Who is a choleric person - pros and cons of character, compatibility with other types of temperament

Everyone interested in psychology first of all tries to get acquainted with the characteristics of their temperament. An easy way is to take one of the tests on psychological sites. This way you can find out what any psychological type means, for example, who a choleric person is, his description, advantages and disadvantages.

You can find out the characteristics of choleric temperament using psychological tests

Choleric temperament type: characteristics.

Temperament Choleric differs from others by an unstable (unbalanced) nervous system. The character of a choleric person has the following qualities:

  1. Easy to learn. Assimilation of the information received occurs rapidly. Does not stop there, tries to discover new abilities in himself;
  2. Emotionally unrestrained, but when solving serious issues, he thinks about the details objectively. Able to hide emotions if necessary;
  3. The choleric psychotype is classified as a leader due to an inflated threshold of self-esteem. Tries to win over those around him and listen to their opinions;
  4. Clearly states the goal. Follows a strictly planned path without straying;
  5. Has organizational and management skills. Thanks to the desire for dominance, he succeeds in professional activities;
  6. The ability to approach things analytically and come up with new strategies allows you to quickly navigate a difficult situation and find a quick way to solve a problem;
  7. Due to impatience and lack of perseverance, he does not always complete the task to an effective end;
  8. Does not neglect risks;
  9. Aggressive and rude towards others. (Appears less often in understandable situations; aggression is met with aggression);
  10. They are noble and responsive, always striving to help loved ones.

If your friend is of a choleric character, you are lucky, because in difficult times he will lend a strong shoulder, so they are always trusted and reveal secrets and mysteries.

When communicating with cholera representatives, you should understand what to say and what not to say. Having flared up like a candle with indignation, in response you can not only hear “touching” phrases, but also suffer physically.

Features of education

  • Parents should be aware that their child will often participate in fights. Do not forget about proper upbringing so that the child does not try to solve all problems with the help of threats and violence.
  • Under no circumstances should you shout at a choleric person or use various types of violence (emotional, physical, economic). There will be no obedience, only resentment (see Resentment) towards an adult followed by running away from home.
  • It is worth enrolling your child in different clubs and sections and teaching them how to safely release their energy.
  • Parents are obliged to teach their son or daughter respect for peers and adults. All conflicts must be resolved peacefully.

Choleric: description of appearance.

An amazing fact: by appearance, facial contours, smile and other external factors, you can discern the Choleric temperament type in a person (since we are talking about it today) and the rest. Main distinctive features:

  • Pronounced thinness;
  • The arms and legs are long, but there are no muscles;
  • The pelvis, back and chest are narrow;
  • The bones of the skull are slightly elongated;
  • Pronounced facial features, strongly highlighted cheekbones;
  • They move quickly and sharply, without waiting for anyone.

What causes problems if you have a choleric personality type.

Unfortunately, this is only one, the best side of the coin. On the other side of the mirror is uncontrolled emotionality. The choleric person experiences all emotions so strongly that in his reactions he is completely unpredictable. Even for myself. It's as if his nervous system is outside his body. And each irritant affects him more than others. Those with nerves are also protected by a thick layer of fat and skin.

This is especially true when something doesn’t go according to his plan. For example, he wanted to call someone, but this person does not answer. Or you ordered black tea and received green tea. And when, for example, a sanguine person in such a situation drinks the one he received, or calmly asks for another one, the one who ordered it, the choleric person will be indignant and throw a scandal.

In addition, choleric:

  • He strives for the goal at any cost, as they say, he goes “over the head.”
  • Forces absolute obedience and submission.
  • He wants to be admired and appreciated for everything he does.
  • He never admits a mistake or apologizes (although he knows that he went too far and messed up, and explains this by the incompetence or evil will of others).
  • Doesn't listen to others.
  • Never strives for compromise.
  • Doesn't express sympathy.
  • Doesn't get involved in closer interactions with others, is a little outside the group (I think he wants to manipulate someone).
  • And what’s worse is that he gets angry at the slightest provocation. And he can resort not only to mental violence, but also to physical force.

Professions for choleric people.

Thanks to the balance of the excitation and brake mechanisms, the correct decision is quickly made. For them, peace means achieving a goal, conducting regular analysis of their environment. This is reflected in the work as follows: having received a goal for completing a task, he begins to analyze the pitfalls, resulting in rational planning and distribution of the load so that the task is solved in a short time. The ability to analyze, competently and accurately evaluate tasks leads cholera carriers to rapid professional growth: from an ordinary employee of a small company to the boss of a large, successfully developing one.

Based on all of the above, we note that if your director has this type of temperament, do not expect mercy and compassion from him, there will be no concessions. Not every employee will like such assertive and aggressive behavior from management.

Choleric people like regular changes in life, for this reason they do not neglect business trips to other cities (business trips or rotational work).

They choose professions related to creativity, since monotonous work quickly gets boring and becomes uninteresting. He reveals his potential to the maximum and in a short period of time, and most importantly, increased emotionality adds a spark to the result, so it is appreciated.

Conclusion: people with this temperament will cope well with any job, therefore they will achieve maximum results in every profession.


Cholerics can be called natural-born leaders. They have enough strength, motivation and perseverance to achieve their goals. Their work proceeds quickly and intensively, and decisions are made on the fly. It is important for them that others work at a similar pace.

It is important to understand that people with this type of temperament are most often rude and formidable bosses. They can criticize too much, control subordinates, and scream.

What does a choleric person value in work?

  • Spirit of competition (bonuses based on performance);
  • Independence and freedom in decision making;
  • Lack of critical comments about oneself;
  • Projects that will require more intensive efforts;
  • The presence of a cohesive team whose members pursue the same goals.

A choleric person in the role of a subordinate will be a fairly energetic and proactive worker. He will beg for work himself, look for problems that need to be solved on his own. At the same time, the leader himself, whose position the choleric person most often applies for, should be wary of (see: Sat at work). This type of temperament is ideal for such professions as: director, politician, actor, private entrepreneur.

Pros and cons of choleric.

Any temperament has positive and negative sides. Let's start with the best part:

  • Confidence and optimism;
  • Show initiative in everything;
  • Energy;
  • They always speak the truth to your face, and not behind your back;
  • They do not stand still, always learn new things, move towards development;
  • Stress-resistant, quickly and efficiently cope with any problem or task;
  • Devotees.

Negative features of choleric :

  • They become workaholics in order to hear positive words addressed to them;
  • Obsession with achieving profit;
  • Irritable due to excessive activity;
  • They do not like slow, shy, indecisive types of personalities;
  • Perform the work superficially, without going into details (in cases where it requires a lot of time);
  • The feeling of compassion is not developed. Their opinion: “You yourself are to blame for what happens to you”;
  • There is a tendency towards violence;
  • They do not know how to forgive, they are vindictive;
  • Very cunning. They know how to manipulate others.

In fact, the choleric temperament type can be qualified as correct if you teach its bearer restraint and patience.

Strengths and weaknesses of temperament

Kinesthetic - what kind of person is this?

The advantages of temperament are leadership qualities, mobility of mental processes and activity. Therefore, a choleric person is a person who is successful himself and helps others achieve success.

He is not without shortcomings, for example, his extreme intemperance is noted. In a team, melancholic people may suffer from this. They categorically do not accept the impulsive behavior of choleric people, as they fear quarrels and insults on their part.

Increased emotionality also has a positive side; such people do not harbor resentment. They throw out emotions outside themselves, but quickly calm down, solving problems immediately and not complicating the situation with long silence. Among the famous people who were choleric were Peter I, Suvorov, and Pushkin.

Compatibility with other temperaments.

They love communication, but despite this, the formation of conflict situations prevents them from fully and correctly developing personal relationships with representatives of the opposite sex. Let's look at what types of temperament they are compatible with:

  1. Compatibility with a choleric person is almost impossible due to the high risk factor for conflicts, since everyone will “pull the blanket” in their own direction. Scandals in this family will be regular and violent.
  2. With a sanguine person. This marriage cannot be avoided without flaws. The main thing is to assign roles in the family at the beginning of a relationship. In this case, everyone will be satisfied, the relationship will be long and warm.
  3. With a phlegmatic person. An excellent union, since the phlegmatic nature of the second half will tolerate all changes in the mood of its partner. The owner of a choleric temperament will gain peace of mind.
  4. Not compatible with a melancholic person. Increased irritability will interfere with interaction with a melancholic person due to high-frequency declines in his mood (aggression will generate tears).


The bright temperament of a choleric person also manifests itself vigorously in love. He strives to dominate his partner, so a couple in which the partner refuses to obey most often breaks up.

The table below shows the compatibility of choleric and representatives of other types of temperament.

Temperament typeCharacter traitsCharacteristics of relationshipsCompatibility
SanguineGood-natured, emotional.Does not allow himself to be subjugated.
It can present difficulties, without which a choleric person finds it boring to live.
With the help of humor and compromise, he is able to smooth out the choleric’s aggressive attacks and sharp edges.
Phlegmatic personBalanced, slow.The choleric person gets tired quickly from the increased activity.
It irritates choleric people with its slowness.
A stable union is possible if both partners give each other enough personal freedom.
MelancholicSensitive, timid.Suffers from the straightforwardness and rudeness of a choleric person.Strong relationships are almost impossible.
CholericActive, decisive, quick-tempered.A very bright and stormy union.
Fiery passion and unearthly love inevitably give way to wild scandals.
Two choleric people cannot get along together.

Based on the information provided, we can conclude that the union of a choleric person and a sanguine person is quite viable; it will be more difficult for him to get along with a phlegmatic person, but the rule that opposites attract works here. A strong union of a choleric and a melancholic from the realm of fantasy. A choleric person, in principle, does not understand how one can be melancholic and sad. An exceptional rarity and a family consisting of two choleric patients. In such a union, both simultaneously increase the risk of developing nervous diseases.

Choleric: characteristics of a woman.

A choleric woman is a strong, strong-willed person. Learning something new does not become a problem; it is easy to learn. He loves leadership positions not only at work, but also tries to dominate at home. However, it is difficult to call a benign housewife, since representatives of the fair sex with such a temperament rarely sit at home. For them, the goal of life is to conquer new heights, the main thing is that the work is interesting. In a relationship with her, a man should be quiet, calm, pliable and patient.

What is the difference between an introvert and an extrovert

From a psychological point of view, people are divided into extroverts and introverts. If the former are characterized by a love of general attention and high social activity, then the latter have a prevailing fear of publicity. Introverts are comfortable being “in themselves.” Introvert and extrovert are not types of temperament, but psychotypes, but they are closely interrelated.

For your information. Introverts are most often melancholic and phlegmatic. Sanguine and choleric are extroverts.

Choleric: characteristics of a man.

The choleric temperament type in family relationships gives him the right to rule, the wife will not be able to make decisions or command, and any forms of manipulation will create an aggressive environment in which she cannot survive. A choleric man takes care and provision for his relatives as the basis of family life and shines with pragmatism.

Children perceive such a man as a despot due to the frequent coercion of obedience and unquestioning execution of orders. But despite the increased severity, the choleric father is sensitive and caring.

In their environment, representatives of the stronger sex have many friends who listen and fulfill any requests.

Choleric - what kind of person is this?

Choleric is the dominant type in psychology; relationships with him are built on the basis of contradictions. For some, he is attractive due to his optimistic attitude towards life; according to others, he is characterized as too hot-tempered.

Due to the mobility of the nervous system, the main sign of choleric temperament is energy. It is this quality that is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, by directing their energy in a positive direction, choleric people achieve good results, on the other hand, emotional instability makes them aggressive.

For your information. Choleric characteristics of his features are complemented by his external appearance: thin physique, fussy movements, agile facial expressions.

Choleric: characteristics of a child.

A choleric child is the center around which not only the parents, but also everyone around them revolves. He will always achieve his goal through screaming and crying. The child will believe that adults should do whatever he wants.

He accepts small surprises and presents with gratitude. A satisfied child becomes affectionate, sweet and responsive. At an older age, parents will begin to experience psychological and moral discomfort, accompanied by aggression.

How to properly raise a child with such a temperament? Advice from psychologists:

  1. The child's room should be a bed color, but not bright. This has a calming effect on an unstable emotional state;
  2. It is not recommended to hide toys. Everything should be at hand; it is better to place them at the baby’s height level so that he can reach them on his own;
  3. Do not subject your child to criticism often. You can make small comments, the main thing is that no one but him hears it: take the child aside and explain;
  4. Give as much time and attention as possible;
  5. Cultivate the quality of finishing what you start to the end.
  6. Develop concentration and perseverance.
  7. Create a daily routine and make sure you stick to it.

Compliance with all the rules described above will help to raise a strong, disciplined personality; knowing all the character traits of a choleric person , you can easily find a common language with him, become his friend and learn a lot.


  • Academic success will be very average. No perseverance, absenteeism is possible. Often such children are called hyperactive, because they are distracted during school hours and do not listen to the teacher at all.
  • Favorite lesson is physical education. The child loves to take part in various activities.
  • The child does not tolerate well when they begin to criticize him in public. The teacher may encounter a conflict situation during which the student will scream and try to disrupt the lesson (see Child is hysterical).
  • It is extremely important for a little choleric person to be in the center of attention (see Need for attention). He will try with all his might to take the place of the leader, the child whom everyone admires. If the need is not satisfied in an amicable way, the choleric person will demonstrate antisocial behavior (fights, insults, ridicule).
  • It makes no sense for a child with this type of temperament to single out one of his friends. He shows sincerity in his relationships with all his friends.
  • A choleric person is quite capable of providing protection to other children. He loves the feeling of being feared or idolized, as a result of which he will pursue it with all his might.

Choleric test.

Do you want to know what kind of temperament you have? We have prepared a special test. To ensure an accurate answer, give honest answers.

1. You were walking home calmly and suddenly a car exploded next to you. What is your reaction?

2. Imagine that your significant other cheated on you. What is your reaction?

3. How would you characterize your social network page?

4. Someone entrusted you with a secret that it would be a shame not to tell. Are you going to tell anyone?

5. It takes a long time to figure out software that is unfamiliar to you. What will you do?

6. You have a day to complete the work, but it will take exactly 24 hours to complete it, there is a risk that you will not even have time to sleep. What will you do?

7. Let's say you're at school, and during recess someone takes your phone and runs away with ridicule. Your actions?

8. You are invited to a nightclub to have fun and drink, but tomorrow is an important day. What is your reaction?

9. Do you think you will be a good entrepreneur (for example, if you open your own FM radio station)?

10. At school you received an unfair bad mark. What will you do?

11. Can you describe yourself as the life of the party when you are among friends?

12. You saw an accident in which a young man was hit. Your actions.

13. You borrowed 10,000 rubles from a friend who earns 10,000,000 rubles a month. How soon will you return them?

14. You need to win the math olympiad. What will you do?

15. You saw an unfair fight. Your actions?

16. Your friend has problems that you can solve, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Can you help?

17. You have been asked to assemble a group of 10 people to work on an important project. Will you succeed?

18. An unfamiliar friend pours out his soul to you (his girlfriend left him, he was fired from his job). How do you feel?

19. The morning didn’t go well: my shirt was torn, I had to wash a stain from my jeans, I was burned by coffee, I tripped and fell on the way to work, injuring my hand. How will you feel for the rest of the day?

20. You are a programmer, you have been given the task of creating an online store, but the number of products is under a million. What will you do?

If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments. We wish you all the best!

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Character Virtues


No postponed tasks for tomorrow (see Procrastination - leave everything for later). A choleric person will never miss the chances that life provides. Thanks to perseverance, he is able to achieve unprecedented success. He really likes to take risks and try something new. This seems to him like an ordinary competition, a test of his capabilities and abilities. This character trait makes you perceive many difficulties as an ordinary adventure, an adventure. He simply accepts the challenge that fate throws at him, without thinking about the consequences.


No obstacles will frighten a choleric person who has chosen a goal for himself. If there are failures (see: Luck in life), such a person will try again and again to achieve what he wants. He will not give up when others simply give up. It is important for him to prove, first of all, to himself that success can be achieved, no matter what business the choleric person takes on.

A person with this type of temperament is called a real workaholic. He is ready to do a lot to ensure that his most cherished desires come true (see How to achieve success). There will be no regret regarding the money, time and effort spent. The main thing is to find meaning in the activity that the choleric person has chosen for himself. No additional motivation is needed (see Negative and positive motivation).


Choleric people are distinguished by openness, wit, strength and expressiveness. They are able to lead people and attract like-minded people. Their sincere belief in victory, passion (see Gambling addiction and its symptoms) and enthusiasm captivate even skeptics. They are capable of becoming excellent politicians and public speakers if they learn to control their emotions. In any case, they will be able to evoke an emotional response in the audience, which will be spellbound to listen to the choleric speaker speaking from behind the podium.


It is extremely important for people with this type of temperament to try as many activities as possible. They are constantly on the move, trying with all their might to overcome boredom. People around them are only surprised how choleric people do several things at the same time. They manage to switch between assigned tasks extremely easily and perform several tasks at the same time, like the greatest statesman of Ancient Rome.

How to live side by side with a choleric person?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to change it. Temperament cannot be changed, because this is a group of qualities that, unlike personality (for example, introvert, extrovert), are inherited along with genes. The type of nervous system and the basis for personality development, which manifests itself already in the first year of our life.

You should not count on the fact that, as in the case of a person with a schizophrenic or neurotic personality, love or friendship will overcome his nature. He will inflict wounds on even the most beloved person. It would be better for everyone to stay away from him: break up with a partner who is choleric. Change a job in which the head is a person with a choleric character. So find out in advance whether he may have a choleric personality type, if so, then it’s better not to get involved.

This is not always possible. So you have to try to survive.



How to become a best friend to a friend?

Here is a short instruction manual for choleric:

  • Conflicts with a choleric person cannot be avoided. Therefore, you need to do your job as best as possible, since life side by side with such a fury is like walking through a minefield. There is no way to tell for sure when you will step on a mine.
  • When the choleric person has already become enraged, there is no point in undertaking discussions, much less arguing and proving. Under no circumstances should you apologize or repent for your mistakes. Neither deny his proposal, because this will infuriate him even more. At all costs, you need to remain calm in such situations and when his attack of rage passes. That is, figuratively speaking, let him throw out a portion of bile, calmly, present the situation and his point of view.
  • In discussions, it is worth asking him questions that will show him the complexity of the situation and give him an impetus for logical thinking. This is a type of problem solving, so it is worth directing his energy in a productive direction, and not into blind rage.
  • You can't neglect your own needs. Living side by side with a choleric person, you must have your own world that will separate you from him. In personal life, this is family, group, individual friends, individual hobbies, etc. In official contacts, clearly separate personal life from professional life.
  • It is best to keep him at a distance from yourself and your personal life. He should not have access to your private sphere of life. For example, he will not be able to call you at an inappropriate or inconvenient time in order to influence you under any pretext or force you to come to work in your free time. Because even if, in a fit of good mood, he allows an employee to get close to him, then he will ruthlessly use this closeness.
  • When dealing with a choleric person, you also cannot isolate yourself from others. We always need to have a bunch of people around who, although they won’t protect us, will support us. A choleric person can begin to manipulate because he will quickly understand that we are beginning to doubt ourselves, our abilities and achievements. And, as a result, admit that he had the right to humiliate us if we agree with his opinion that this is a task beyond our strength. Meanwhile, he needed this only to show that he does it best in the world.

What kind of work is suitable for a choleric person?

A choleric person is an active, purposeful person endowed with extraordinary leadership qualities. A choleric person practically does not know how to work as a subordinate, so most often choleric persons become managers or founders of their own business. Cholerics are generators of ideas, masters of drawing up plans and distributing responsibilities, so they easily take on any project consisting of complex tasks.

Choleric people will feel great in any position where they need to contact people, negotiate, or go on business trips. They are good speakers and love to speak in public and attract attention.

Among the professions suitable for a choleric person are a guide, lecturer, television and radio presenter, journalist, advertising manager, sales agent, realtor, translator, designer, director, actor, dancer. A business organized by a choleric person will be successful.

A choleric person will not be able to work where a significant part of the time requires scrupulously studying or drawing up documents, working on an assembly line, poring over a monotonous task, or understanding technical diagrams. A choleric person cannot sit still; he will not make a writer, artist, politician, or doctor.

Peculiarities of behavior at work

As a rule, choleric people at work make a successful career, rise in rank and reach the director's chair. We can say that they are born directors. But there are not enough director's chairs for everyone. A choleric person who is in a subordinate position experiences this situation hard. He prefers work that involves independent action and does not require constant reporting. This is often why choleric people prefer to work as freelancers: such a person is his own boss, independently sets his own work schedule, completely manages the process and can at any time abandon the business if it becomes uninteresting to him.

At the same time, an employee with such a temperament also has its advantages. Only such an employee can withstand the high pace of work, cope with a huge number of tasks, constantly go on long business trips, and quickly begin new types of activities.

If a problem is not solved for a long time, such an employee may flare up, but quickly comes to his senses and finds the right solution.

Manifestations of temperament in childhood

A choleric child - who is he among other children? The answer won't take long. You will notice him right away on the playground as he will be more active than other children.

If there are games, then they are noisy. And, preferably, in public. The little choleric loves to play dirty tricks and play pranks on both his parents and friends. Easily excited and very difficult to calm down.

Provokes conflict situations with other children or adults: from mother to teacher at school.

He quickly gets used to new people and circumstances, feeling completely comfortable in them. Information often goes right through his ears as the child rushes towards risky adventures.

Little choleric people, like adults, very rarely compromise (what is this?). They show before everyone else that they want to be independent. Even if to achieve their “children’s goal” they have to break their knees or scratch their elbow.

Actions are thoughtless and may often involve aggression, anger, and impulsiveness. Hitting someone, shouting, behaving rudely is easy! But if you need to beg something from your parents, you can skillfully play the role of a child “lower than grass, quieter than water.”

If some children are difficult to send to kindergarten, then choleric children at the age of 3-4 begin to need a team. Such a pastime will benefit them, since they will quickly get used to the fact that in society everyone must obey the rules, and not just play pranks.

Description of the psychological portrait

Among the main signs and character traits of a choleric person are the following:

  • impatience and lack of restraint;
  • susceptibility to dramatic changes in mood;
  • characterized by energy, temper and emotionality, which, however, quickly fade away;
  • ability to take control of critical situations and conflicts;
  • inability to perform monotonous work;
  • quick learning new things;
  • passion and passion for the business, if it is diverse;
  • passion for several things or projects at the same time;
  • the ability, even in difficult situations, to come up with a quick solution, which is often distinguished by originality and creativity;
  • courage, firmness and determination, sometimes even toughness;
  • fast, coherent speech, loud voice;
  • inability to complete a task, abandoning it halfway, or even at the very beginning.

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