Negative attitudes: how to identify everything at once and remove it forever?

If you want to change your life for the better, first change your negative attitudes! Read on for a powerful way that will help you gain wealth, improve relationships and health, and become a strong person. It works on 3 levels: energetic, neurophysiological and psychological.

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Negative attitudes are beliefs that everyone has. They ruin our lives and attract troubles, preventing us from realizing ourselves and building relationships. We ourselves form our negative attitudes in the subconscious: because of fear, gloomy thoughts and even because of low energy tone (after all, being positive is much more difficult and energy-consuming than always being in a depressed mood).

But there is a good idea: you can get rid of them. I’ll tell you exactly how and why this will really work in this article.

But here is my main tool in the fight against negative beliefs. You will also need a pencil, an eraser and a red pen (I have a red felt-tip pen)

How to remove negative attitudes. Part 1. Preparation

I offer a simple and effective technique that will help you get rid of unpleasant thoughts and completely change your life for the better.

  1. Take a 16-sheet notebook. Sign the notebook with the phrase “I am starting a new life” and indicate the date. This is necessary for you to make a firm decision to change.
  2. On the first page write the heading: “Money, work, business.” This is the name of the area you will be working on. Then count out 4 sheets and indicate a new heading: “Relationships.” After another 4 sheets, write “Health.” And repeat again, writing “Self-development.”
  3. Write down all negative attitudes for each of the four areas with a pencil (this is important!). You need to fill out all the sheets. Please note that after each pencil entry you need to leave an empty space of the same size. For example, if a negative attitude took up 3 lines, then you need to retreat from it the same amount before writing a new one.

Books about the subconscious

The power of the subconscious is great, say psychologists and people who have embarked on the path of self-knowledge

Using the techniques described in the books, it is important to rely on your well-being and condition, because discovered destructive programs and mental trauma can cause colossal harm to a person. Some techniques and exercises will be useful for development

Books about the capabilities of the subconscious:

  1. Secrets of the subconscious
    ” V. Sinelnikov. The author gives healing techniques that program a person to recover and achieve harmonious relationships.
  2. Secrets of the Subconscious
    ” by L. Nimbroek. Exploring the “black box” of the subconscious through lucid dreams.
  3. The superpowers of the human brain.
    Journey into the subconscious » M. Raduga. The book provides revolutionary tools for hacking limiting beliefs and attitudes implanted by parents and society.
  4. Open subconscious
    ” A. Sviyash. The entire “kitchen” of subconscious processes in an understandable presentation, plus many of the author’s tools for the effective use of brain resources.
  5. The subconscious can do anything
    ” by J. Kehoe. Bestselling book. The author offers a systematic approach that activates unconscious processes to achieve what you want in reality.

Negative attitudes: example list

Perhaps now you are at a dead end: what to write? About what?

It’s quite difficult to list your beliefs right away. In many cases we are not aware of them, because they are firmly embedded in reality. To fill out the notebook, ask yourself questions about different areas of your life and take aim at those thoughts that cause you unpleasant feelings and pressure. Add to the list the judgments that you inherited from your parents (“All men need only one thing”). Write down what doesn’t satisfy you in real life (“I don’t have enough money for new clothes and shoes”).

It is important to remember that we are limited only by those statements that we do not doubt. If you conditionally agree with a belief, but do not consider it 100% accurate fact, it is not one of your beliefs.

To make it easier for you, I have compiled the most common negative attitudes into a list.

Money, work, business

As a rule, this part of the notebook is the easiest to fill out, because... Many people are dissatisfied with the financial sector. On 4 sheets of paper, write down all the statements that slow you down regarding money, savings, salary, career, business.

All problems come from money. If I am successful, they will envy me.

There is always little money.

You need to work hard to earn a decent living.

Money is a soulless thing.

Money spoils a person.


This list will contain statements that relate to relationships with all people around you - men, women, colleagues, friends, parents, children.

I attract weak men. All men are assholes.

I hate my parents.

I'm a bad friend.

My friends only tolerate me because of my money.

It's better not to get married.


Write down here everything that worries you - bad teeth, excess weight, ugly posture, facial wrinkles, illnesses, attitude towards medicine.

I get colds all the time. I will always struggle with spring allergies.

As you age, your health will deteriorate.

I have suffered from insomnia all my life.

I can not quit smoking.

Doctors don't care about patients.


In this list, add everything that concerns you, but does not relate to the three previous areas.

I'm weak and stupid. My life is passing aimlessly.

I'm bad at telling stories and I'm boring to listen to.

Other people's opinions are too important to me.

I can't bring myself to exercise.

I only see the bad in everything.

I wrote negative statements all evening. It turned out to be 142 pieces. The most difficult thing was to write instructions from the health sector

Connecting creativity

  • As you know, there will be no positive changes in life if you don’t change anything or at least stop doing what is clearly harmful. Tune in and record New Year's video or audio messages for yourself with promises of positive self-change.
  • In order not to forget about new settings, make yourself various kinds of reminders: write or print them and hang them in your workplace so that they constantly catch your eye. Make them a meme or wallpaper on your phone, or a screen saver on your computer screen. They will keep you positive.
  • Choose people who live with these positive attitudes as examples. These don’t have to be heroes, stars or popular people in your circle. An example could be a friend, acquaintance, one of your parents’ relatives or friends. For example, they are very good at giving themselves the right to make mistakes and not worrying about what others will think, expressing themselves creatively without regard to gossip and the assessment of others.
  • We invite you to literally look into the future by sending yourself a positive message. Write a prediction about what is important, positive and desirable for you to happen in the new year, as you see yourself. It will be very interesting to re-read it when you work on yourself.

We wish you to enter the New Year only with positive attitudes, focus on your capabilities and resources. Try to find the positive in any situation, even a difficult one, and gain a learning experience. Remember that it is you who control your consciousness - how you perceive this world and what you receive in response. It’s not for nothing that they say: “what you emit is what you receive.”

You have support - Children's helpline - call 8 800 2000 122

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How to remove negative attitudes. Part 2. A course towards positivity

Once you have written down all your limiting beliefs, take a RED pen or marker and write the opposite statements in the blank spaces. Let go of your imagination completely. You are now shaping your future life, so don't be afraid to think big.

Important ! Don't use "not" in positive statements. If you write “I am poor” with a pencil, then with a red pen you should write “I am rich,” and not “I am not poor.” Remember that the brain does not perceive the particle “not”.

On the last page, write a heartfelt message to God, the Universe, or whoever or what you believe in. Thank you for your help, love and support. The message can be completed in any way you like, write from the heart. I usually use the formula “In the name of all living things on Earth.”

The second stage went faster. I completely filled my notebook with positive affirmations in about an hour.

Useful practice

“I won’t pass the Unified State Exam”, “I’m ugly and no one will ever like me”, “I’ll never learn this”, “I’ll never find a close friend”, “I won’t remember so much”, “I won’t pass the selection”, “I Nothing works out well for me, and this won’t work either”...

Imagine that your consciousness is a computer that is infected with a dangerous virus of self-dislike, and such phrases block its actions. We need to find a dangerous program, neutralize it and update the settings for successful work = life.

How to remove negative attitudes. Part 3. Elimination and replacement

For the next 3 days you need to read the ENTIRE notebook in the morning and evening. Read all the notes - both pencil and red. This process takes me about 15 minutes. Depending on your handwriting, it may take you a little less or more time.

As you read, pay attention to how you feel. On pencil notes you may feel discouraged, but on red notes you may feel inspired. You may not want to read negative attitudes at all, but you should be patient for 3 days. During this time, your brain will “reformat” your beliefs, replacing the usual gloomy thoughts with positive ones, which you wrote with a red pen.

The longest, but also the most joyful stage remains. After 3 days, take an eraser and erase all negative beliefs. You will only have positive phrases written in red ink. And then you need to read the entire notebook every morning and evening for the next few months. Optimally - six months, more is possible. Each reading will take you 5-10 minutes.

When you flip through your notebook and read positive statements, phrases about gratitude, love and happiness, you will feel a surge of strength and joy. But the most important thing is that your consciousness and subconscious will begin to rebuild. New neural connections are formed in the brain, and you will begin to think differently. When your thinking changes, your actions will change. Make your new decisions with gratitude, don't try to hold on to old patterns. Changing your habitual behavior will bring real changes in your life.

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What does this technique provide?

  • Helps you unblock and realize your emotions, which, due to their intensity, had to be “hidden” deep inside yourself, and which, due to such actions, destroy a person.
  • Due to the fact that it becomes possible to change beliefs, a person is freed from habitual behavior patterns and negative reactions to the slightest events. That is, the personality becomes more multifaceted, able to look at the situation from different angles in order to have an accurate idea.
  • Stress resistance increases, and accordingly, many diseases that arose against the background of psychosomatics disappear, I talked about it in detail in the article at this link. Some diseases that arise due to stress or pent-up feelings can sometimes be life-threatening.
  • Your energy level increases, because you free yourself from unnecessary destructive thoughts, which waste a colossal amount of energy.
  • A person becomes more resilient both physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
  • In the process of performing this technique, the “taste for life” returns, that is, the ability to receive pleasure and satisfaction, to notice any details that bring joy.
  • The level of confidence in yourself and your capabilities rises. A person becomes able to trust himself more and notice resources. For other methods on how to increase self-esteem, read my article, which you can read here.

How it works

Negative attitudes in the subconscious can and should be removed, or rather, replaced with positive ones. The technique described above works for three reasons.

The reason is energetic: you attract events that match your vibrations

People, places and objects have different vibration levels. This is what lowers vibrations: anger, malice, swearing, alcohol and drug use, antisocial behavior, crime, judging other people, negative thinking.

What raises your vibration: love, gratitude, positive emotions, kindness, charity, helping other people, happiness, joy, peace.

Events come into a person’s life that correspond to him in vibration. If a person has predominant low vibrations, troubles happen to him more often. If there are more high vibrations in the aura, a person meets kind people more often, good events happen to him. Therefore, for self-development, it is important to increase the level of vibrations - first in thoughts, and then in actions.

The reason is neurophysiological: neural connections can be rebuilt

Neurons are little computing machines in your brain. Neural connections are formed between them, each of which stores a belief or habit. Neural connections are formed through a series of repetitions of certain actions or thoughts. Any fixed connection is recorded in the brain, and positive or negative attitudes are firmly fixed in the subconscious.

For example, a person brushes his teeth every morning. If he hasn’t brushed his teeth in the morning, he feels uncomfortable and strives to fulfill his habit. Or another example: a person was burned over and over again in a love relationship. Now he is convinced that absolutely all women are mercantile bastards.

But neural connections can be changed. If a person gets over himself and instead of brushing his teeth in the morning drinks a glass of whiskey, over time he will get used to it. And if another person truly believes that there are good and kind women in the world, he will begin to see them around him and will communicate with them differently.

The reason is psychological: a person acts according to the principle of consistency

A number of psychological studies have confirmed that it is very important for a person to be consistent. If he has declared something about himself, he will try to adhere to this tactic of behavior always and everywhere. Consistency is valued in society, and also allows you to minimize the time spent thinking about how to act in a given situation.

Apple fans, who have spent many years building loyalty to iPhones, can't just go out and buy Android—something extraordinary has to happen for that to happen. A person who declared himself a vegetarian and felt the desire to eat a piece of meat will try to suppress this impulse, because then he will break his promise and be inconsistent.

And if a practitioner reads positive affirmations for six months, over time he will begin to feel positive, rich and happy. These characteristics will be recorded in his internal personal list, and he will begin to behave according to his new status.

Friends, have you tried to fight negative attitudes? What do you think of this method? Would you like to try it?

It's time for change! At Lakshmi-Ameya Institute you will gain knowledge that will help you improve your life and the lives of your loved ones. Interested in details? Then write directly to the founder of the institute, Sergei Kapustin. To do this, copy the code word “BLOG ARTICLE” into your personal messages on VKontakte.

Way of thinking

Psychologists define two types of thinking:

  • fixed;
  • flexible.

People with a fixed mindset are fatalists. They believe in fate, fate, “God’s punishment.” They are convinced that nothing depends on them, so they just need to go with the flow and graciously accept “gifts and kicks” from predetermined fate.

People with a flexible type of thought process know that everything in this life depends on themselves. They know that “Trust in God, but don’t make a mistake yourself.” These people do not perceive life’s failures so tragically, because they can always correct mistakes and change circumstances.

They work on themselves and successfully achieve their goals. In their lives, people with flexible thinking are not guided by negative attitudes.

money: old programs

We are accustomed to the fact that money has always been a symbol of power, success and glory, as well as a powerful pendulum, due to which strife, conflicts and wars have occurred over the centuries. And we still see how the lives of many people turn into an endless race for money. No wonder: for centuries we have lived under the mottos: “Get yours at any cost!”, “Divide and conquer.” Examples of old negative programs:

  • "Either you, or you"
  • "Achieve success at any cost"
  • "You have to earn money"
  • "Money doesn't smell"
  • "Strive for success"
  • "You have to fit in"
  • “You can’t make money from creativity”
  • “Owning your own business is dangerous”
  • “Less money is better, but it’s stable”

“Many people still live under the influence of old scenarios, for example: “A hobby does not bring money,” “Starting your own business is dangerous,” “Better stability than risks” (Tatyana Samarina). A new era has now arrived, full of light, love and abundance for everyone who is ready to expand their consciousness and accept these high energies. The main realization that people must achieve is: “We have nothing to share. Money, like air, is always there.” As soon as every person realizes this, accepts it and begins to live from a new state and perception of money, the world around us will change beyond recognition. The motto of the New Time is: “Strength is in unity.” We no longer need to fight for resources. On the contrary, by teaming up with others, creating joint projects and making a valuable contribution to the world around us, we can attract much more money and opportunities than before.

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