How to behave in case of fire in a shopping center or cinema?
When boarding public transport, we do not wait for emergency situations, such as a fire or accident. But
How to avoid being attacked in the city? Security steps
Elena Martynova Advertising entrepreneur, mother, aspiring author. Not long ago, a friend
Determining distances based on the angular dimensions of an object
Orientation and target designation on the ground without a map. The essence of orientation
The essence and methods of orientation (Article: 1. The essence and methods of orientation) When performing many combat
1.Topographic elements of the area
Do-it-yourself mousetrap - simple, fast and reliable
Description of mousetraps An automatic mousetrap is a device designed to catch mice or other small rodents.
The psychologist told how to behave if you are accosted on the street
Behavior during an attack: 20 rules for surviving on the street
Rules of conduct in the event of an attack: robbery on the street or kidnapping Life in modern society is connected
What to do before the start of war as a survivalist
How to prepare for war. Pro Tips
Despite the fact that in the event of a full-scale war with the use of nuclear weapons,
Relative and absolute height of the area photo
The plan of the area, its difference from the map. Methods of making plans. Lesson 4
Terrain plan and map: differences A geographic map is a reduced, generalized image of the Earth’s surface
Symbols of plants in landscape design: how to make a sketch with trees and flowers
Conventions adopted for landscaping projects Coniferous trees Deciduous shrubs Curtains and massifs continued application
Rules for safe behavior in case of accidents with the release of hazardous substances, class 8
Actions in case of a chemical accident Chemically hazardous objects. accidents at chemically hazardous facilities Every
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