety: it does not fire with the butt folded. The dimensions of this weapon, the smallest on the Russian market, and its light weight (2.5 kg) ensured the success of this device.

I bought this gun as a companion weapon for wandering through the dense forests of the Tver region, where an encounter with a bear is more than likely.

The gun came with two two-round magazines. I immediately purchased two additional four-shot ones. Looking ahead, I will say that “non-standard” magazines fell out during shooting and required serious and careful adjustment. However, like many other things.

The gun, as they say, fell into the hand, turned out to be very convenient and easy to turn, its throw was very reminiscent of the usual machine gun. The balance of the weapon is also very good; shooting with one hand, “like a pistol,” is not a particular problem.

The fuse, a standard type for hunting rifles, in the form of a slider, is located behind the bolt, on the shank of the receiver. This is not to say that it is very comfortable for a pistol grip gun. In principle, you can do without it by uncocking the gun with a cartridge in the chamber. This is done like this: lift the bolt handle up, press the trigger and hold it in the rear position, while simultaneously lowering the bolt handle down. That's it: the gun is uncocked, and there is no danger of an accidental shot. To cock it again, just lift the bolt handle up and then lower it down - the weapon is ready to fire.

The gun's condition indicator is the firing pin shank. If it looks out of the hole in the back of the bolt, the weapon is cocked; if not, it means it has been decocked. Even in complete darkness, you can determine the condition of the weapon.

The gun showed unexpectedly accurate shooting with a bullet. Along with it, I bought cartridges with a Tandem (roller) bullet and a Rottweil Brenneke.

With both, I confidently hit a one and a half liter plastic bottle at a distance of 40 meters. The buckshot predictably produced a wide scree - 4-6 buckshots flew into the chest target at 30 meters.

The recoil was acceptable, but the sound of the shot and the muzzle flash were impressive.

The barrel and chamber of the gun are chrome-plated, the bolt is made of stainless steel, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the weapon.

What was disappointing was the execution of the weapon - many parts showed traces of machine processing, were not chamfered, and even had burrs.

To ensure smooth movement of the shutter, I had to work thoroughly with a needle file. The stock of the gun is made of birch, and also not of very high quality. After the first firing, a crack appeared on the stock.

However, all these shortcomings are not fatal and can be easily eliminated. At the moment, there is even a workshop that produces polyamide stocks for the TOZ-106.

The advantages of the “tozik” are undeniable: compactness, reliability, unpretentiousness and a caliber sufficient for most tasks. It should also be noted that with some skill, this gun can be fired quite quickly.

Due to its advantages, it has firmly occupied its niche and continues to be very popular among cyclists, kayakers and hikers. I have friends who quite successfully hunt game birds with TOZ-106 along the route.

As for my gun, fortunately, I never got around to using it in combat. Apart from the only episode when I shot into the air to scare away a pack of stray dogs that attacked me.

But be that as it may, I collected mushrooms and raspberries much more confidently, even in the most “bear-dangerous” places, remembering the immortal words of Abdullah: “The dagger is good for the one who has it, and bad for the one who does not have it.” the right time."

A few years later, I replaced this gun, which had served me faithfully, with a more versatile, although not as compact, Saiga 12 K. And I sold TOZ-106 to my friend, who for 16 years, in full accordance with the recommendations in the passport, has been protecting his crops from attacks by jackdaws and blackbirds.

In conclusion, I would like to note that, in my opinion, the TOZ-106 as a “survival weapon”, a traveler’s companion gun and a means of self-defense just in case, is probably the most optimal weapon on the Russian market. This is evidenced by the fact that despite the fact that its production, unfortunately, has been discontinued, the demand for it does not fall. Moreover, the price of “tozik” on the secondary market is only growing, and has already approached 20 thousand rubles.

TOZ-106: reviews

This weapon, although not made of the best quality, has undoubted advantages, such as an attractive price and unsurpassed compactness. In addition, the TOZ-106 has many tuning options.

According to user reviews, the disadvantage of the model is the design of the magazine: when it is filled with cartridges, it is quite difficult to separate it from the weapon without using a tool. The dimensions of the magazine do not correspond to the length of the cartridge, and this contributes to the fact that the cartridges rest against the “stump” of the barrel, causing a delay in firing. The bore is chrome plated. The TOZ-106 shotgun is equipped with a sliding bolt that rotates when locked. If the stock is folded, the gun is small in size, making it much easier to transport and store. The gun is equipped with a quick-detachable magazine. Safety locks reliably ensure safe handling of the gun and prevent firing when the stock is removed or folded, as well as if the trigger is accidentally pressed.

TOZ-106 has a price of approximately 300 USD.

Review of the TOZ-106 shotgun (MC 20-04)

Showing itself at its best at relatively short distances (within 30-50 meters), the TOZ-106 (MTs 20-04) shotgun does an excellent job of hitting both stationary and moving targets. Possessing a relatively small weight, the model in question can easily be transported over considerable distances, which is especially important for those who use a carbine for professional hunting over considerable distances. The modern design immediately attracts the attention of buyers; the classic style of the butt and barrel, made only from high-strength, high-quality modern materials, distinguishes the model in question due to the absence of unnecessary parts that distract the shooter’s attention. And this largely determines the quality of the shots made.

Since the main purpose of this model should be considered use in professional hunting, such quality as the ability to quickly disassemble is important: ease of disassembly and operation guarantees maximum convenience in field conditions when standard sets of tools are not available. The ergonomics of all structural parts ensure ease of use of the carbine, the smooth movement of the trigger and the absence of difficulties when pressing it guarantees accurate shooting.

A review of the TOZ-106 gun through the eyes of the owner is given in this video:

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern and adapted to field conditions, the carbine model TOZ-106 (MC 20-04) has proven itself both for its intended purpose (professional hunting) and for entertainment - it can be used for target practice, accuracy training, and participation in sports competitions. A wide range of use is one of the main advantages in comparison with other models with similar characteristics. After all, the carbine in question is as convenient as possible to use both in the field and at home. The thoughtful shape, the ergonomics of every design detail - all this made the carbine in question especially attractive to most buyers.

Also, the advantages of the model include the following qualities:

  • the possibility of reducing the size of the carbine by folding it - the folded length of this model does not exceed 530 mm, which is extremely convenient when transporting the carbine frequently;
  • ease of movement of the trigger, which makes it possible to quickly and smoothly make shots and not feel strong recoil;
  • affordability is an important characteristic that makes the carbine especially in demand;
  • excellent shooting performance - the aim and range of a bullet, determined by its flight speed, ensures an excellent hit on a target, both stationary and in motion;
  • the possibility of quick partial disassembly - this quality becomes especially important when using the carbine in the field, when it is necessary to reinstall any structural part or carry out minor repairs to the gun;
  • attractive appearance, ensured by the use of natural wood (birch) with preliminary high-quality processing, which guarantees long-term preservation of the attractive appearance. This is important during active use of the carbine in field conditions, when there is a high probability of it getting into water, during temperature changes, and at high air humidity.

The presence of a rear sight and front sight allows you to increase the accuracy of the shooting, the convenient stock of the butt fits as comfortably as possible on the shoulder and, with relatively low recoil, ensures the best possible hit to the target. The presence of an aiming rib with the possibility of its ventilation adds accuracy to the shots taken, and the elongated shape of the barrel contributes well to accurate shooting. The most convenient form of the bolt (longitudinal-sliding) ensures ease of cocking and firing; the well-functioning cocking mechanism guarantees good shooting performance.

The presence of a latch that firmly fixes the carbine barrel when folded ensures the reliability of the resulting design, and the rubber butt pad adds convenience to its operation. The durability of the carbine is ensured by the use of chrome in many structural parts, which facilitates the process of caring for it and prevents the onset of rust. This is especially important in cases where the carbine in question is used in field conditions, with high humidity and the likelihood of getting into water.

In comparison with similar models from third-party manufacturers, the TOZ-106 (MTs 20-04) shotgun stands out due to its combination of attractive technical characteristics and relatively affordable cost. This is what first attracts the attention of buyers. And reviews from owners who have already started using this model allow us to get a more detailed picture of it.

TOZ-106 with different stocks


This model can be used for entertainment (accuracy training, participation in sports shooting competitions) and for participation in hunting small and medium-sized animals, as well as for self-defense and protection of one’s property.


Varieties of this carbine are offered for sale, equipped with an aiming bar and the buttstock of which is made of different types of wood. Their technical characteristics remain at an initially high level and ensure both a high level of demand for the model and positive feedback from owners. There are also samples with a plastic stock.

History of the development of the TOZ-106 shotgun

Our “hero” comes from the roaring 90s. It was then that we had a crazy fashion for compact smoothbore guns with a pistol grip. Thanks to Grandpa Terminator.

On the other hand, a steady demand has emerged for legal self-defense weapons.

Agree, it would be stupid not to use such a trend. That’s what the gentlemen designers from the TOZ design bureau did. Fortunately, the “Weapons Law” of June 25, 1993 gave this project the green light.

Since 1979, the plant has already produced the MC 20-01 model, a single-barreled 20-caliber hunting rifle that has proven itself to be the best. This remarkable weapon was developed on its basis.

For civilian smoothbore weapons at that time there was only one strict size limitation. The minimum length of the model in combat condition should not have been less than 800 mm.

Description of design and principle of operation

Some useful technical lyrics.

The design of the gun is simple and reliable. Assembly/disassembly takes a couple of minutes. If desired, you can meet the army standard for AKM.

The fuse box is very cleverly designed. Here we see several bold advantages at once.

Firstly, there are two fuses: automatic and mechanical.

The machine gun fires simultaneously with the folding of the TOZ 106 stock. An additional mechanical lock-slider is hidden on the shank of the receiver behind the bolt.

Secondly, you can load/discharge with the stock folded.

Thirdly, in the folded position you can unlock the slider safety. What does this give? The answer is speed! The carbine remains completely safe, and to start shooting you just need to fold back the butt. In other words, you can safely store the weapon in the case, and if necessary, instantly unfold the butt and open fire.

Compare with the Saiga blocker, and you will understand how much the Tozik wins in this position.

Equipment and ammunition used

Looking ahead, let's say that the “death of the chairman” is a champion in upgrades. The factory equipment of the model is quite ascetic. The kit includes a box, a passport and 2 double-charge magazines. Therefore, tuning began to be practiced immediately after the gun went on sale.

Here is a list of popular improvements:

  • replacing the stock (with polyamide or from MC 20-01);
  • installation of optics;
  • replacing the standard pistol grip with an ergonomic one;
  • replacing the stock for TOZ 106 with a chrome one;
  • use of 3, 4 and 5 charging magazines.

The standard cartridge for TOZ-106 is a classic one with a plastic or brass sleeve. Caliber 20, case length 70 mm. Bullet, buckshot, duck shot - your choice. However, there are several nuances here too.

Firing ready-made cartridges is like a festive fireworks display - a lot of fire and roar. Therefore, experienced shooters recommend using scooter cartridges of the following configuration.

An example of the correct ammunition for Toz 106:

  • gunpowder - fast, weighed in the proportion of 1.3 grams of Sokol brand and 0.3 grams of smoky;
  • wad container;
  • bullet - "Ball" type (14 mm) or Polev bullet;
  • shot - any type, weighed 25 grams.

These cartridges will provide you with real shooting pleasure. “Tozik” hits very accurately. Especially with a bullet.

Store TOZ-106

From the factory, the TOZ-106 is equipped with two detachable single-row magazines, and the TOZ-106 magazine is adjusted at the factory to a specific weapon. Therefore, TOZ-106 magazines from other guns do not fit well and require adjustment and debugging.

Many owners of the TOZ-106 complain about poor fixation and the magazine falling out; this happens when, when attaching the magazine, only one of the two latch latches, the shooter does not notice this and during the shooting process the TOZ-106 magazine falls out. To get rid of this problem, it is recommended to send the magazine to its place with a sharp blow, in most cases this is enough.

In addition to the original TOZ-106 magazines for 2 rounds, magazines for 4 rounds are also available for sale. According to reviews from the owners of such stores, they are not very reliable and are not cheap.

Recently, a new type of TOZ-106 magazines has appeared on sale; they are designed for 3 or 5 rounds, and they fit well with the profile of the gun.

We warn you right away that these stores will also most likely require adjustment to a specific weapon.

Weapon specifications

The main combat properties of the TOZ 106 and the technical characteristics of the weapon can be described in three words: light, compact, powerful.

The tactical and technical characteristics look like this:

  • weight without cartridges 2.5 kg;
  • total length 810 / 530 mm;
  • barrel length 295 mm;
  • width 60 mm;
  • height 170 mm;
  • Birch bed material;
  • folding stock type;
  • butt material steel;
  • cartridge 20/70 mm;
  • caliber 20 (15.6 mm);
  • longitudinally sliding rotary shutter;
  • backup fuse;
  • ammunition box magazine;
  • magazine capacity 2 and 4 rounds;
  • sighting range: bullet 35-40 m;
  • Buckshot 20-30 m.

The miniature weight and dimensions ensured the 106th strong leadership in the “Small but remote” category. And the solid 20 gauge endowed it with far from toy fighting qualities.

TOZ-106: technical characteristics

This gun is made on the basis of MTs-20-01. Total length - 804-820 mm. When folded for transport, the length is approximately 530 mm (no more). Weight with a magazine without cartridges is about 2.5 kg. The TOZ 106 stock is folding. Magazine length - 70 mm. Caliber TOZ-106 - 20 mm. The bolt action is bolt-on, the magazine holds 2 or 4 (sold separately) rounds. The stock is made of birch. Produced by TOZ (Tula Arms Plant).

TOZ-106 has the following characteristics:

  • The barrel of the gun has a length of 250 mm. It is connected to the box by a press fit and secured with a pin. The gun has a rear sight and a front sight, allowing for targeted shooting.
  • The TOZ-106 bolt is longitudinally sliding, has a rotation, and the bolt has a percussion mechanism. A trigger mechanism is mounted in the housing connected to the box. The force of pressing the trigger is not adjustable. The hammer is cocked when the bolt is opened. The weapon has a cocking indicator, which protrudes above the surface of the insert when the hammer is cocked, but if it is lowered, it sinks.

  • The magazine is detachable, box-shaped, designed for 2 (4) cartridges, there are two latches located on the sides.
  • The butt of this gun is made of metal, folding, and has a rubber butt pad. Installed on an axis, which is located in the bracket. The buttstock is secured in the folded position (for transportation) using a latch, which is located in the forend, and in the shooting position, the axle is located in the wedge grooves of the bracket.

Advantages and disadvantages

We hold it in our hands. The feeling is more than pleasant. The gun fits perfectly in the hand. Comfortable, light and flexible. The balance is quite acceptable. Shooting with one hand does not cause problems. The shot is very reminiscent of the AKM one.

Shooters who have not experienced a bolt action may have trouble getting used to it. But it won't last long. If the TOZ-106 shutter is well adjusted, its movement becomes easy and the sound is quiet and pleasant. In any case, everything is decided by practice and training.

A few words about shooting. Of course, a gun out of the box will give you less pleasure than one polished in a workshop. But there are practically no such “tosics” left.

Therefore, it is worth noting the following points:

  • aiming - in normal mode, without optics, it is convenient to aim, the accuracy is quite adequate;
  • combat - a bullet gives excellent results, shot works worse, but up to 25 meters is acceptable;
  • rate of fire - can be increased by loading an additional cartridge, which can be sent into the cartridge ejection window before inserting the magazine;
  • recoil is surprisingly very moderate.

The conclusion suggests itself - this gun is quite suitable for both beginners and experienced hunters.

It is worth noting that the nationwide love for fine-tuning the “tosik” is not at all caused by a love of beauty. For all its advantages, the model was distinguished by extremely careless assembly and far from ideal processing of parts. Probably, the plant management firmly believed that their potential buyer loved not only hunting, but also amateur technical creativity. But every cloud has a silver lining: over time, the Russian folk game “TOZ 106 tuning” has become a truly cult movement among the owners of these guns.

This is the ranking of the most common problems:

  • traces of machining on steel parts and stock - can be solved by grinding;
  • tight movement of the shutter - grinding or grinding (as appropriate);
  • magazine falling out - fine-tuning the magazine latches.

As you can see, nothing fatal, but it is still unlikely that anyone will like this arrangement. Either a few hours of technical handicraft, or money for a barrel.

Now let’s look at how much this legendary TOZ costs and where you can buy it.

Unfortunately, “tozik” has been out of production for 9 years. Therefore, you can only buy a gun secondhand. The most interesting thing is that every year it becomes more and more expensive. If a couple of years ago it could easily be obtained for 3-5 thousand rubles, now the price starts at 10 thousand. And tuned copies can cost up to 20 thousand or more.

And this means only one thing: TOZ-106 is slowly but surely moving into the category of collectible guns.

Features of application

Let's summarize: TOZ-106 is an ambiguous gun. When purchasing, you get a simple, budget-friendly, compact (fits in a tennis racket case), lightweight (2.5 kg) and reliable weapon.

The scope of application of the “tozik” is wide - from recreational shooting to hunting ungulates and self-defense. “Death to the Chairman” is appreciated by lovers of mountain and river tourism, mushroom pickers, truck drivers, geologists and other representatives of “romantic” professions. The gun is also suitable for target shooting.

Despite the low initial quality of processing and assembly, TOZ-106 fascinates with its bright advantages: unusual appearance, super compactness and endless possibilities for experimentation and tuning. In any case, TOZ-106 is a unique phenomenon in our arms market.

Do you agree? Write your thoughts in the comments. We look forward to an interesting discussion.

History of creation

Even the time of the birth of the one hundred and sixth speaks volumes. The model arrived on the shelves of gun stores in 1993, during a time of rampant street crime, brothers with shaved heads and other attributes of the dashing 90s. In those days, a sawed-off hunting rifle lay in the trunk of a businessman and factory director, a truck driver and a security guard.

And since the TOZ-106 is nothing more than the same sawn-off shotgun, only of a factory design and with a butt, the new product created a real sensation. Any self-made sawn-off shotgun was illegal, but the product of Tula gunsmiths could be carried with you without fear or carried in the trunk of a car.

TOZ-106 was developed on the basis of the single-barrel repeating shotgun MTs 20-01 model 1979 and has a modification MTs 20-04. Produced from 1993 to 2011, currently out of production.

History of creation and general description

Production of the TOZ-106 shotgun Death of the Chairman began in 1993 and continued until 2011. Initially, the model had a different marking - MTs20-04, but after the release of a modification with a shortened barrel and a folding butt, it received the name TOZ-106. The new model from the Tula Arms Plant immediately drew attention not so much to hunting enthusiasts, but to ordinary people in need of weapons for self-defense. There was also crime; the TOZ-106 gun was often used for contract killings. However, this only fueled the demand for “hunting rifles” from organized crime groups.

Today, the TOZ-106 shotgun has several official modifications, each of which is tailored to the specific needs of potential buyers. The gun is mainly used by commercial hunters to catch game birds and small animals. Sometimes you can meet shepherds and pasture guards armed with a TOZ-106 shotgun. However, in general, the model is not in great demand due to the availability of more universal types of smoothbore shotguns. Also, 20 gauge is not the best choice for a Russian hunter, since it does not have much penetrating power. Rational hunting with the TOZ-106 is questionable, since the short barrel produces a wide spread of shot.

It is very difficult to imagine an animal or bird that will allow a hunter to approach a distance suitable for making a well-aimed shot from this weapon, therefore the main purpose of the TOZ-106 is self-defense.

The ammunition used for the TOZ-106 shotgun is 20-caliber cartridges equipped with buckshot, bullet or shot. The length of the 20 gauge cartridge case is 70 mm. The cartridges are loaded into the TOZ-106 magazine, which can hold either 2 or 4 rounds. One extra cartridge is always in the chamber of the gun.

The TOZ-106 compact hunting rifle was developed on the basis of the MTs 20-01 hunting rifle, which has a very interesting history. The MTs 20-01 is a Mosin rifle that has been converted to fire hunting cartridges. Since there were many Mosin rifles left in army warehouses, Tula engineer Frolov proposed making them into hunting weapons. This idea was not new, since even after the revolution, defective barrels from Mosin rifles were actively used for the production of hunting rifles.

The main differences between the TOZ-106 and the MC 20-01 are the short barrel and an iron folding stock, similar to the AKMS. Since the gun was a fairly shallow modernization of the MTs 20-01, the first batches were known to the consumer under the name MTs 20-04, and only later did the gun receive its own name - TOZ-106.

Design and operating principle

The product has a simple and reliable design. The barrel and receiver of the 106th are connected using hot pressing and form a non-separable unit. The barrel is chrome plated and has no choke. The pistol-type stock is made of wood (birch). The barrel is equipped with a front sight for aiming at the target.

The impact device is located in the bolt. The receiver contains the trigger mechanism. The rifle is equipped with a cocked bolt indicator. The pointer is located above the insert when the gun is loaded and below it when it is lowered.

In order to reload the rifle, you need to manually pull the bolt, first all the way back, and then forward. When the bolt moves to the forward position, the cartridge is chambered. A shot is possible only with the butt unfolded.

After the shot, the cartridge case is pushed out of the chamber by the ejector, and when the bolt moves back, it is thrown out by the reflector. To prevent an accidental shot, the TOZ-106 has a safety lock. The magazines are removable, for two or four rounds.


To fire a shot from a TOZ-106 gun, the caliber of which is 20 mm, you need to open the bolt, move the handle to the rear position to get rid of the cartridge case, and fire the next cartridge by moving the bolt in reverse. After this, the weapon is considered ready to fire.

At the end of shooting, you must cock the hammer, turn the bolt handle counterclockwise until it stops, and activate the safety. The magazine must be separated, the spent cartridge removed using the bolt, and the safety lock placed in the forward position. Then release the hook with the bolt open, after which the last element closes while the trigger is held, the magazine is unloaded and mounted back on the gun. At the final stage, the butt is retracted until the axle exits, rotated and secured with a latch. The weapon is placed in a case.


The creation of Tula gunsmiths does not have outstanding tactical and technical characteristics. Modest accuracy and short sighting range give it clear signs of a melee weapon. When shooting with shot, the device is only suitable for amateur hunting; with a bullet, the results are slightly better.

The weapon has the following parameters:

  • Length with stock folded: 530 mm
  • Length with stock unfolded: 810 mm
  • Caliber: 20 (15.7 mm)
  • Chamber length: 70 mm
  • Barrel size: 295 mm
  • Height: 170 mm
  • Width: 70 mm
  • Weight: 2500 g
  • Magazine capacity, pcs: 2 or 4

The accuracy of fire declared by the gun manufacturer is 50 percent at a distance of 35 meters.

Characteristics and application features

The gunsmiths of the Tula plant gave TOZ-106 the following tactical and technical characteristics:

  • The length of the carbine with the butt unfolded is 82 centimeters;
  • The length with the butt folded is 53 centimeters;
  • Barrel length 29.5 centimeters;
  • Empty carbine weight 2500 grams;
  • Effective shot range – 30 meters;
  • The caliber of the cartridge used is 20, the length of the sleeve is 70 mm;
  • Ammunition type: magazine, 2 or 4 rounds;
  • Sights are open type.

The TOZ-106 hunting rifle can be purchased by a person with a license to store or to store and carry smooth-bore weapons. It is bought not only for sporting or fishing purposes, but also as a self-defense weapon.

A large number of buyers of the “tozik” use it precisely to protect private property; the impressive appearance of the barrel discourages any burglar, even if it is not loaded.

When using hollow-point bullets, even with this caliber, you can kill any animal. By the way, such bullets for military use are prohibited by international conventions, but are allowed for hunting and self-defense. Not only ammunition loaded with bullets is used.

Cartridges for TOZ-106 are loaded with small buckshot or small shot.

In self-defense, this is unlikely to lead to death for the attacker, but it can discourage further action. Well, when hunting, you use the ammunition that is suitable for a particular animal.

To kill game, experienced hunters load cartridges with a medium charge of gunpowder. You should not use a lot of shot - the initial flight speed will decrease, which will lead to low lethality.

When firing bullets, the most effective range is limited to 30 meters. It is at this distance that the accuracy is best. In the hunting community, there has begun to be an opinion that the 20 gauge TOZ has a number of advantages over the 12 gauge. The most striking advantage is the light weight and low recoil.

Advantages and disadvantages

The gun has a number of advantages that made it popular among users. Let's list the main ones.

+ Dimensions and weight

Firstly, TOZ-106 has unsurpassed compactness. Indeed, finding another 20-gauge shotgun with a length of just over half a meter is simply unrealistic. The carbine easily fits into a small bag or backpack, it can be easily hidden in your bosom. At the same time, the weapon is lightweight, which allows you to carry it with you for a long time without getting tired. In addition, the model is perfectly balanced and has ideal weight distribution.

+ Versatility and caliber

The twentieth gauge provides versatility. This weapon can be used for self-defense, hunting, sports and training shooting. The recoil is small, which makes shooting from the TOZ attractive to women and teenagers.

At the same time, the combat power of the product helps solve the problems of security of objects, self-defense, etc. For little money, the buyer acquired a reliable and easy-to-use weapon with a wide range of applications.

+ Possibilities for tuning

But the most important advantage of the one hundred and sixth is rightfully considered the unlimited possibility of fine-tuning and tuning. What didn’t the Russian Kulibins come up with with the product of Tula weapons engineers! But more on that below, but for now let’s talk about the rifle’s shortcomings.

— Poor workmanship

The main scourge of Tula weapons of that time was the disgusting quality of assembly and manufacturing of parts and assembly units. If the buyer received a specimen with a straight trunk, this was already considered a great success. A new gun, fresh from the store, could simply not work; it was a crude semi-finished product that still had to be made into a weapon.

A sticking bolt, a poorly fixed magazine, a non-functioning fuse and a crookedly soldered sight sight - all this was commonplace for the 106th. Most problems were solved by disassembling the gun and thoroughly adjusting the mating parts. An old Soviet joke, where after assembly it was recommended to carefully process the product with a file in the best possible way, applied specifically to TOZ 106.

— Low aiming range and accuracy

“Death to the Chairman” has all the disadvantages of a sawed-off shotgun and, in general, weapons with a short barrel. The actual effective range is about 30 meters when firing a bullet. When using a fraction, this figure is even less. The absence of a narrowing of the barrel also negatively affects the technical characteristics of the model.

That is why the main purpose of the rifle should still be considered self-defense. Most of the specimens were purchased specifically for this purpose, and secondarily for hunting. For avid hunters, it was easier and sometimes cheaper to purchase a classic hunting rifle with a standard-length barrel. The compactness of a gun for those who like to shoot game is secondary; here the indicators of accuracy and firing range come to the fore.

— Upgrade and fine-tuning

After purchasing a new gun, the lucky owner had to arm himself with a set of files and sandpaper and thoroughly sand a number of parts and mechanisms of the gun. The trigger mechanism, the surface of the lugs, the surface of the bolt, the receiver and much more were subjected to grinding.

After these operations and subsequent lubrication of all parts, the model began to work acceptably. All kinds of jamming, grazing and biting disappeared. The bolt began to work clearly and smoothly, the gun engaged the safety, and the magazine began to clearly lock into the socket. The design of the model is so simple that when disassembling the model, you can immediately see what and where needs to be filed or sanded in order for the unit to work.

The possibilities for tuning the model are limited only by the imagination and technical capabilities of the owner. The main directions for modernization are as follows:

  • Installation of a full stock and other stock. Similar parts from the MTs-20 models are usually used.
  • Installation of various types of optical sights
  • Installation of laser target designators (LTD)
  • Installation of a longer barrel

Most of the TOZ-106 parts are interchangeable with similar parts from the MTs-20 series models, which increases the possibilities for tuning. Among other things, owners often experiment with the appearance of the product, turning a standard weapon into a real work of art.

In criminal circles, it was fashionable to get rid of the lock, which made it impossible to shoot with the butt folded. After this, it was possible to get rid of the butt, which significantly increased the compactness of the product and reduced its weight.

Interesting fact: due to the short barrel, the TOZ does not have a sighting bar, and a front sight is used for sighting. Often the front sight had to be resoldered, since it was fixed offset to the side when installed at the factory.

Tuning TOZ-106

The possibilities of tuning the TOZ-106 smoothbore shotgun are limited only by the imagination of its owner. Here are the main areas of modernization, as well as some examples of changes that can be made:

  1. Technical - increases the combat characteristics of weapons. This includes modifying the trigger with reinforced springs for the firing pins, shortening the barrel to increase the power of the shot (negatively affects the accuracy of the fire), as well as installing various choke tubes to increase accuracy at medium and long distances (negatively affects the power).
  2. Operational - designed to simplify the process of using the gun, as well as expand the possibilities for operation. For example, you can install an optical sight or collimator in order to get more accurate shooting with a bullet from long distances, install a laser designator under the barrel, attach fiber optics to the front sight, and so on.
  3. Visual - affect only the appearance of the weapon, practically without affecting its technical characteristics. Among the most popular upgrades, it is worth highlighting the replacement of a wooden stock with a plastic one, chrome plating of the barrel, installation of a new (fixed) stock, engraving on metal parts, etc.

The compact TOZ-106 sawn-off shotgun is famous for the fact that most of its parts are interchangeable with the MTs-20 weapon line - this significantly expands the tuning possibilities and also simplifies the search for a body kit. If desired, the gun can be changed beyond recognition, turning it into a real work of art and endowing it with increased ballistic characteristics.

Optical sight

Although the designers do not provide for the installation of an optical sight on the TOZ-106, it can be installed using a suitable bracket. The sight of an optical sight mounted on an analogue of the kulak sawn-off shotgun “Death to the Chairman” can inspire awe in a robber. In addition to the fact that the weapon will lose its brutal appearance, the balance of the gun will be disrupted, and the total weight can increase to 3.5 kg. Much of this weight will come from the homemade bracket that may have to be built.

For self-defense and recreational shooting, an optical sight is not needed; installing it will add accuracy to the TOZ-106, although it will not turn the sawed-off shotgun into a sniper rifle. Since it is not possible to find brackets that fit the size of the TOZ-106, you will have to make it yourself, making a dovetail bar and using parts from the bracket for the Saiga. Using a vice, files, needle files, a screwdriver and a minimal set of various taps, you can make a homemade bracket in a few free evenings.

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