What is the “four times system” and how does it help cope with fatigue?

The image of a businesswoman from the movies, who does nothing but answer calls and can only be distracted by coffee, has been successfully implemented by many in real life. But not everyone is able to timely assess the consequences of working seven days a week. We learned from Tata Feodoridi, a psychologist and psychotherapist, why it is so important to take a break in the wheel of affairs and worries and how to rest correctly.

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Over the years of practice, I realized that the vast majority of people have problems with rest. They simply don’t know how to relax, how much time they need to devote to it, why it’s needed at all, and, moreover, they feel guilty when they have a free hour. But no one has canceled the simple pattern “no rest - no strength”. Without relaxation, a person faces “happy everyday life” coupled with irritability, tearfulness, breakdowns, fatigue immediately after waking up, a feeling of tension, exhaustion, decreased activity, mood swings, pickiness, grumpiness, headaches, migraines, dizziness and “hello” from the autonomic nervous system. systems: rapid heartbeat, sweating, chills, redness, nausea and other problems.

Many begin to look for complex explanations for these problems in everything around them, and while they are looking, they do not notice how anxiety, depression, insomnia and nervous breakdowns become constant companions of their lives. After all this, we wonder why alcohol addiction is common among those who plow without rest.

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Changing the type of activity is a good rest

Almost everyone knows this folk wisdom, so as soon as you feel tired from prolonged monotonous activity, try to do something else.

It has long been known that any load on the human body is initially distributed over three different parts and falls on the mind, body and soul. Which part works more depends solely on the type of activity. To prevent work from turning into wretched slavery, you need to distribute the load during the day into these three parts and alternate them step by step.

Then you will not feel tired, and your working day will not be exhausting. A reasonable combination of intellectual work and physical work is also useful. Feel free to exercise during technology breaks, and take a walk outside the office during your lunch break. In this case, the brain will be able to rest well and prepare well for the new stage of work. The same can be achieved if you simply alternate between different types of intellectual activity.


This method is suitable mainly for ladies. If you are mentally tired of an always dissatisfied husband, naughty children, harmful neighbors, envious girlfriends, go shopping. Even if you spend the whole day on this, even if you buy yourself just one thing, but the very process of choosing, trying on, communicating with saleswomen who will certainly smile at you will help you switch your thoughts from life’s problems to something else. And the new thing will be a pleasant result of the efforts spent.

Try to rest before you get tired

Everyone thinks that rest means just idleness, but in fact, rest also requires strength. You shouldn’t come home from work feeling like a squeezed lemon, with no energy left for even a basic walk.

If this is how you feel, it means that you deliberately keep your body under constant stress and absolutely do not allow yourself to rest. It is imperative to leave at least a little energy so that it is enough for a fitness class, a short walk, or at least for simply reading a book. You should never give all your energy to work without reserve, even if you really like it; rest is also very important in the life of any person.

If you immediately notice a little fatigue and try to get rid of it, it will go away much faster, and you can get back to doing your important things. The accumulated extreme fatigue can seriously affect your health, and its consequences will even have to be treated.

Remember the recommendations to maintain a work-rest schedule? But this is really so! You need to rest just before serious fatigue sets in, not after. In this case, the work will be more effective, since you will be able to gain strength much earlier than you actually feel tired.

Spiritual practice

Turning to church values ​​will allow you to find the answer to the question of how to mentally rest when you are tired of everything. Many successful businessmen, artists, scientists and ordinary citizens turn to God, seeking peace for their suffering souls. At the same time, it is not necessary to go to a monastery. It is quite possible to do without such sacrifices. You can start reading church literature, the Holy Scriptures, and mentally talking to God at home. It is advisable to observe fasts. They help cleanse both body and mind. Trips to holy places help a lot. Spirituality, a change of impressions, and admiring the beautiful work at the same time here.

Sleep should be healthy

A great option would be to get a good night's sleep after a busy day at work. Sleep remarkably restores all human systems and organs. But you need to fall asleep without using sleeping pills - in an exclusively natural way, since only healthy sleep will bring real benefits to the body, and you will be able to feel an extraordinary surge of energy, and the tasks that need to be done at work will be completed easily and really quickly.

A global problem, due to which a person’s sleep is by no means healthy, is a simple violation of the normal daily routine. If, between going to bed early and watching an interesting movie at night, you usually choose the latter, then after a while your health will significantly deteriorate.

And this, first of all, will affect your appearance, and then your general well-being. Learn to cope with unhealthy desires and take care of your body. Always remember that a normal, high-quality night's rest is the key to consistently good health throughout the next day.

And to do this, you just need to sleep about 8 hours every day. This figure may differ slightly for different people: some people will need 9 hours of sleep at night, while others get a good night's sleep in 6 hours. But the problem is not only in the total duration of the night's rest, but also in its quality, and making it as high quality as possible is solely in your own interests.


Many people are looking for answers to the question of how to relax mentally. But is this necessary? How to understand that a person is mentally tired? Characteristic signs will tell you.

1. Psychological. These include the following conditions:

  • Reluctance to do anything.
  • Loss of interest in everything.
  • Reluctance to live.
  • Low self-esteem, reproaches and complaints against oneself.

2. Psychological and neurological. Characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Mood swings.
  • Insomnia.
  • Irritability.
  • Frequent tantrums.
  • Aggressiveness.
  • Tearfulness.
  • Depressed state.

3. Physiological. Don’t be surprised, moral fatigue can even cause painful conditions, such as:

  • Lack of appetite.
  • Headache.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Dizziness.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Unexplained weakness.

A morally tired person most often does not take care of his appearance, slouches, and answers inappropriately.

If you notice such signs in yourself, you definitely need to find out how you can mentally relax.

Do you need to rest during working hours and how to do it correctly?

Quite often during the working day, people feel significant fatigue, but not everyone tries to cope with it - someone simply waits for the end of work to go home and rest there. And in order for the best work results, it is very important to be able to restore strength during the working day.

Our body does not perceive a regular technology break or coffee break as rest. The maximum benefit will come from periodic breaks, regularly interspersed with periods of intense work. To do this, you need to create a specific schedule, which will clearly define the time of such breaks, during which you can really restore your own strength.

Lunch breaks are regulated in every organization, but you should not rush to return to your workplace, even if you eat very quickly. Spend this hour usefully - take a walk or read, relax properly.

Taking breaks at the right time will significantly increase your productivity.

It is very difficult for any person to get into work right away. In practice, some time passes before workers begin to complete their tasks. In this case, the psychological moment is most involved: the task at hand must definitely interest the person, he must feel motivated to complete it.

After complete immersion in the process, work efficiency will increase quite quickly, but then there will be a period of decline and noticeable fatigue will appear. If you have time to “deceive” the body and switch to another type of activity before the onset of the fatigue phase, then the efficiency of work will increase significantly.

But you need to have time to switch just before the braking phase begins, otherwise this technique will not work. If you feel tired, you will need much more time to rest, and you will not be able to return to your task quickly enough. Because of this, labor efficiency will suffer significantly.

Outing into nature

This is the perfect way to relax mentally. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for everyone. If you can afford it, try getting out of town. Have a picnic with barbecue somewhere on the river bank, go fishing or go to the forest to pick mushrooms. Communication with good friends and unity with nature are the best medicines for a sick, tired soul.

Proper rest after a working day

People who constantly work in an office get most tired from mental work rather than from physical work. But, as a rule, for some reason everyone rests as if they were tired from heavy physical activity. This is just a common illusion of physical fatigue, which needs to be combated with the help of good physical activity.

In this case, there will be no benefit from lying on the sofa, but jogging in the fresh air, cycling or swimming in the pool will actually prove to your body that physical fatigue is illusory. It is active exercises that will speed up the blood, eliminate stagnation, and you will feel a significant surge of strength.

A sauna or steam bath is a great way to relax after work. Magical fragrant steam and aromatic tea will make you much more energetic and happier. And if the thermal procedures are followed by a session of professional relaxing massage, then you can consider that your vacation has truly been a success.

Relaxing with a book is also a great way to relax. It has long been known that thoughtful reading perfectly calms the nervous system. Half an hour of reading an exciting novel in the evening or before bed will significantly improve your well-being.


In our modern life, we all daily “cook” in the information surrounding us from all sides. Television, telephone, Internet, just conversations with neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances. Various information (often negative) covers us like an avalanche. Many people can’t stand it and say: “I want to rest mentally and morally.” What does such a vacation mean? For some, silence will be the best remedy. This method is more suitable for those who live alone. Take a few days off from work. If you stay at home, turn off the TV, hide your phone. Spend at least one day without information. Enjoy reading your favorite book. Light scented candles. Take a relaxing bath. Eat something very tasty. Dedicate this day to yourself.

Quality weekend getaway

Rest on weekends should be correct, because it significantly affects your performance and the efficiency of your work on weekdays, so try to make it as high quality as possible:

  • spend time pleasantly communicating with loved ones or friends;
  • Organize a trip to nature or to the country;
  • try to do what brings you pleasure.

If the weekend passes exclusively in a positive emotional way, then returning to work will be joyful. Try to give preference to active recreation, since absolutely useless pastime greatly increases lethargy and apathy.

Another good option is cultural recreation. Immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the theater, exhibitions, cinema or circus can really distract you from obsessive thoughts about work.

Remember one rule: for a vacation to be of high quality, you must like it, only in this way it will be truly complete. If you initially do not like some event, and you go to it solely for the company, then it will not be a vacation. On the contrary, a boring pastime will become a natural cause of fatigue.

Rule No. 6. Surprise each other

This, however, is already aerobatics. It is useful for friends and family members to periodically shake things up and diversify their relationships by arranging pleasant surprises in turn. This could be a walk to your favorite places, a romantic date, interesting activities. Moreover, many have already stayed at home. It is important to follow certain rules: if one comes up with something, then the other does not criticize and participates in good faith and plays along. Of course, if people are not strangers, then they try to take into account the interests of their partner, are not afraid of not pleasing, but meet each other halfway. All this also gives positive emotions.

Proper rest on vacation

Any employee looks forward to his own vacation more than anything else. Well-being and performance throughout the next year depend on this short period. Therefore, it is very important to properly plan and organize this long-awaited free time.

Think in advance about how best to distribute your vacation so that your vacation is of better quality? In many organizations, there is an unspoken rule not to provide vacation in full days, but to divide it into parts. If it’s really hard for you to get into the rhythm of work after a vacation, and you really don’t tolerate such a break from work, then such a division of vacation can only benefit you.

If, due to financial problems, you cannot afford to go to various resorts, then just try to arrange a proper and reasonable vacation at home, or even better in the country. Believe me, proper nutrition, fresh air, reasonable organization of the daily routine, as well as peace and tranquility will do what is expected of them: your strength will be restored, and the energy that fills you will be your driving force during working hours for a long time.

But sometimes vacation becomes not a joy - a long period of rest for a workaholic can become seriously boring and he will even begin to count the days remaining until he goes back to work.

As a rule, such an unpleasant condition can be caused by completely different factors - from a prolonged period of bad weather and a terrible hotel to psychological discomfort and unexpected illness. Some of these reasons we cannot predict and overcome, but some we can simply foresee and play it safe a little.

Ask for help

Moya Sarner reports that she has already started using all the ideal rules, but sometimes she still feels world-weary.

Sometimes I want to disappear, disappearing into my smartphone or TV. It’s as if I desperately need this feeling of complete detachment, even though I know it’s wrong.

Moya Sarner

She says that psychoanalytic therapy helps her think about the reasons why this happens. David Morgan also agrees that psychotherapy is very important in the process of getting rid of Internet addiction, since in consultations a person has to use his mind.

“Therapy combats distraction—it involves concentration,” he says. “When people walk into my office, they often say that for the first time they feel unable to escape their circumstances.”

Facing difficulties head-on and running away from them are equally exhausting. Solving problems is indeed a difficult and hectic job. But when there is someone nearby who can listen and help figure things out, it becomes easier.

Everyone is looking for their own ways to distract themselves from the most important thing: here we live, and then we have to die. Having a mind to process what’s happening and someone to think about it even more deeply with you is what helps you cope with this horrific truth.”

David Morgan

But this frightening fact also helps us realize how little time we have on the planet. And it’s a shame to spend it voluntarily turning off your brain.

What can really be done?

  1. Decide in advance how many days you can have a good rest and mental relaxation.
  2. Before going on a long trip, you need to carefully study the reviews of people who have already been there. Review sites on the Internet will help you with this.
  3. Plan all your movements at the resort in advance, make a list of attractions that you would like to visit.
  4. If you are going to a resort for the purpose of recovery, be sure to attend all the procedures recommended and assigned to you.
  5. Carefully choose the people you plan to go on vacation with, otherwise you may find yourself whining and complaining throughout your vacation instead of getting quality rest.
  6. Do not take your laptop or work documents with you on vacation. Don't overload yourself with work, even if you have any unresolved problems. Not only will you not find the solution you need, but you will also ruin your vacation by constantly thinking about it.

And if you can’t imagine yourself without your favorite job, then just understand that vacation is not constant idleness and the triumph of laziness, it is an excellent opportunity to intelligently replenish depleted reserves of vigor and fresh strength.

And the lack of quality rest has a bad effect not only on the health of a desperate workaholic, but also on the general psychological climate in the family, relationships with loved ones and friends. You need to rest as well as you work, and this must be done. Try to rest properly.

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As you know, she saves the world. Won't it help your tired brain? We have already mentioned a trip to an unusually beautiful place. There are millions of them in nature. Literally every corner of our planet is unique in its own way. But beauty can be found nearby, without leaving anywhere. Almost every city has museums, art galleries, parks, and architectural monuments. This is the best answer to the question of where to relax mentally. Don't be lazy, go to the exhibition. Both classical and contemporary art have enormous potential, capable of touching the deepest strings of the soul. Don’t rush to leave, wander through the halls, linger at each exhibit, try to make out all the details. Your soul will be grateful to you for such spiritual “vitamins”.

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