10 common life problems and how to solve them

Thought is power!

Our destiny is created by us, or rather by our thoughts. It is human thought that is that energy, limitless in its power, that the Creator gave us.

Any object created by man was first in his thoughts. Well, for example, clothes. First, the designer has an image of the future outfit in his head. Then he transfers this image to paper, corrects some details, and passes the sketch on to other specialists. They, in turn, select the appropriate material for this outfit, design a pattern and create a beautiful product. This outfit is then worn by a model who will walk the catwalk in it or appear on the covers of glossy magazines. But in order for us to be able to see this outfit on a model, human thought had to appear initially.

Psychological trauma

A very common psychological problem is the consequences of experienced stressful situations.

By their nature, these are various mental disorders after affective (very powerful and destructive) experiences. The incidents that caused such intense feelings can be very diverse: isolation, illness, death of a loved one, the birth of a child, divorce, stress, conflicts, war and hostilities, danger to existence, rape and more. These events have a powerful impact on the mental state, disrupting perception, thinking, emotions, behavior, making the personality not entirely adequate.

Life is controlled by man himself!

It was us, his children, who were endowed by the Creator with this unique gift. Only a person has the right to manage his own life at his own discretion. All other living beings from century to century only fulfill their destiny. They embody the program originally laid down in them by the thought of the Creator. For example, a cat cannot become a rooster and wake us up at dawn with its loud singing. A sunflower seed cannot grow an apple or cherry tree. And only a person has the right to independently manage his life. Only a person can be a carpenter, or he can be a theater and film artist, he can be a parasite begging money from passers-by, or he can be the head of a large company.

But if we don’t take life into our own hands in time, life itself will take care of us as it pleases. And then a person becomes a victim of circumstances, he no longer controls his life, he is controlled by those whose power of thought is an order of magnitude stronger than his own. But this is the fault of the person himself and no one else. Every minute of our lives we make a choice, which later develops into our “destiny”.

Yesterday my family and I went for a walk in the morning and on the way we met a local resident who often drinks bottles and really doesn’t like to work. So he wanders for many years among acquaintances, then he lives with one, then with another. We walked and admired the morning blue sky and the gorgeous pine trees that grow not far from our house, and this man walked frowning, rumpled and very puzzled by something. And then we thought: “What causes problems in life? Here is a man living, wasting every day of his life in order to get money somewhere for drink and food, and that’s all his thoughts are focused on. He is the same full-fledged inhabitant of our planet, like you and me, he, like us, is endowed with the power of thought. But for some reason he decided to use this magical gift this way.”

Many may argue that millions of people in the world dream of being famous, rich, successful, but not everyone becomes so. And we will tell you exactly what the secret of these few people is, they always accept the challenge that life throws at them. Whenever we want something with all our hearts, the entire Universe favors our thoughts and plans, arranging circumstances for their implementation. But, unfortunately, not every person is ready to leave their comfort zone and step into the unknown without any guarantee of success. And those who reach the top in life always move towards their fear.

Inferiority complex

An inferiority complex is an extreme pathological degree of self-doubt and is a huge psychological problem for a person. In essence, it is a lack of self-worth, doubt and very low self-esteem, as well as a feeling of inability to live up to standards.

It is often subconscious and it is believed that people suffering from this complex try to compensate for this feeling, which is expressed in high achievements or extremely antisocial behavior. In modern literature, it is preferable to call this psychological phenomenon “lack of hidden self-esteem.” The complex develops through a combination of genetic characteristics of the individual and upbringing, as well as life experiences.

An inferiority complex can increase when feelings of inferiority are triggered by failure and stress. Individuals at risk for developing the complex typically exhibit signs of low self-esteem, have low socioeconomic status, and also have symptoms of depression.

Children raised in environments where they were constantly criticized or did not live up to their parents' expectations may also develop an inferiority complex. There are many different warning signs for those who may be more prone to developing an inferiority complex. For example, someone who is attracted to attention and approval may be more receptive.

What causes problems in life?

The fact is that most people get used to looking for excuses for their inaction. Instead of taking it and doing it, people usually come up with a lot of reasons:

  • I don’t have any time for this;
  • I don’t have anything necessary for this;
  • I can’t do this now, maybe someday in the future when the moment is right for this...

It is important to understand that behind every such excuse lies fear. What causes problems in life? People are afraid of the unknown, failure or even success. But remember, the fears you run away from always run towards you. And these fears are nothing more than opportunities for your development, trying to overtake you. So why should you run away from your own development? The best way to overcome your fears is to take a big goal and break it into several small ones. Do something a little bit, but every day. Do it now, because if not now, then when? The answer is simple: NEVER

Let go of the negativity.

Currently, various areas of life and conditions cause you to suppress your feelings. It is extremely detrimental to your physical and mental well-being if keeping your emotions to yourself can lead to pain and other illnesses. I understand that you cannot tell your boss that he is wrong, but you can release your emotions when you are in a private place. You can break plates or cry into your pillow. Try to do things that will help you let go of negativity from your mind.

Action leads to results!

If we read the biography of all the famous and outstanding people in our history, we will see that they were all the most ordinary people, but they all had one thing in common: fire inside and faith in their dreams. Yes, the path to the top of our world is not always easy and simple, but this is precisely what makes our life exciting and unpredictable every day.

What causes problems in life? For many people, dreams remain dreams. Many people dream of traveling around the world, without even having a foreign passport; many dream of becoming rich someday, continuing to go to the same job every day. Only new actions lead us to new results. It’s convenient, of course, to drive along the beaten path every day and blame fate for all your problems. But the main thing that needs to be remembered is that we, and only we ourselves, are the Creators of our own lives.

Our mind is not so stupid as to create images in the dreams of a deaf-mute person about his brilliant career as an opera singer. Often I hear how people doom themselves to failure with their own words. People who are up to their ears in problems sometimes do not even think that they are doing something wrong, justifying their problems with a difficult fate.

When we become aware and take responsibility for life, we begin to see how everything in life lines up according to a certain scenario. In the short term, it is not always clear why this or that situation was created, but the heart will always tell you when the door we need opens, which is the time to enter before it slams.

What causes problems in life? Many adults, despite the fact that their bodies have already grown, live in their childhood, having given the leadership of their lives into someone else's hands. Some ladies live with their mother all their lives, listening to all her advice, despite the fact that the mother herself has never established a happy family life. They are surprised at how bad things turn out in life, why men are such “goats.” And every time life models situations for these thoughts, the woman is sadly convinced: “Mom was right, they really are “goats.” It’s not mom who’s right, dear women, mom simply with her thoughts created a destiny for her beloved daughter that she believed in. So everything comes true in reality, there is nothing to be surprised about.

Follow your own advice.

Unfortunately, when I'm faced with a life crisis, I tend to criticize myself. My inner voice helps me recover. I always try to follow the advice I give myself. I imagine what advice I could give to my friend if he was faced with the same situation. It is much easier to advise other people what to do in a certain situation, how to act at their own discretion. That's why you have to give yourself a hint on what to do. Seek the help you desperately need and I hope you find all the answers.

And let's return to the thought again...

Long discussions can be held on this topic, what causes problems in life, but the fact is undeniable that initially everything is preceded by our thought. All objects, from a banal stool to ultra-modern technology, all this is the materialization of human thought.

We recommend that you, our dear readers, do not take the word for everything written above, but study this mechanism yourself. Find out how it works and does it work at all? Wish something sincerely, even if it is not a difficult thought to implement, and watch what happens next.

A small example

Several years ago, my husband suggested that I conduct an experiment, thereby testing the mechanism itself and the timing of its execution. I came up with a skirt that I would like to buy. I created an image of it in my head, it was full, lined and printed with flowers. There were no such skirts on sale, and in general I had never seen such skirts anywhere, it just came into my head. But I had no doubt that I would buy this skirt in the spring. At that time it was autumn, but it wasn’t a matter of time, I just wanted this skirt for spring. I sent my thought into the Universe and almost forgot about it.

Spring came and I went shopping in search of my skirt, my intuition told me which direction to go. I got to the shopping center, went into the very first department and voila, my skirt is hanging! When I told this story to my hairdresser, she shared a similar story with me, only with a dress, and her time frame was a few days, not months.

Meaning of life

The simplest definition of the term “life” is the difference between the world of organisms and the rest of reality. The search for the meaning of life is one of the main questions of philosophy, which has a rich history.

The research of ancient thinkers is dominated by the thesis “the meaning of life is in life itself.” Depending on different schools, the meaning of life was considered:

  • pleasure;
  • happiness;
  • action;
  • suffering.

Ancient philosophers considered the individual as a natural being, therefore the course of his life should not differ from the life of an animal or plant, and include the reproduction of offspring, the performance of specific functions, and the satisfaction of needs.

In the Middle Ages, a paradigm of meaning outside of life developed. The main life value is: God, idea, service. Losing faith in God is tantamount to losing the meaning of life.

During the Renaissance, the meaning of life was understood as serving a higher being. The purpose of human life is self-improvement.

The Age of Enlightenment presents the meaning of life as serving an idea. The idea meant social equality, reorganization of society, and a prosperous future.

The newest philosophy interprets the meaning of life as self-realization. It is understood that the individual must create himself - create an individual meaning in life. The personality does not seek it, but develops it based on its experience and the experience of previous generations.

Interpersonal conflicts

Another area that is studied by both practical and scientific (theoretical) psychology is various kinds of conflicts.

Open and unobvious conflicts with other people are harmful to a person’s mental activity and represent a serious problem of a socio-psychological nature. These conflicts can be classified:

  • Family conflicts (different values, problematic relationships with children, sexual dissatisfaction, feelings of misunderstanding and resentment, betrayal, divorce).
  • Conflicts in the workplace (conflict situations, emotional stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, dissatisfaction, aggression, the feeling that this interferes with mutual understanding, work and career advancement).
  • Conflicts with friends and family (psychological irritation, envy, painful jealousy, resentment).
  • Conflicts with strangers (street conflicts, in vehicles, indoors with strangers).
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