Why is everything so difficult? Life is a complicated thing. Reflections

And we dig the hole ourselves...

Why is everything so difficult? This exclamation is usually characteristic of people who want to do too much without spending the proper time and effort on it. Life, in its essence, is not something complicated. Our perception is the stumbling block in human destiny. A word either destroys a person’s life or inspires him, giving him a portion of magical inspiration. Did you know that you don’t need a muse to be in an elevated state? You yourself, with your hard work, are able to cultivate the shoots of inspiration in yourself; all that remains is to cling to them with all your might and hold on for as long as possible.

Life is a difficult thing for a person who tries to control too much. The “director” of his life often faces obstacles like:

  • lack of investment (lack of education, connections, funds);
  • unexpected or irrational expenses (illness, gifts, helping others, repairs);
  • social factor (failed relationships, quarrels with loved ones, fruitless arguments or persuasion), bureaucracy (certificates, passports, IDs and other paperwork), etc.

Having assessed the scale of what is happening, the average person may fall into complete despondency. “Life is a complicated thing!” the “directors” exclaim, but they have no idea that changing the spectrum of perception would help them gain the long-awaited freedom. Of course, we will always depend on external circumstances. But the shackles of the universal burden can be thrown off only when you reach a new level. Why is everything so difficult? Reflecting on this issue leads to one simple truth - we cannot control everything. Of course, this phrase is not an axiom. You can try this for yourself, but, as the experience of many people shows, the desire to put everything in your own order can sooner or later lead to a nervous breakdown.

Difficult life

Difficult life

The lesson of the complexity of life is one of the main lessons that a person must learn.
There are many such life lessons - each comes in its own time. These lessons cannot be ignored; they are included in our program for the development of consciousness.

Life cannot be a simple and uncomplicated thing. Sometimes it seems like that, especially to children. Everyone can remember how in childhood or youth it seemed to us that we already knew everything about life)

This is all until we run into problems. Only then can we slowly begin to comprehend the depth of life’s patterns. I can’t say that these patterns are inaccessible to understanding, like higher mathematics for a first-grader, but, like any learning, learning the rules of life comes with tension for everyone. This is absolutely normal.

If a child loves to build castles from blocks as a child and dreams of building real castles in the future, he goes to a specialized institute and learns to design or build houses. Complex crafts are not easy to learn. It is later, when he receives his diploma and builds his first house, that he feels that he has mastered the topic. Everything related to the specialized craft becomes simple.

To achieve success in different areas of life, you need to undergo training.

Let's take the topic of money. For there to be money, two factors need to coincide. First, you need to accept money, that is, remove all beliefs and charges that may prevent you from freely interacting with the energy of money.

Secondly, you need to be able to earn money (preferably, not with sweat and blood, of course, but also not in a primitive way - with invention).

The first factor comes through study - you need to learn to work with beliefs and charges. The second factor also comes through study - you need to learn to be a specialist in your field and to be a specialist in interaction with society, so that you are recognized as this specialist.

just won't be able to become well off.

A person who puts 1 ruble under the carpet, the next day 2 rubles, then 3 and so on for a month, triggers the energy of money, this is true. And it works. Perhaps the debt will be repaid, or his salary will be paid on time, or someone will give him a gift.

But let's admit it, the complex structures of the Winter Palace look more solid and provide better shelter in bad weather than a hut made of branches.

Therefore, in order to be well off, you need to learn the lesson of a difficult life. Don’t be afraid to face tension, learn a lot, work, discover the previously unknown.

Yes, life needs to be complicated, branched, improved.

Health problems? Study different methods of therapy - there are a lot of them. Research the question of what kind of sport is suitable if you don’t like running and rocking. Stretching in bed is also a great way to keep fit.

Problems in the field of love and relationships? Study your beliefs on this topic, understand the characteristics of the opposite sex. Treat the meeting of your lover and the beginning of a relationship as a project.

“Don’t complicate everything, be natural” – you sometimes hear on forums. If everything goes well in some area, without any effort, it means that this is simply not a topic for the development of this person. Now or forever. But he has other topics. In which, if he wants progress, he will improve and become more complex, since this is necessary for his development.

All these complications and improvements lead to increased awareness. Increased awareness leads to a change in the quality of life. More information, more knowledge, more understanding of who you are, what you feel, and how these feelings and sensations affect the world.

A logical question that may arise in everyone’s mind is: “What is the limit of tension and improvement?”

When you start your project, you must finish it at some point and transfer it to automatic rails. It’s like creating a company, working for several years to develop it, and then receiving dividends from the company’s work in a more or less calm mode.

The same happens in other areas of life. The difficulty lesson begins, lasts for a while and ends.

The growth of awareness can never stop. There is always something else that you haven’t experienced but would like to experience. And the more conscious you become, the more interesting life is. Increasing the complexity of awareness only brings benefits. So this is a wise idea.

It's not just like that...

Opinions differ on this issue. Some argue that the Universe has prepared a certain scenario for us in advance, while others are confident that we ourselves are both the greatest good and the greatest evil for ourselves. And indeed, everything is not as simple as we would like it to be. The fact is that we are a product of our actions and thoughts, and sometimes one phrase like “I refuse to eat meat” already radically changes our life. Have you noticed that with different moods, even the course of fate proceeds differently? Falling ice cream is either an evil fate or a funny farce that haunts us for half our lives.

Our well-being will depend on the emotions that we invest in this event. Genuine laughter at yourself or nervous excitement can set the tone for the whole evening. Now think about the totality of such evenings. All this becomes a motto in life. Every moment you live adds another layer to your collection of experiences. Why not learn to take advantage of the moment - instead of momentary anger, feel the comedy of your own situation and allow yourself to enjoy even the moment of your own failure. After all, the pleasure of life is what every living person subconsciously strives for. All that's left is to come out into the light.

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Truth is in the eye of the beholder

We get so used to the role of “director” that we forget that we are gradually turning into puppets of another management. Any individual desire for power or control obliges us to submit to those who are most privileged. The freedom of one ends where the freedom of another ends.

But if you do not encroach on the freedom of other people and, first of all, yourself, you can realize that we do not belong to ourselves or anyone else. We are just a shadow of our actions and thoughts - this is the result of reflection. Why is everything so difficult? Because, without understanding ourselves, we try to build other things and end up being knocked out.

How to deal with cruelty?

If we find out that cruelty surrounds us everywhere, then it is worth thinking about how to avoid it and how to deal with it.

First, remember that in any situation both are to blame; there is no stigma of guilt on one person. Once you understand what you're doing wrong, you can probably at least partially eradicate the problem.

Secondly, if you constantly think about a cruel life, then stop feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe you think the world is so unfair to you because you have too much free time?

Third, find something you enjoy. Believe me, when a person is delighted with his craft, he automatically becomes happy. And a happy person does not need to waste time thinking about the frailty of life.

Fourthly, if a specific person shows cruelty, and you cannot change his attitude towards you, then simply avoid it. Remember: the moon never responds to a dog's bark. Be smarter, don't pay attention to unjustified cruelty towards you.

Life is a boomerang: where you throw it, it will return there. If you knowingly mistreat people, then don't expect to be treated differently. We get exactly what we deserve.

How to find the truth?

And although this concept will forever remain a mystery of philosophy, we can produce new versions of truths in our subconscious. To do this, it is enough to turn off the “director” within yourself and allow the “observer” to come out.

Who is an "observer"? This is a person who knows how to abstract himself from everything that happens. To enter the role of an “observer,” you need to learn to view your life through the prism of a distant viewer. The viewer worries about the hero, but in sad moments he does not lose the feeling that everything that is happening is just a picture, a story, the outcome of which is impossible to predict. “The Observer” learns to enjoy any plot, and this is far from masochism. He empathizes with the “main character”, but in his head he is not convinced that this happens only to him. All events are the product of sequential actions, which can be admired endlessly. You can always scroll through possible incidents in your head, but true pleasure comes from the opportunity to look at yourself from the point of view of an “observer” - the situation is released and turns into another exciting blockbuster/thriller with you in the lead role.

Andrey Chikatilo

14 years of crimes, 65 victims who experienced hellish torment in this world. Andrei Chikatilo is a criminal, cannibal and rapist. The serial killer deliberately committed cruel acts. It cannot be justified, but the origins of this behavior can be found:

  1. Parents who paid little attention to their son.
  2. Lack of friends, buddies.
  3. Dissatisfaction with yourself.
  4. Complexes due to appearance.
  5. Disrespect from students while teaching at school.
  6. Beating by teenagers.
  7. Impunity for crimes.

Why is everything so difficult or how to live easier?

In order for the feeling of being cornered to disappear, you don’t need to become a brainless idol, as many people think. Happiness is not in ignorance. Happiness lies in knowledge and its correct application. This is exactly the result we get in life - any knowledge is meaningless without practical application. Is it really that complicated? Why do we forget that truth is in the eye of the beholder? Despite all social attitudes and rules, freedom is achievable, and it starts with you. A thought when you wake up can create a new day for you. A pleasant event - to turn your head and lift you to the skies. The sad thing is to plunge into the darkness of hopelessness and joyless existence.

The human subconscious is a collection of experiences that continue to influence us in the future. By changing our attitude towards something, we allow ourselves to break through a new path that will change the given vector.

Why does life seem cruel to us?

We often don't understand why life is so cruel. We are looking for reasons, looking for those to blame, but we still cannot find the answer.

It's probably due to the cruelty of our world. Just think about the idea of ​​evolution: the strongest survive, the weak perish. Isn't this cruelty? However, if you think about it, there is no other way out and cannot be.

If the grasshopper does not fall prey to the frog, the snake will be left without food and die. When the snake dies, the hawk will be without food. Food chains are a clear illustration of the cruelty of our planet, which is still a guarantee of existence for the inhabitants of the Earth.

Life seems so cruel to us because we only notice others’ cruelty towards us. We don’t notice our own flaws or don’t want to admit them.

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