Fox hunting
What shot do you use to hunt a hare?
Weapons for fox hunting “All hunts are good! Each has its own ardent fans who prefer
DIY prefabricated sailboat
Sail for an inflatable boat.
DIY prefabricated sailing boat Dear visitors of the site “Visiting Samodelkin” from the presented
Hunting tower
Seeing a wild boar in a tree. Boar hunting from a tower
What types of towers are there? Towers are divided into two types: stationary; mobile. Depending on this
Duck shot
Shooting ducks at extreme distances. Hunting
Duck hunting, one of the simplest and most affordable ways for most hunters to shoot
Grasping knots: how to tie, simple and clear patterns
Note: When knitting such knots, it is important to carefully straighten and tighten them, otherwise it may
Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting: Long Range Shooting Easier
Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting: Long Range Shooting Easier
Do you agree that long range golf and shooting experience can be improved with
Drought. Signs and causes. Protective measures. Examples
Why does drought occur? Drought is associated with a climatic phenomenon such as a high anticyclone. In its own way
The best wood chips for smoking
Wood chips for smoking lard: which one is better to use and how much to smoke to get a tasty product
The main advantages of smoked delicacies are considered to be the delicate taste and special aroma of such dishes. Decisive
Archery – fun or serious hunting
The bow is one of the oldest ranged weapons for hunting and war. Exactly
Collection of birch sap
How birch sap is extracted: rules and devices
Previously, people had no idea about the composition of birch sap, that it was a storehouse
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