Magic power: 7 amazing effects of a smile on people

Smiling is good. And not only so that the interlocutors feel good towards them. According to various sources, smiling can improve health. And not all people know all the secrets and mysteries of such a simple and uncomplicated action. Moreover, it has a truly magical effect on the human body.

Olesya Sudareva, a child clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist at the Clinical Diagnostic Center (branch of GlavUpDK under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), told about what interesting facts about smiling remain unknown to people, but are extremely important .

Short statuses about a smile

  • A smile is a flexible concept.
  • I give a smile to everyone, a look to many, a heart to one!
  • If you see a loved one without a smile, smile yourself.
  • If you wake up every morning thinking that something good will happen today, then it will!
  • If you want life to smile at you, give it your good mood first!
  • The one who illuminates the lives of others will never be left without light.
  • Smile at everyone, always... It irritates some, it infects others, and it attracts others!
  • Take care of what makes you smile.
  • Smile at the world and it will smile at you.
  • A smile is omnipotent and worth the reward. Just a smile and you will be welcome!
  • A smile is a shield from any adversity.
  • Smile to spite yourself for good luck today.
  • The most beautiful thing in the world is a child's smile.
  • Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
  • A smile is another thing I love about your lips.
  • One smile is half a kiss.
  • A smile is the best thing in a person.
  • I would just like a piece of heaven and your smile.
  • A smile is the best makeup.

Cool statuses about a smile

When a person smiles, he is relaxed and open to good emotions, and they are known to have a beneficial effect on our entire body. Among different peoples, hugs, handshakes and gestures can mean completely opposite things, and only a smile always and everywhere has the same meaning. In quotes and aphorisms about smiling, the words are very correctly chosen about how much easier and more pleasant our life will become if we do not hide our smiles.

  • I smile and walk without touching the ground.
  • The last day before my vacation to work I had to walk through the door sideways - a smile couldn’t fit through!
  • Smile more often at the new day, and don’t forget to tell your loved ones: “I love you...”
  • You have to smile so that the lipstick stays on your ears!
  • A radiant smile is a smile not only with the lips, but with the eyes, heart and soul. Are we shining?! ;))
  • A smile is a small coin in the treasury of happiness.
  • Come on, hide your sadness and show your smile!
  • A smile is like a filter: it lets in the good, and keeps out the bad!
  • A man without a smile is strings without a violin, it is a sea without a seagull, it is a house without a mistress, it is a cat without a tail, it is a tail without a cat. Always smile! And have a nice day!
  • Smile to spite yourself for good luck today.
  • If you smile, all your dreams will come true!
  • Smile and you will have friends; frown and you will have wrinkles.
  • Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
  • A smile is the safest weapon of mass destruction! “Shoot” with smiles - spread joy, get infected with positivity and be kind!
  • Don't look for a reason to smile - smile and pass it on.
  • Share your smile - and it will be remembered to you more than once.
  • You are not fully dressed if you are not smiling.
  • Smiling is one of the easiest ways to change your appearance!
  • There are people whose smile makes them look outrageously stunning.
  • Laugh more often, love more - you will live much longer!
  • Smile at your loved ones and not so much - give a piece of warmth!

Important role

In general, imitation of a smile plays a huge role in our socialization. Oddly enough, it is by a smile that we usually unconsciously determine whether a person is sincere or not, whether we can expect a dirty trick from him or whether he can be trusted. The thing is that our brain analyzes the facial expressions of the interlocutor and immediately makes a comparison with previous experience. For example, in this case, a person smiles barely, the corners of his lips and the brain give us a signal that no, we shouldn’t trust him, because a sincere smile looks different. But the corners of the lips are only the most superficial sign. In fact, our brain notices so many nuances that we ourselves cannot voice them and do not understand why this or that person’s smile seemed insincere to us.

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Beautiful words about a smile

A sincere smile originates in the heart. She is capable of working miracles, she helps to establish contacts and friendships between people. And in general, people who are cheerful and generous with their smiles live much easier and more fun. This is exactly what is said in beautiful quotes and aphorisms about smiling.

Never stop smiling even when you are sad because someone might fall in love with your smile.

May the world smile with clear sunshine, may your every day be the most beautiful!

Just one smile can change the world around you, but never let the whole world change your smile!

Often the smile is the most important thing. Thank you with a smile. They reward you with a smile. They give you life with a smile. And there is a smile for which you will do anything...

In thunderstorms, in storms, in the coldness of life, during losses and when you are sad, appearing smiling and simple is the highest art in the world.

A beautiful smile intrigues, a modest one touches, a kind one pleases, a happy one enchants, a sincere one inspires. A smile does not leave you indifferent. Smile!

“A smile is the sun. She drives winter away from a person’s face.” Victor Hugo

“Smile. A smile should be not only on the lips, but also in the eyes and in the voice.” Alan Percy

“A smile is the normal state of a normal person.” Evgeny Zamyatin

"You're not fully dressed yet unless you have a smile on your face." Martin Charnin

“When you wake up in the morning, the main thing is to smile. Always start your day with a smile." William Claude Fields

“As a person has a smile, so is his soul.” George Martin

“Never stop smiling, even when you are sad, someone might fall in love with your smile.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“If you see a face without a smile, smile yourself.” Biant Priensky

“A charming smile is part of the truth about a person; usually an important part.” Max Fry

"Just smile. Smile at problems and they will dissipate like clouds after a storm, at the enemy and he will retreat, at time and it will slow down, at people and they will reach out.” Nver Simonyan

“Let’s greet each other with a smile, because a smile is the beginning of love.” Mother Teresa

“A smile is the rainbow reflection of the human soul.” Roman Podzorov

“A smile costs less electricity but produces the same amount of light.” Henri Antoine Gruet

“A strong person is not the one who can put you on your shoulder with one look, but the one who can lift you up from your knees with one smile!” Juliette Binoche

The influence of positive emotions

Good manifestations of feelings are of greater interest. Efficiency increases, sleep improves, emotional state stabilizes, the hormone of joy (endorphin) is released, which is beneficial for hormonal levels. Feeling positive emotions, a person becomes stress-resistant and less susceptible to various diseases.

It’s not for nothing that pregnant women need peace and good spirits. The influence of emotions has been known since ancient times. For example, in Ancient India and China, three months after fertilization, they tried to protect a woman from a negative mood. They dressed her in luxurious clothes, played relaxing melodies, and surrounded her with exquisite objects.

And if you look at couples in love, you can see with the naked eye that these people are glowing from within. This happens due to the appearance of the hormone oxytocin in the body. It restores cells, fills them with oxygen and has a prolonged anti-aging effect.

Joyful emotions and an optimistic outlook on life have a positive impact on a person’s well-being. It has long been proven that a positive attitude helps patients who have had a heart attack recover faster and return to normal life. Thus, positive emotions, combined with a person’s internal reserves, can lead to self-healing and longevity.

In medicine and psychology, emotional therapies have long been used for the complex treatment of various types of diseases. There are many confirmed cases where patients with severe complications made a full recovery. In such people, resorption of malignant tumors was recorded, and it was impossible to explain this from a scientific point of view.

Interesting fact! The University of Pittsburgh even conducted an unusual experiment on the influence of emotions. Optimists and pessimists were asked to solve different problems. Positively minded guys were 34% more effective at solving assigned tasks. The next test was to introduce colds into each group. The results surprised even the skeptics. Pessimists experienced the disease in all its glory, while optimists suffered a mild form of the flu. Moreover, positive individuals had a much higher pain threshold than negative participants.

About the benefits of a smile

Psychologists say that if a person looks upset, his mood actually worsens. But it also works in the opposite direction: if you smile more often, your well-being will improve. Listen to these meaningful quotes and aphorisms about smiling, because sometimes it’s useful to literally force yourself to smile.

“Smile, even if you feel very bad, in pain and want to cry, smile for real, with sincere joy, straighten your shoulders and straighten up, as if you are happy and proud and want to sing with happiness. The body will believe and rejoice, maybe not immediately, but very quickly, it simply does not know how to truly suffer when you sincerely smile. And after the body, the soul will rejoice again...” Maria Semenova

“Smile, for all people lack self-confidence, and a smile, more than anything else, gives this confidence.” Andre Maurois

“When a person smiles. And even more, when he laughs, it’s as if he manages to extend his life, this short moment.” Laurence Stern

“If the loser smiles, the winner loses the taste of victory.” Usain Bolt

“The cheerful expression on the face is gradually reflected in the inner world.” Immanuel Kant

“I understand what your problem is. You are too serious. All stupid things on earth are done with this facial expression... Smile, gentlemen... Smile... "Baron Munchausen"

“Life is a smile, even if tears are streaming down your face.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“My life is falling apart, but no one sees it, because I am a well-mannered person: I smile all the time.” Frederic Beigbeder

“Just smile - and tiny rays of warmth will timidly creep into your sad soul, warm your heart and, spilling over with sweet calm, light up your eyes.”

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show it that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”

“Step over the sadness, people! You smiled, it means everything is okay. Laugh more often, be happy and let your smile become your morning exercise!”

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Emotions as the foundation of life perception

Translated from the Latin “emotion” “emoveo” means excitement, shock, experience. In other words, the mental process that arises in us in the form of a subjective reaction to a situation passes throughout the body and affects all organs, exerting different effects on them.

Our emotions vary in intensity and the higher the reaction, the greater the impact on the body. According to the degree of impact on activity, statistical and asthenic emotions are distinguished. Joy and enthusiasm that push to action belong to the first group. The second implies despondency, apathy, melancholy, while strength is depleted and there is no desire to do anything. But the stereotypical classification of feelings is firmly entrenched in society: positive and negative.

Quotes and aphorisms of great people about smiling

Famous people know that the ability to make a good joke and smile at the right time allows them to achieve success in society. This can sometimes achieve more than using a tirade of abstruse speeches. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the phrases of great minds about smiling.

  1. Never give up on what makes you smile. Ledger Heath
  2. If you smile, I will smile too. And it doesn’t matter at all whether you see my smile or whether I see yours. After all, what we see is not more important. What is more important is how we feel. Elchin Safarli
  3. The best arc on a woman's body is her smile. Bob Marley
  4. Even when things are bad, keep smiling. Bob Marley
  5. Smile! After all, a smile is free therapy. Brett Blumenthal
  6. A smile always wins a tough argument because it's hard to argue with a person who smiles in your face. Napoleon Hill
  7. A day without a smile is a lost day. Charlie Chaplin
  8. I understand what your problem is. -You are too serious. All the stupid things on Earth were done with this exact expression... Smile, gentlemen... Smile... The film “That Same Munchausen”
  9. Never stop smiling even when you are sad, someone might fall in love with your smile. Garcia Marquez Gabriel
  10. Smile even if your heart hurts. Michael Jackson
  11. Smile more often, because smiling, goodwill and balance are the most important steps on the path to enlightenment. Arina Alison
  12. One smile is enough to make the soul laugh... Tatyana Egorovna Solovova
  13. Wrinkles should only mark the places where smiles used to be. Mark Twain
  14. It takes a little to make you smile, but a smile is enough to make everything possible. Cesbron Gilbert
  15. Sometimes the soul aches from a forced smile... Tatyana Egorovna Solovova
  16. I often think that a special punctuation mark for a smile is needed - some kind of concave line or a parenthesis lying on its side. V. Nabokov
  17. A smile is a curve that straightens everything. Phyllis Diller
  18. What has become funny can no longer be dangerous. Voltaire
  19. A smile is always good, because it reveals the simple inner world of a person. Novikov N. I.
  20. A smile... It costs nothing, but it gives a lot. It enriches those who receive it without impoverishing those who give it. It lasts a moment, but sometimes remains in the memory forever! No one is rich enough to do without it, and no one is so poor that he would not become richer from it. It creates happiness in the home, creates an atmosphere of goodwill and serves as a password for friends. Dale Carnegie
  21. If you are able to always smile at life, life will always smile at you. Brian Tracy
  22. Smile, don't give misfortune pleasure. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  23. His smile could cut the veins on your wrists. Ray Bradbury
  24. Tears can mean more than a smile. Because we smile at almost everyone, but we cry only because of those we love. Audrey Hepburn
  25. She always smiled so welcomingly that you wanted to take her smile with you. Haruki Murakami
  26. Smile My life is falling apart, but no one sees it, because I am a well-mannered person: I smile all the time. Frederic Beigbeder
  27. There is no more noticeable lie than a false smile. Matt Damon.
  28. How is the smile of a baby different from the smile of an old man? In the first, one can notice optimism, and in the second, the confident pessimism of a former optimist. L.L. Krainov-Rytov
  29. A sincere smile and a long sleep are two of the best doctors in the world. Erich Maria Remarque
  30. Tears mean more than a smile. Because we smile at almost everyone, but we cry only because of those we love. Audrey Hepburn
  31. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  32. The best arc on a woman's body is her smile. Bob Marley
  33. She had a smile for everyone, and such that it was impossible not to smile back: not a stupid faceless smile of politeness, but a real, attractive smile that evokes a reaction. This is how people smile, confident that goodness can be found in everyone, and they will definitely find it. Irvine Welsh
  34. If a woman loves herself, if her eyes glow with happiness, a mysterious smile plays on her lips, and her light gait is not burdened by either uncomfortable shoes or a load of false complexes, believe me, not a single man will be able to pass by! Oleg Roy
  35. Sometimes a smile costs a lot when your soul is in tears. Tatiana Solovova
  36. Fate, baring its teeth, smiled... Vladimir Vishnevsky
  37. As soon as you smile, you will feel in a better mood. And in a good mood it will be easier for you to solve all your problems. You have no idea how much good a simple smile can do for you and the people around you. Mother Teresa
  38. If you smile, you will become a beautiful woman. The power will come to you with the help of which you will become beautiful. And you can use this power - beautiful power - to achieve what you want in life. Elizabeth Gilbert
  39. Always work. Always love. Love your wife and children more than yourself. Don’t expect gratitude from people and don’t be upset if they don’t thank you. Instruction instead of hatred, smile instead of contempt. Epicurus
  40. Although he was her husband, she looked at him the way mothers look at their growing sons. She looked with that look in which bewilderment, hope and anxiety were mixed with a smile and curiosity. Meir Shalev
  41. I sometimes smile, but I don't feel the smile. And sometimes I feel a smile, but I don't smile. Meir Shalev
  42. That's how it is in our family. We are able to smile at funerals. And even make you laugh. And laugh. Meir Shalev
  43. Smile at the future and it will smile back at you. Yoko Ono
  44. You need to learn to replace your smile with a tip. In most cases, tips leave a much stronger impression. James Crews
  45. We have to start small. Little heroism - do you think it's easy? For example, your teeth or stomach hurt, or you were stung by a wasp, or even your shoes are just tight and too tight... You can whine and ruin everyone’s mood, but you smile! Do you think this is nothing? O-la-la! Try! Alexandra Brushtein
  46. If you smile when no one is around, then you are really smiling. Andy Rooney
  47. How happy is that poet whose verse, lively and flexible, knows how to embody both tears and smiles. Nicola Boileau
  48. Beauty is strength and a smile is its sword. Charles Reid
  49. When your friend is cunning, with a sweet smile, It’s better to be an enemy with an open demeanor. Alisher Navoi
  50. You called me a dark killer. Me, such a cheerful, cheerful creature! Of course I love to kill, but I do it with a smile! "Fantômas"
  51. Religion without a smile laughs at itself. Leonid Sukhorukov
  52. Smile, because all people lack self-confidence, and a smile, more than anything else, gives this confidence. Andre Maurois
  53. I have always tried my best to be a philosopher; but, I don’t know how, violent gaiety constantly broke into my life Oliver Edwards
  54. Those who smile are said to have a mouth to their ears, but a smile is never wider than the distance between the eyes. Malcolm de Chazal
  55. In one smile lies what is called the beauty of the face: if a smile adds beauty to the face, then the face is beautiful; if she does not change it, then it is ordinary; if she spoils it, then it is bad. Lev Tolstoy
  56. Smiling feels good, it feels physically good. It's even nicer to laugh. And laughing is just pleasure! Evgeniy Grishkovets
  57. Along with completely real teeth, fake smiles can also be made. Gabriel Laub
  58. A smile that appears on the face for no reason, or excessively mellifluous speeches are the surest proof of hypocrisy. James Cooper
  59. If you want life to smile at you, give it your good mood first. Benedict Spinoza
  60. Laughter is gaiety of the mind, a smile is gaiety of the heart. Edmond Goncourt
  61. A smile is a kiss to the soul. M. Antrim
  62. The smile of a beautiful girl is the tears of a wallet. Italian proverb
  63. Smiles create channels for future tears. D. Byron
  64. The bitterness of the heart cannot be sweetened with a smile. Russian proverb
  65. Sometimes even a smile hides poison. Russian proverb
  66. The more serious the face, the more beautiful the smile. F. Chateaubriand
  67. When a person smiles, and even more when he laughs, it is as if he manages to prolong his life, this short moment. L. Stern
  68. You are not fully dressed yet and there is no smile on your face. Martin Charnin
  69. When you wake up in the morning, the main thing is to smile. Always start your day with a smile. W.K. Fields
  70. If fortune empties its chamber pot on your head, smile and say: “Great, let's take a shower.” Sir John A. MacDonald
  71. Smile and you will have friends; Frown - there will be wrinkles. Don't we live to make each other's lives easier? George Eliot
  72. A cheerful facial expression is gradually reflected in the inner world. I. Kant
  73. If you want life to smile at you, give it your good mood first. Benedict Spinoza It takes a little to make you smile, and a smile is enough to make everything possible. Gilbert Sesbron
  74. An angry fist does not hit a smiling face. Chinese saying.
  75. A person cannot be incorrigibly bad if he has laughed heartily at least once. T. Carlyle
  76. Laughter is the sun: it drives winter away from the human face. V. Hugo
  77. Laughter corrects morals. O. Balzac
  78. Laughter is often a great mediator in distinguishing truth from lies. V. Belinsky
  79. What has become funny cannot be dangerous. Voltaire
  80. A woman's best smile is reserved for the mirror. Frank Hubbard
  81. If you haven't seen your wife smile at a traffic cop, then you haven't seen her sweetest smile. Marshall Pugh
  82. They exchanged quick, dazzling smiles between women who had disliked each other at first sight. Raymond Chandler
  83. Every time a woman doesn’t understand something, a pleasant, gentle smile appears on her face, and then it seems that she understands everything. George Carlin
  84. A person who can't stop smiling is probably trying to sell you a substandard product. Muriel Spark
  85. It is impossible to convince a person who does not object, but only smiles. Moses Safir
  86. The one who always smiles is just as intolerable as the one who never smiles. Francois René de Chateaubriand
  87. Childhood is a morning smile of joy towards life. Nikolay Vekshin
  88. One smile is half a kiss. Martin Charnin
  89. When a person smiles, and even more when he laughs, it is as if he manages to prolong his life, this short moment. L. Stern
  90. Laughter and smile are the gates through which a lot of good things can enter a person. S. Morgenstern
  91. The angles of the lips in a smile are proportional to the degree of freedom. Stanislav Jerzy Lec
  92. A woman's smile is like bait on a fish hook for a man. B. Trushkin
  93. A smile is the sun. She drives winter away from a person's face. V. Hugo
  94. Life is a smile, even if tears are streaming down your face. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  95. According to our philosophers, man differs from other living beings in his ability to laugh. Addison Joseph
  96. To complain about an unpleasant thing is to double the evil; to laugh at her is to destroy him. Confucius
  97. We are not always free from mistakes about which we laugh at others. Freud Sigmund
  98. The serious is destroyed by laughter, laughter by seriousness. Aristotle
  99. Laughter is contagious, as is yawning. Heine Heinrich
  100. Horror is incompatible with laughter. Pushkin, Alexander Sergeyevich

Smile more often! This will lift your spirits and will certainly improve your life!


A collection of aphorisms “A Smile in Our Life” is a book about the natural external expression of human beauty and kindness. A smile is a silent laughter; it is a facial expression of a person’s inner state of mind, the joy, admiration, pleasure, fun he experiences, as well as an emotional and aesthetic reaction to observed comic objects and phenomena.

A smile for every person throughout his life serves as a good communication tool, helping to communicate and get closer to each other, creating an atmosphere of goodwill, facilitating the establishment of friendly and business contacts. A smile helps people live and love, improve their health, create happiness in the family, overcome difficulties and troubles, and lift their spirits. A smile is a subtle weapon that helps you achieve success in social struggle.

A huge variety of smiles, by contrasting them in meaning, are divided into two main types - positive and negative, and these paired varieties of smiles, depending on their social, moral, aesthetic and other significance, are distinguished in the applied classification of aphorisms related to them. In this regard, various epithets are added to smiles, indicating their specificity: the immortal smile of Gagarin and the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa, charming and unpleasant smiles, cheerful and sad smiles, smart and stupid smiles, good and evil smiles.

Smiling as a means of communication is part of nonverbal (wordless) language. Every person should strive to master the art of smiling. The ability to master the wonderful language of a smile, the art of depicting and recognizing smiles is especially necessary for young people. This book can help young boys and girls acquire such knowledge and skills. Therefore, she should become a good companion to every young man.

I would be grateful to all readers who are willing and able to send their reviews and additional materials to this collection, which will be used in its new edition (e-mail).

Ivan Savelyev

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