What does it mean to have a strong character? And how to develop it?

Human character, unlike temperament, is not an innate parameter. It is formed from birth under the influence of many factors. But the main building blocks responsible for the predominance of strong or weak traits are laid in the subconscious during communication with peers and relatives, when the child adopts key moments of interaction with other people. The formation of individual personality traits ends by adulthood. After this, changing your character is difficult, but quite possible.

Weaknesses and strengths of character

It happens that we think about our character. Some traits interfere with life, preventing you from developing and being realized in life. In such a situation, it is useful to sit down with a notepad and write down the strengths and weaknesses of your character in a column. This technique helps to sort through life’s problems and understand ways to solve them.

Which traits are considered strong and which are weak? Let's figure it out!

Strengths help you move forward with your head held high, despite the current circumstances. These include:

Determination. We constantly set goals for ourselves: someone wants to achieve success at work (promotion on the career ladder), others set financial goals, others dream of losing weight and set a goal to get the desired number on the scale. But not everyone reaches the final point; they lack the moral and perhaps physical strength to implement their plans. But if you have such a trait in your character, then don’t even doubt the success of completing your tasks. Perseverance. To fulfill a desire, dream or goal, sometimes only determination is not enough; it happens that a small amount of perseverance is missing, which helps a person reach the end, complete the intended tasks and proudly say that it is time to conquer new heights.

Strength of will. This quality usually manifests itself in situations where self-overcoming occurs. A person quits smoking, loses many kilograms, gets rid of addictions and addictions. Willpower allows you to cope with desires that do not lead to a positive result. Organized. Sometimes it's difficult to organize your own day. Either children are distracting, or problems at work and at home. Everything gets in the way of resolving complex issues and disputes. It’s easy to develop organization in yourself by planning for a day or a week at once. Write down in the organizer by the hour what, when, at what time, how much time will be spent on performing each action, and follow the plan strictly. Over time, you will feel that you no longer need notes, and you can cope on your own, getting used to a regular daily routine. Responsibility. This is one of the important and main traits in a person’s character. Without a sense of responsibility, it will not be possible to create a harmonious family, get settled and work for a long time in a prestigious and highly paid job. Responsibility should be instilled with mother's milk, and the well-known saying “we are responsible for those we have tamed” perfectly explains the need for this quality. Sociability, sociability. These qualities enable a person to develop, find useful contacts, negotiate, and resolve conflict situations.

The combination of all these qualities indicates that a person has a strong character. Each of them needs to be developed and improved every day. Self-improvement never hurt anyone. Therefore, if you want to achieve everything you have in mind, you want to have a reliable rear (family, friends, children), then think about improving yourself.

Overcome difficulties

The best way to build character is through difficulties, users of The Question project are sure. “At a minimum, the most obligatory condition is to get out of your comfort zone,” says Dmitry Richter. “As a rule, strong people overcame such barriers and experienced such events that we never even dreamed of.”

“You can never truly taste success if it comes too easily,” confirms Elizabeth Lutes. Also, you should not blame others for your failures and failures, but accept them with your head held high.

Weak character traits

Pessimistic. Being in a pessimistic mood, a person perceives everything in gray. This prevents him from implementing plans, hoping for the best, solving problems, and in general life becomes boring, dull, uninteresting and insipid. It seems that there is no way out of the situation, but all you have to do is change your glasses to pink ones. How quickly a solution is found. Look at the world with a bright eye, and then it will seem much more attractive. Emotionality. Excessive emotionality interferes with communication between people. This applies not only to family relationships, but also to business ones. How often do we shout in the boss’s office, forgetting about ethics. Such behavior should under no circumstances be allowed, otherwise the manager will harbor a grudge against you. Ultimately, you will receive a reprimand for any small violation of labor regulations, and there will always be a reason to fire you. Therefore, it is undesirable to show this quality anywhere, even with relatives.

Envy. Envy is a harmful, destructive feeling that negatively affects the psyche and emotional state. We have noticed more than once how negatively we speak about people who have achieved something in life. A woman bought an expensive car, we believe that she received it as a gift. But few people know that she earned it herself, spending years of effort to make her dream come true. A rich man married a simpleton - she is with him only for money, there is no talk of any love. A happy family hides the real thing behind insincere smiles. And there are a lot of such situations. Envy destroys consciousness, it is like a worm that eats an apple from the inside. Wastefulness, inability to accumulate. Such people are wasters of life, they don’t know what it means to not have money in their pocket, they spend it on entertainment, drinking, going to clubs, women, etc. This quality is unlikely to help one day build their capital, their own fortress, a reliable family. Ultimately, everything can end in disaster.

Weaknesses make a person vulnerable, unable to withstand negative circumstances, so it is important to develop your thoughts, skills, and qualities.

Saying no

The inability to give direct and honest refusals reveals weakness of character in people, users of The Question are sure. It is important to learn to save your time and set personal boundaries. “The ability to decisively say “no” to unimportant things will give you the strength to say “yes” to something important,” says Dmitry Sergeev. “It is very important to focus on one thing, discarding all external factors. They just destroy you. Give them up in favor of truly important things,” advises Elizabeth Lutes.

How to develop a strong character

Character is a set of qualities that we acquire in the course of life from a very early age. It does not originate genetically, it is not passed on from father to son and from mother to daughter. Qualities develop, improve or deteriorate until a person becomes an adult. Of course, this age is relative; in some developed individuals, character manifests itself already at the age of 15-16. Much depends on upbringing, mental development, education.

To develop strong character traits, you need to work hard. This is the same as getting rid of a bad habit that has been ingrained deep into the brain. I want to continue doing what I did before, but I need to do it differently. So is there a clear instruction on how to develop strong character?

First, understand what specific qualities you would like to change in yourself to become stronger, so that your mind and body work more productively. Write down the pros and cons of your character, what hinders and what helps, analyze some situations in life in which, in your opinion, you did not behave as you would like. This will help gather information together and draw conclusions. Why having a strong character is important for you and the people around you. First of all, this allows you to achieve all your goals. But if, nevertheless, this did not happen, a failure occurred, then you should not despair, you need to continue moving in the right direction. Empathize. Having a strong character does not mean that you go over your head, transgress through anyone who gets in your way. It's the other way around. You empathize with the weak, help them achieve their goals, love the people around you. But help unselfishly, don’t wait for a response from those you helped. Naked facts. Strong character means a clear head. Do not start from emotions, experiences, hints and other relative feelings and qualities. Follow the pure facts, analyze, take concrete actions in your head, not vague assumptions. Take the lead. Do not become either an optimist or a pessimist, be someone who will adapt to conditions and lead, that is, be a leader.

Appreciate what you have. Do you know the saying “it’s good where we are not”? She is unfaithful. Everything you imagine about other people, situations, places is subjective. Appreciate what is present in your life. If something doesn’t suit you, then don’t look away, don’t envy other people (neighbors, friends, celebrities), but improve, correct situations within yourself, at home, at work, etc. There is no cowardice! Take risks, don't be a coward. But the risk must be carefully considered; do not rush into the pool headlong. Without battle there will be no victories, no gifts that victory should bring. Don't follow other people's advice. Most likely, you have already subconsciously drawn conclusions for yourself on some important issue, decided what to do, but still ask the advice of your loved ones. Don't be fooled by other people's opinions that are opposed to your own, follow the first answer that pops into your head.

There is no need to argue, stay with your opinion and silently retreat, this is what strong personalities do. Do good. There is enough evil, violence, and pain in our world. Make it a little better, notice only the best moments that happen around you, do good things yourself, help the weak: the elderly, children, animals. Only a strong-willed person is capable of such actions. Control your mind, thoughts, emotions. To do this, you don’t have to be an advanced yogi; look at each situation from the outside and reconsider your behavior. Excessive emotionality will never be a supporter of a strong person; it is a manifestation of the weakest. By showing aggression, anger, rudeness, we defend ourselves, which means we are weak. Patience. Achieving your goals takes time, and waiting the right amount of time will require a lot of patience. Eliminate weak thoughts. We, like gardeners removing weeds from the garden, clear our heads of harmful, weak, unnecessary thoughts in order to clear our minds of unnecessary things. Tune in to positive thinking. The truth and only the truth. Liars are weak, to become strong, tell only the truth. If you lie to someone close to you, you are lying, first of all, to yourself. Work hard. “You can’t catch a fish out of a pond without effort.” Work hard, improve yourself, improve yourself. But don’t forget about rest; without it, quality work on mistakes will not be possible.

A strong character is not a panacea for all problems, but it will help to cope with many life situations from which, it would seem, there was no way out. Learn, develop, become better, and then life will seem like a fairy tale.

Read books

Users recommend reading books of completely different genres. Autobiographies - to glean the experience of great people, strong in spirit. Fiction - to develop imagination and play out difficult situations that may ever happen to you. And books on self-development - to get motivation and learn useful psychological techniques.

Dmitry Sergeev proposed a list of three main works, in his opinion: Robin Sharma “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, Dale Carnegie “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” and Stephen Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Definition of personality - what is it?

A personality can exist in two forms:

  1. as an individual, subject of relationships (each person);
  2. as a member of a certain society, endowed with a certain system of stable qualities (for example, a party member, an actor, an athlete).

From this it can be seen that people are not born with a personality - they become one in the process of socialization (what is this?), knowledge of the world around them. A person acquires his own individual set of moral qualities, which distinguishes him from others.

Subsequently, people unite in community, unite into groups driven by similar interests.

Getting rid of old things

You definitely need to get rid of old things that are dragging you down. Those things that you haven’t used for several months should either be given to someone or thrown away. The same applies to people, if you do not communicate with a person and it is unlikely that he will be useful to you, then you need to boldly part with him. And don’t worry about those things and people you broke up with. Remember that there will be many useful and necessary acquaintances in your life. You just have to wait.

It is also imperative to part with those people and things that make you sad and remind you of something unpleasant. If you get rid of negativity in time, you will be able to find harmony and focus on what you really need.

You need to give up everything that you don't need. And you shouldn’t think about leaving this or that thing. You need to understand that you need to live in the present and make room in your life for the present, getting rid of the old and unnecessary.


The tendency to strengthen our personality is not only about working for ourselves or for our own benefit. A true social commitment and sense of community is considered a hallmark. This complete desire for altruism and social service often makes them the basis of inspiration for others. Moreover, often their very presence and languid appearance at certain moments reduce the degree of stress.

For many psychology experts, a strong person is a reflection of a real person, one who looks confidently into the future, without selfishness and is driven by the desire for social good.


To summarize, this human profile includes several internal characteristics and processes that lack resistance or effective practices. They help maintain internal balance and harmony, both external and external. So let us not hesitate to work for the changes that are so needed in our lives.

If we cannot choose our life circumstances, let us at least try to work on our thoughts and attitudes to improve the reality around us.

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