30 Great Quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche That Will Strengthen Your Self-Belief

The path of the great is winding

The famous German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born on October 15, 1844 in the town of Recken near Lützen.

The philosopher's ancestors were the Polish nobles of Nitzky. The father, Karl Ludwig Nietzsche, was a parish priest; he received the church parish from the Prussian king Frederick William IV. The philosopher owes his name to his father’s deep reverence for the king.

Unfortunately, the family lost their breadwinner early - he died at the age of thirty-six - when Friedrich was not even five years old. Like his father, Frederick was in poor health, and his entire physical condition bore the mark of his passing life. The desire to overcome the illness resulted in spiritual activity, the desire to live a full, multifaceted life. He is seriously interested in music, even composing it. His poetic talent is revealed. At the age of ten, he seriously thinks about the compositions of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn. Music remained with him throughout his life. Music illuminated his philosophical thoughts and poetry.

Later, being interested in theology and philology, Nietzsche gave preference to philology; he studied at the University of Leipzig in the seminars of Professor F.V. Richlya.

At twenty-two, Nietzsche was an employee of the Central Literary Newspaper.

He later became professor of classical philology at the University of Basel.

From his pen come works written in the genre of philosophical and artistic prose and poetry.

The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music is Nietzsche's first published book. Then there will be “Twilight of Idols”, “Human, All Too Human”, “The Gay Science”, “Morning Dawn”, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, “Beyond Good and Evil”, “Genealogy of Morals” and others.

In Russia, we became acquainted with the work of Friedrich Nietzsche when his main works had already been published. Nietzsche's thoughts were ahead of the development of society. During his lifetime, he had difficulty finding publishers for his books. Only lonely voices supported him. But time passed, and many found spiritual intimacy with him.

After Nietzsche's death in 1900, his letters were published, in which one can read about the philosopher's “Russian interests.”

European critics of those years often mentioned the closeness of Nietzsche’s work to Russian culture, in particular to the works of F.M. Dostoevsky, L.N. Tolstoy.

One way or another, truly Russian culture, like Nietzsche’s work, is characterized by a slight melancholy, artless melancholy, and dreaminess. The “philosophy of life” permeates all the work of this outstanding representative of German culture.

This book contains the most valuable seeds of Friedrich Nietzsche's thoughts.

L.M. Martyanova

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. A selection of quotes and sayings by Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche is a German philosopher, the author of non-academic teaching. His mental activity is based on clarifying the problems of reality, religion, and morality. His philosophical claims are aimed at destroying stereotypes; they contradict the established point of view. With his statements, the author moves away from rationalism and creates a new, irrational view of life. In our selection you will find statements by Friedrich Nietzsche about life, love, God, and women.

Beauty is the promise of happiness.

Culture is just a thin apple peel over the hot chaos.

The best must rule, and the best wants to rule! And where the teaching says otherwise, there are not enough better ones.

The best way to start the day well is to wake up and think if you can bring joy to at least one person today.

When the good moralize, they cause disgust; When the wicked moralize, they cause fear.

Many die too late, and others die too early. The teaching: “Die on time!” will still seem strange.

Interesting facts:

Do many of Nietzsche's sayings seem strange? There is a justification for this. He suffered from epilepsy since childhood; the disease was inherited from his father. In combination with a number of other serious illnesses, epilepsy developed in a severe form, which could not but affect the psyche. The philosopher developed his own picture of the perception of the world. Nietzsche's treatises can partly be called the cry of the soul of a sick person.

In a peaceful environment, a warlike person attacks himself.

I came to help you, and you complain that I don’t want to cry with you.

I laugh at everyone who is unable to laugh at themselves.

Those who suffer greatly are envied by the devil and expelled to heaven.

To live is to burn yourself and still not burn out.

It is impossible to be free from what you are running away from.

No winner believes in chance!

God is dead: now we want the superman to live.

He who fights monsters must be careful not to become a monster himself. And if you look into the abyss for a long time, then the abyss also looks into you.

And if you no longer have a single ladder, you must learn to climb on your own head: how else would you want to climb higher?

Death is close enough that there is no need to fear life.

Talking a lot about yourself is also a way to hide yourself.

The greatest events are not our noisiest hours, but our quietest hours.

“Love your neighbor” means first of all: “Leave your neighbor alone!” “And it is precisely this detail of virtue that is associated with the greatest difficulties.

Even God has his own hell - this is his love for people.

Whoever wants to justify existence must also be able to be God’s advocate before the devil.

There is a degree of inveterate deceit that is called “clear conscience.”

What well? Everything that increases the sense of power, the will to power, power in a person. What's wrong? Everything that comes from weakness.

What falls, you still need to push.

If you decide to act, close the door to doubt.

The same thing happens to a person as to a tree. The more he strives upward, towards the light, the deeper his roots dig into the ground, downwards, into darkness and depth - towards evil.

Man is a rope stretched between an animal and a superman - a rope over an abyss.

What is valuable about a person is that he is a bridge, not a goal.

Being ashamed of your immorality is the first step of the ladder, at the top of which you will be ashamed of your morality.

Don't be afraid of losing someone. You will not lose the one you need in life. Those who were sent to you for experience are lost. Those who remain are those sent to you by fate.

Whoever wants to learn to fly must first learn to stand, and walk, and run, and climb, and dance: you cannot learn to fly right away!

Envious people often condemn what they cannot do and criticize those whose level they can never reach.

People who are distrustful of themselves want to be loved more than to love, so that one day, at least for a moment, they will be able to believe in themselves.

People are not equal. And they should not be equal! What would my love for the Superman be if I spoke differently?

People lie freely with their mouths, but their faces still tell the truth...

Just as there are no fish without bones, there are no people without flaws.

Dostoevsky is the only psychologist from whom I could learn something.

A sure way to make people angry and instill evil thoughts in them is to make them wait a long time.

Very lonely and noise becomes a comfort.

Anyone who is attacked by his time is not yet sufficiently ahead of it - or behind him.

Beware of the little people! They feel insignificant in front of you, and their baseness smolders and flares up into invisible revenge.

Love your neighbors as yourself - but first become those who love themselves - loves with great love, loves with great contempt!

They don’t plan friendship, they don’t shout about love, they don’t prove the truth.

Marriage is the most abused form of sexual life.

This is interesting:

Nietzsche's irrational theory has its roots, and the denial of the limits of human consciousness is completely justified. The philosopher spent the last 11 years in a mental hospital, where he wrote his works. In philosophical treatises, Nietzsche poured out his grievances and regrets and expressed life principles. He admitted that he had an intimate relationship with his sister; later the author’s revelations were published in the book “My Sister and Me.”

He who is incapable of either love or friendship is most likely to bet on marriage.

You are entering into a marriage: be careful that it does not become a conclusion for you! You are in too much of a hurry to get married, and the consequence is the dissolution of the marriage bond!

Marriage: this is what I call the will of two to create one, greater than those who created it. Marriage is mutual respect and honoring of this will.

What is done for the sake of love occurs outside the realm of good and evil.

Love your neighbors as yourself - but first become those who love themselves - loves with great love, loves with great contempt!

There are two ways to free you from suffering: quick death and lasting love.

The freer and stronger the individual, the more demanding his love becomes.

It is not through mutual love that the misfortune of unrequited love ends, but through greater love.

For too long a slave and a tyrant have been hidden in a woman. Therefore, she is incapable of friendship: she knows only love.

The freer and stronger the individual, the more demanding his love becomes.

It is not through mutual love that the misfortune of unrequited love ends, but through greater love.

A real man wants two things: danger and games. And therefore he is looking for a woman as the most dangerous toy.

A man's happiness is called: I want. A woman's happiness is called: he wants it.

A woman knows little about honor. Let it be her honor to always love more than she is loved, and never be second in love.

A woman understands children better than a man, but there is more childishness in a man than in a woman.

Who does a woman hate the most? The iron said to the magnet: “What I hate most of all is that you attract without having enough strength to drag with you.”

A man should beware of a woman when she loves: for then she is ready for any sacrifice, and everything else has no value in her eyes.

A man is a danger and a game. That's why he needs a woman, because she is a dangerous toy.

Motherhood is worthy of respect. A father is always just an accident.

Do you know?

During his lifetime, the thinker received virtually no support, but after his death his works became widespread. Few people know that it was Nietzsche’s philosophical thoughts that inspired Hitler to fight for the German Reich.

A man should beware of a woman when she hates: for in the depths of his soul he is only angry, but she is filthy. If you go to a woman, take a whip.

In vengeance and love, a woman is more barbaric than a man.

A real man wants two things: danger and play. That is why he needs a woman - as the most dangerous toy.

Science hurts the modesty of all real women. At the same time, they feel as if they were looking under their skin or, even worse, under their dress and attire.

For women themselves, in the depths of their personal vanity there always lies impersonal contempt - contempt “for women.”

A woman learns to hate to the extent that she forgets how to charm.

Seduce your neighbor into a good opinion of her and then wholeheartedly believe this opinion of your neighbor - who can compare with women in this trick!

A woman begins to lose shame, she forgets how to be afraid of a man.

Women are more sensual than men, but they know less about their sensuality.

A woman feels a man's love, but does not understand it.

Women are deprived of their childhood by constantly fussing with children as their educators.

Everything in a woman is a mystery, and everything in a woman has one solution: it is called pregnancy.

A man should be raised for war, and a woman for the rest of a warrior; everything else is stupidity.

Happiness is following me. It's because I'm not a woman. And happiness is a woman.

Only those who are man enough will liberate the woman in the woman.

Nietzsche's philosophy does not have a strict systematization. The thinker presents his views not in a strict scientific form, but in the form of aphorisms. Thanks to this, Nietzsche's philosophy is understandable to many.

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