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Today is an exact copy of the previous one - a desired result for some and a terrible torment for others. In the realities of the modern world, life without goals and constant tasks is practically impossible, therefore the image of today's person is a person striving for self-development and constant achievement of something. But what about those who are not used to setting any goals for themselves, because such a person feels comfortable simply going with the flow.

Life without a goal is a theme glorified in literature

The problem of achieving a goal is repeatedly raised in classical works. The most striking examples are Eugene Onegin and Hero of Our Time. In the first case, we are talking about a person who suffers from the fact that his life is boring without a moral purpose. Balls, acquaintances, and interests in various activities do not save you from boredom. As a result, the main character goes to live in the village in order to radically change the external environment, but this did not help him cope with his experiences and find a new goal. Confessions of feelings for Tatyana are nothing more than a confession of his own despair, a confession that he has no dreams and goals. The work shows the problem of a person without a goal in life.

Pechorin's problem is no different from Onegin's problem. As for others, his existence resembles meaningless wandering and, what is most unacceptable, out of boredom Pechorin begins to play with the destinies of other people. It would seem that all the roads in the world are open to a handsome, smart guy. However, Pechorin's problem is the lack of dreams and goals in life. Grigory evaluates every aspiration as insignificant, not worth attention, and because of this he rushes into all sorts of adventures, which is why he dies. The classic clearly described what the lack of purpose in life leads to.

It is important! These two works clearly demonstrate how life without purpose can become meaningless. If a person does not have enough freedom, nothing inspires him, and there is no definite direction, it is important to help him - to find a guideline, as well as the opportunities and strength to achieve it.

What is the difference between a goal and a destination and a dream?

A dream is a cloud of thoughts, it is something vague. Erema lies on the stove, scratches his belly, and thinks, “It would be nice to eat some fish soup.” A dream is a substance without weight and time; you can be a great dreamer, with a rich inner world, but a deeply unhappy person.

Destination is a long journey. What you came into this world for. This is a global concept that brings moral satisfaction. For example, helping people or animals.

Actors, for example, may have a purpose - to make this world a little happier, more smiling, more emotional. Purpose is embedded in us. It is within us, from birth. You can find your purpose by reaching an agreement with your subconscious.

And a goal is a specific, measurable object or action located from the outside - this is a SMART goal (detailed description with examples here). And the task is even smaller. This is a specific action that will lead us to the goal.

It turns out to be such a funnel: a dream is vast, without clear boundaries, a destination is a path that is comfortable to follow. A goal is the end result, while a task is a step towards the goal.

If you don’t want anything, apathy, your soul is turning you back, start by defining your purpose. You may not realize that you are not moving on your own path. You can work with machines, mechanisms, papers (inanimate objects) for a long time and feel sick.

But it turns out that your purpose is to work with people. They changed their field of activity, and that’s it - other emotions began to appear, the sun began to shine brighter. It may be exactly the opposite: a person has been with people all his life, but he is comfortable with mechanisms.

Of course, it would be good to decide on this issue before leaving school, and not go where your parents want or by “inheritance” - your great-grandfather was a doctor, he was a doctor, your father is a doctor and you are heading into medicine. Listen to yourself, your heart. Maybe with cars my soul will open up more.

But if laziness has overcome you and you don’t know how to cope with it, read a separate article.

Why is it important to have a purpose in life?

Each person resembles a house - if mistakes were made when laying the foundation, this will inevitably affect the entire structure, that is, the formation of personality and the course of life. Let's figure out why a person needs a goal in life.

If there is no goal in life and I don’t know what I want

According to statistics, lack of purpose in life is a problem for people who were overprotected by their parents in childhood. It is important to understand that overprotection is not caring for a child. This style of parenting and restrictions do not help, but harm. If for many years you do not allow a child to exercise independence and make all decisions for him, as a result he simply will not know how and what to do in adulthood. Such confusion leads to the fact that a person feels lost and does not know what to strive for.

What should an adult, mature person do if he understands that the “foundation” of his personality is laid with errors? Undoubtedly, the situation needs to be corrected and this needs to be done as quickly as possible. You should prepare for the fact that the process will be labor-intensive and quite lengthy. To correct the situation and “build” a new personality, it is necessary to break certain stereotypes and attitudes laid down in childhood. In most cases, you have to turn to the help of specialists, because it can be impossible to solve the problem of how to find a purpose in life on your own - over the past years, a person has become so accustomed to living aimlessly that a new life scares him. He doesn't know if achievement can make him happy.

It is important! If in childhood a child was not taught to make decisions on his own, in adulthood the need to take responsibility will cause a feeling of fear and even provoke panic.

— How to stop wasting time aimlessly and what to do?


It is possible that you specifically don’t have goals in life because sometimes you don’t even have time to think about the future. Many people advise you to step back a little from what is happening, to step away a little from the everyday hustle and bustle. You can, for example, take a vacation and go on a short trip. The New Year period is also a good time for reflection - when the whole country goes on a two-week holiday.

Take a piece of paper and write down what you would like to achieve or what is missing in your life? Dream! When you clearly understand what exactly you want, then it will be possible to turn your dream into a life goal or goals. Visualization and active actions in the direction of your dreams will help you achieve our desires. Having big and meaningful goals for you will paint your life in brighter colors and improve its quality.

You may also benefit from coaching to work on developing your sense of purpose and self-confidence. In any case, even if you notice that you are living aimlessly, then right now is not too late to think about your goals and begin to implement them.


How to help a person become purposeful

Now about how to decide on a goal in life. Read more about how to set goals correctly in this article. When it comes to helping a teenager achieve a goal, first of all, the participation of parents is necessary. Namely, they should not make past mistakes and control every step of a child who has already grown up. The teenager must understand for himself whether achieving a goal always makes a person happy. You cannot plan for him, take on his worries. Your own experience is important. An adult child must learn not to be afraid not only to make decisions, but also to bear responsibility for them.

It is important! If you want to visually understand how the relationship develops between a child and the parents who care for him, familiarize yourself with the concept of the “Karpman triangle”. A similar psychological trap was described by psychoanalyst Stephen Karpan in 1968.

People who fall into such a pattern of behavior involuntarily assign themselves certain roles - Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer. Getting out of a trap is difficult; as a rule, you need the help of a specialist. First of all, you need to figure out what the Karpman triangle is and why the life situation develops this way.

  • The victim is accustomed to suffering and thereby attracting attention; her main task is to seek the help of the Savior.
  • The Savior, in turn, also likes his role; he does everything for the sake of the Victim.

As a result, all participants in the triangle need each other; over time, their roles turn into real life without a goal.

It is important! It should be understood that the behavior and actions of each person involve a certain self-interest and manipulation, therefore, the triangle is problematic.

Helping a person who wants to start a new life involves fairly simple steps.

  • First of all, start trusting him with simple requests and instructions.
  • Be sure to praise any attempts to be independent.
  • Encourage any attempt by the person to gain independence.
  • Be interested in how the day went, what new happened, what events happened.
  • Forget about criticism and stop being concerned. Show your trust. Encourage - tell the man that he is strong and knows what to do in any situation, and repeat to the woman how attractive and wise she is.

It is important! As a rule, most often problems arise in families where sons grow up. Under the close supervision of their mothers, boys grow up not independent and do not understand at all how to live without a goal.

— How to avoid the mistakes of people who waste their lives


1) Don't miss the signals that the stars send you. People simply do not see that promising opportunities come across at every turn, preferring to whine: “I’m unlucky.”

2) Let love into your life. Love your family, your soulmate, what you do, life, in the end. People who know how to love always have something to set goals for and achieve them.

Find out how to find your love.

3) Don’t be afraid to change something in your life if you no longer feel happy. You can’t stay stuck in one job for decades if it doesn’t bring you money or pleasure. You can't live with a person you don't love just because you have to.

4) Set specific, realistic goals for yourself.

A trip to Italy, a new car, the position of head of a department, renovation of an apartment, studying abroad - these are goals that can be achieved if you put in the right amount of effort.

5) Plan your life. To-do lists for every day, a collage of wishes, a plan for the year will help you identify your goals.

Do not create banal lists, but outline the time for achieving a particular goal, intermediate stages of its implementation, important components of success, etc.


Advice from psychologists

Experienced psychologists recommend not just praising and encouraging the boy. Start by writing down your mistakes on paper. If it is difficult for you to refuse advice to your child, modify it - present the advice in the form of information - you heard somewhere, read something. Before you say anything, say the phrase out loud and think about how you would react to it. Do not neglect the help of psychologists; a specialist will tell you how to quickly and easily change habits formed over the years. Teach you how to set a goal correctly.

What to do if the goal is achieved

To help a person find a new life, try to surround him with people with similar interests. Only in society do we harmoniously develop and form as individuals. Find a sports school or creative courses, language courses, of course, consider your preferences. It is important to always be in the process of achieving a goal. When there is no goal in life, nothing interests you, then a person succumbs to disappointment. Motivation to achieve energizes you. This is why it is important to have a purpose in life.

Is it possible to live without a goal - watch the video.

— A parable about achieving goals


One people had a sign. Whoever picks a white flower on the mountain on New Year's Eve will be happy. The mountain on which the flower of happiness bloomed was enchanted. She was constantly shaking and no one could stay on her. But every New Year there were brave souls who tried to climb the mountain. One day, three friends also decided to try their luck.

Before going to the mountain, friends came to the sage to ask for advice:

“If you fall seven times, get up eight times,” the sage advised them. Three friends went up the mountain, all from different directions.

An hour later the first young man returned, covered in bruises.

“The sage was wrong,” he said. -I fell seven times, and when I got up the eighth time, I saw that I had only walked a quarter of the mountain. Then I decided to return.

The second young man came two hours later, all beaten up, and said:

- The sage deceived us. I fell seven times, and when I got up on the eighth time, I saw that I had only walked a third of the mountain. Then I decided to return.

The third young man came a day later with a white flower in his hands, and there was not a scratch on it.

-Didn't you fall? - his friends asked.

“I fell, maybe I fell a hundred times, or maybe more.” “I didn’t count,” the young man answered. - Why don’t you have bruises and abrasions? - the friends were surprised.

“Before going to the mountain, I learned to fall,” the young man laughed.

- This man has learned not to fall, but to rise, which means he will achieve any goal in life! - said the sage, having learned about the young man.”

Most people want quick success, so they tend to quit after a few failures. Only those who do not count the number of their mistakes, but simply persistently pursue their goal, reach the top.

You may be interested in knowing the things you need to do in life.


How to find out your life direction?

There is a very simple way to find out your life direction or, if you want, your purpose, your business. This is the method of doing nothing. All you need is to take food for a few days and retire.

Turn off your phone and be alone for a few days (at least 3). There is no need to do anything at this time. Neither read books, nor communicate with anyone, nor watch TV or sit at the computer.

Only complete loneliness and immersion in your thoughts and feelings. At the same time, there must be an attitude through solitude and reflection to understand in which direction you need to move.

That's all. Find your direction in life and develop in it!

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