How to become more beautiful and attractive for a girl who is well-groomed without makeup, slim and smart

The perfect girl.

She is the one all guys dream about, she is the one all the girls look up to.

She is good at everything, easily achieves goals, and boldly goes through life.

How to become an ideal girl ,” think the fair sex, “how to become the very best?”

It is not easy to live up to the ideal, but the most difficult thing is to understand what this ideal is, what its components are.

Who should I ask?

I think it is reasonable to ask the opinion of both men and women on this issue in order to create a complete portrait of the ideal girl and begin to work hard on yourself.


How to become the ideal woman for a Capricorn, Aries or Leo man? Beautiful and well-groomed girls always stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t matter what zodiac sign a guy has, it’s the well-groomed ones that brave knights rush to the aid.

It is to them that the best songs are dedicated and millions of dollars in wealth are laid at their feet. You need to try to get the most out of your appearance.

You may not have super-correct facial features or ideal model parameters, the main thing is to be well-groomed. What is included in this concept:

  • smooth and silky curls;
  • healthy ends that are trimmed on time;
  • radiant and clean skin;
  • well-shaped eyebrows;
  • White teeth;
  • Mani Pedi;
  • neat clothes;
  • delicious body odor.

There is no need to get all puffed up or put all the best on yourself at once. Proper grooming looks ala naturel, and it has a magnetic effect on men at the subconscious level.

This is quite strange, but when a guy sees a well-groomed girl, associations arise in his head that she is completely healthy. And males by nature are drawn to those who can breed healthy offspring for them.

In our other articles, we examined in detail the questions of how to look expensive and well-groomed and how to look stylish without special expenses.

6 Generosity

Oh no, I won’t tell you now how great it is to be generous and throw money left and right. This will bring you nothing but free money hungry girls.

I propose to go the opposite way and show you what makes you an ordinary and gray (not standing out from the crowd) guy. Even if you are already in a relationship.

So, this is demonstrative stinginess . I had such a case in a budding relationship - I was walking around the city with a guy, I wanted to drink, he said - now we’ll buy it. We taxi into the store, take what he wants, go to the checkout, where there is a small line. He hands over the bill and pays. The cashier gives the change and my gentleman begins to count the coins that she gave him. Carefully transferring coins from one hand to another. The line is waiting, I'm waiting. Then he nodded to the cashier that everything was correct, and we left. What the?

As he later told me, he always controls his finances. Isn't it easier then to control them without removing them from the card? - No, you need to withdraw everything so that the bank does not use your money illegally.

In general, he always had this behavior - both when paying for movie tickets and in restaurants. He didn’t leave a tip, so I took mine out and tucked it into the bill.

So, guys, it’s VERY, VERY unpleasant when the money spent on a girl is so pointedly counted, sorted out, and the change is carefully checked. I stand next to him and feel how sorry he is for this money. How he does NOT want to spend them and part with them. And the reason for this is me. Do you know what I mean?

I offered to split the bills a hundred times, buy the tickets myself (for two), but of course, he doesn’t agree to that. He is a man, he invites. In general, do not repeat such mistakes. I quickly broke up with him, and I remember with horror all these “invitations” and outings into society.

What kind of man is this? If next to him you feel like a beggar, and not a desired girl.

Conclusion - if you are greedy, there is no need to publicly demonstrate it. It's off-putting. It’s better to honestly say that you feel sorry for spending money on empty entertainment; I’d rather buy you a bag, Masha. Well, this is if you want to do something nice for a girl.

Positive attitude

A girl should be happy with herself, happy with life, the sun and even the rain that recently passed. It is much more pleasant to communicate with a person who is satisfied.

Who needs all this suffering, negative attitude, self-doubt, discussion and judgment of others? They are the ones who drag us to the bottom, infecting others with similar things. Many men try to distance themselves from this, and girls begin to suffer even more from the fact that they were not pitied.

Unfortunately, now many CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and others) are depressed countries. They not only have a difficult centuries-old history, but also an unstable situation within the countries: wars, crisis, power and other negativity. And all this affects all the people who live there. Most women walk around gloomy, dissatisfied and tired.

You need to be the very sun that will illuminate and stir up all this gray quagmire. And it is precisely such a sunny person that people are drawn to in order to recharge their energy.

It’s easier to live with such a girl, easier to communicate and overcome obstacles. Because a man knows in advance that in any situation such a princess will try to find only the positives.

We have collected 5 techniques for you that will help you think correctly.

How to become beautiful and love yourself

Look people in the eyes

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The ability to look other people in the eyes shows a person's confidence. It also allows you to better establish contact with others.

Practice eye contact with acquaintances and friends first. Looking eye to eye speaks of interest in a person, and it is difficult to remain indifferent to this.

Ask questions

Although your own achievements and goals may receive the approval and respect of others, you can become much more attractive if you show interest in the knowledge and achievements of others.

Instead of being solely proud of your own merits, try asking questions and finding out what motivates people


A person who is interested in others instantly becomes more attractive.

Be kinder

Be kinder to others. If you act like an asshole, no matter what you look like, people won't want to be with you.

Scientifically, kindness can influence how attractive we find a person.

In a 2014 study published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences

people were shown photos accompanied by descriptions of positive character traits, they were rated as more beautiful
than when they were accompanied by negative character traits.

Do what brings you joy

Apart from all external factors, it is very important to remain truly happy. The stress and monotony of daily life can extinguish the spark of joy, leaving you looking sad all the time.

Take some time for yourself and do something that brings you joy, be it painting, cycling, music or cooking.

Even if the only thing that makes you happy is your morning coffee, create a ritual for yourself and fully enjoy this moment. Focus on pleasant sensations and do what makes your soul happy!

Build self-confidence

If you are not confident in yourself, you can train this quality in yourself.

Look at yourself in the mirror and find the angle that you like best or think is successful. Focus on your strengths and realize that those shortcomings that seem terrible to you are not worth worrying about.

You can turn not-so-attractive features into cute or unusual features. Be more patient and kind to yourself.

Active life position

How to become an ideal woman? In your life, you need to create the circumstances yourself to achieve your goals. It is important to build goals, live by goals and go towards them. Without some kind of dream, a person turns into a sack of potatoes, which gathers dust in the corner and gradually begins to rot.

You should not be afraid to take responsibility for your life. But this should not be confused with dominance and the acquisition of male balls of steel. There is no need to adjust anyone to yourself, go over your head and manipulate someone. You need to move towards your goals and negotiate with everyone carefully, like a woman.

Why do men like it? Because the majority of women are in the “passive” program. Most girls are inactive and cannot achieve anything in life. They don't want to work because they know their parents provide for them. Later they will find themselves some guy and will live at his expense.

Watching videos about highlighters on YouTube every day is happiness for them. But does a man need such a girl, who dangles her legs and expects something from him? Nobody says that every day she has to carry bags with a killed mammoth and cook for a company of soldiers. You can live at the expense of a man, but have your own hobbies and active life position.

You can read all the secrets between a man and a woman here, and also about how to praise your man.

What is she like - an ideal modern girl

Unusual hippie or top model

We are talking about two opposite types, but each of them has its fans. Hippies do not try to look glamorous, preferring to wear loose clothes without the slightest hint of sexuality. By the way, such girls can also wear men’s clothes – an African-style shirt, a cap, a sweatshirt. As a rule, hippie clothes look quite shabby, but at the same time stylish. They choose jewelry not from gold, but from simple materials, mostly handmade.

Typically, hippies grow their hair without touching it with dye unless necessary. Cosmetics are also not welcome - you can only occasionally apply eyeliner, but no glitter or bright lipstick. Despite the simplicity of the image, such girls look neat and interesting. They are interested in unusual music and films, love simple entertainment, and in general seem to be the embodiment of freedom and romance.

Top model. Girls of this type are very focused on their appearance. They meticulously take care of their skin and hair, experiment with makeup, do different hairstyles, and wear fashionable clothes and shoes. Such a girl almost always looks as if she is about to go to a photo shoot for the cover of a fashion magazine. Most often, they are connoisseurs of high-quality and expensive things, visit fitness clubs, know about all the popular establishments in the city and look inaccessible to most guys.

Open, smart and simple

Of all the types, such girls are perhaps the most popular with guys. They do not try to make a lasting impression with a chic outfit and do not flirt with young people left and right. First of all, representatives of this type see real friends in guys. They try to help them with advice, sincerely worry about other people’s failures and can find an approach to almost any person. At the same time, they are smart and are able to maintain a conversation on intellectual topics. However, such girls do not boast about it, trying to put their interlocutor in an uncomfortable position. It is easy to communicate with them because of their natural simplicity and openness.

A noble, intelligent and well-mannered lady with pride

A representative of this type is easy to recognize. Usually, nobility and good upbringing shine through in all her movements - she has impeccable manners, her speech is impeccable, and her posture is even. In front of such girls, guys at first begin to behave somewhat constrained, fearing they will “blurt out” something inappropriately.

Also, such ladies will never throw tantrums, make loud scandals in public, use foul language, and the like.

Modest or vulgar

Most guys are divided into two camps - some of them prefer exclusively modest girls, while others find it boring and prefer vulgar ones. Moreover, representatives of the first category are unlikely to be able to come to terms with the fact that their chosen one will “slap” - this will cause them persistent rejection already in the first stages of communication, while lovers of “cheeky” girls can spend some time trying to to liberate the “modest woman”.


This is not the passion that manifests itself in bed, but a feeling of passion for something or your man. Passionate people attract attention and make people watch them with pleasure. It’s always interesting to be with a girl who is charged with some kind of business, books, teachings.

Most women like absolutely nothing, they do nothing. They work at a job they don’t like, they get tired, they go to the gym out of inertia, because they don’t want to get fat. On the weekend, they’ll go out to a cafe with their girlfriends, and that’s it.

And then this dialogue:

He: “Are you burning with something?”

She: “No. I don't burn at anything. I love to eat. And some wine.”


Unexpected bullshit, but it fucking works!

We have already completed everything that the doctor prescribed. Now is the time to go from the other side and philosophize.

What is beauty? We are talking specifically about human charm. Some confidently claim that these are pleasant facial features, behavior, and emotions that are evoked by a person of a certain appearance. But in fact, no one really “dug up” anything on this topic!

They know only one thing - “beauty is a subjective phenomenon.” This means that this pimply, short girl, whom you wouldn’t even glance at, broke your neighbor’s heart, and that red-haired girl who comes to you in a dream seems ugly to your friend.

The magic is in some people's ability to reflect beauty. Damn, it turned out loud!

Continuing the topic, here is another algorithm of actions that should help you become more attractive to yourself and others:

  1. Fill yourself with beauty. Every second we seem to be chewing on the outer world, filling our inner one with it. Even while reading these lines, you absorb information, eating away from it what you consider useful. The moral of this fable is this: eat beautiful things and phenomena - you will reflect beauty. Surround yourself with pleasant things, eye-catching people, positive pictures, sounds - wherever you spit, there should be charm everywhere! Well, if you’re used to sniffing the crap of this world all the time, then you’ll remain that way!
  2. Express beauty. To be beautiful, you need to radiate this phenomenon. We have absorbed the good - so that it does not die inside - we reflect it. The easiest way to do this is through good manners. Instead of gossip, constant grumbling, discussing the shortcomings of your klutz neighbor, try to be polite, smiling, and do a good deed. You can take your grandmother across the road, but what? The second option is definitely more effective - get creative, just express yourself through the beautiful. You can draw humorous comics, sew cute animals, collect these nice bouquets. In other words, create your own enjoyable activity for the soul!
  3. Don't drink or smoke. An attractive appearance is a healthy appearance. Both tobacco and alcohol are not the most reliable comrades in preserving this valuable gift. And if you also consider that few of us can confidently say that they do not suffer from chronic diseases, we can completely forget about these pleasures of life.
  4. Turn your flaws into features. It's about the charisma that each of us possesses. It is important to feel it within yourself. A big nose won’t turn into a snob that everyone around you can see if you don’t think and worry about it all the time. Glasses can easily turn from an inconvenient accessory for a nearsighted person into a stylish addition that will make your image even more beautiful. After all, for the most part, you decide for yourself what is beautiful and what is not!
  5. Transform your face. No need to take a scalpel! A person's face can change over time, and we are not talking about signs of aging. If you protrude your lips a little and make them into a bow (without fanaticism), they will gradually become visually plumper, narrow eyes will “open” with the help of special exercises, and drooping eyebrows will rise if you periodically “play” with them in front of the mirror. It damn works! It’s not for nothing that spouses who live together become similar in appearance over time: all because they adopt not only each other’s habits and phrases, but also facial expressions.

We gradually move from the simple to more difficult-to-understand advice. And next in line is a discussion of the psychological aspects of beauty.

Feminine energy

How to become the ideal woman to drive hundreds of men crazy? Feminine energy is a fundamental quality that constantly needs to be pumped up.

If a girl doesn’t have it, then there’s nothing in her. This is just a body that gets up at 6 in the morning for work, jostles on the bus with the rest of the sprats in the jar, chaotically taps on the keyboard or shuffles papers in the office, after work goes to the store, watches a TV series and goes to bed.

In the CIS, by default, most people are tired. Not only from your life, but from the situation in general. They wake up in the morning and they are already tired. A dull look, drooping corners of the lips, a tortured gait. Most women live as if they are on their last legs.

Even zombies are drawn to someone who has living energy. And to show off the queen’s gait, you need energy, to shine, you need energy, to make a great joke, you need energy, to influence or charm people, you need energy.

How to pump this one up? Health, nutrition, sleep, proper schedule, meditation. We'll talk about this in more detail a little later. All this is within us, we just need to wake up and properly promote the energy. In the meantime, try introducing the “sticky look” technique and practice charming guys.

Nutrition: healthy food is the key to beauty

We all know that we need to eat right to look more well-groomed. We know, but we don't always do it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to cook or if you love cakes. Health doesn’t care how we justify ourselves. Admit it, it happens that we convince ourselves that something so delicious cannot be so harmful?

How to start eating right?

Just take it and do it. There is no other way. You want to be well-groomed and beautiful. Cast aside your doubts. Don’t think that it’s so difficult, and that life will turn into sheer gloom when you sit and sadly pick at a plate of steamed broccoli, and nothing else.

I do not advise going to extremes, this can also be bad!

Just add more vegetables and fruits (preferably fresh) to your diet, replace buns with whole grain bread, and eat cereals. If you like meat, eat it in moderation. Substitute fish occasionally. Boil or bake your food. Believe me, you don’t have to fry everything for it to be delicious! You can cook wonderful dishes in the oven, air fryer or slow cooker.

Personal space2

Being with each other 24 hours a day is very difficult. Only the mother devotes 100% of her time to her newborn child, because he cannot survive without the care of an adult.

The man next to you is not a child at all. This is an adult, mature personality with his own social circle, interests and a certain set of habits. Only a very young person who has not yet grown up herself can force him to drop everything and sit next to him, so she wants her beloved to always be there, like her parents.

An intelligent woman will be supportive if her partner does what is interesting to him sometimes without her, and he will certainly appreciate such a delicate other half.


It is sometimes very important for a man to be jealous of the women around him in order to show him your reverent attitude. However, groundless jealousy can push your lover away, since constantly justifying himself in your eyes and nagging exhausts a man not only emotionally, but also physically.

And most likely the previous one, since she is already in the past, made a similar mistake. How to become better than your ex? Jealousy is the sourness in your sweet relationship, so there should be a measured amount of it.

Happiness every day6

A man loves a happy woman next to him, it was with her that he once fell in love. In those eyes sparkling with joy, a wide smile and a ringing laugh like a bell! All these factors were clearly present in the beloved before him!

Therefore, it is very important to be able to be happy regardless of time and space, as well as whether your loved one is nearby. Yes, his presence is the most important thing, it fills your life with new meaning, however, you should not make only a man responsible for your happiness. Show your lover that you can take care of your little daily happiness, and therefore of him.

Only sexOnly

The time of overly unavailable women who were hidden behind castle walls is over. And now any girl herself determines the boundaries of what is permitted and the beginning of an intimate relationship. A worthy man can wait and respect a woman’s wishes, but with him, like with any other, you need to be the best and most memorable lover.

Great sex is 50% of the success in your relationship. In order to lay such a foundation, you need to constantly study your partner’s body. Take the time to show interest and learn about all the erogenous zones. And of course, sometimes go beyond standard sexual intercourse and give your partner unique sensations - give him those feelings that he has never experienced.

Hairstyle: one of the most important details of your look

Sadly, unkempt hair can ruin your entire look, even if you've spent a lot of time and effort taking care of your skin and nails. Hair is a problematic issue for many women. Few people can boast that they washed their hair - and beauty.

What does well-groomed hair look like?

Lush, shiny, voluminous. Most of us, in order to achieve this effect, have to do styling and use different products for unruly hair. Because of all this, the hair is deteriorating and something needs to be done about it. At a minimum, cut the ends at least once every two months and promptly refresh the shade of your hair if you dye it. It is also important to provide constant hair care at home. Choose a shampoo for your hair type and a good conditioner.

Experiment, try products from different companies.

If you blow-dry your hair, try not to over-dry it and leave it slightly damp. In the summer, when it’s warm and cozy, you don’t have to dry your hair at all. If you use a straightener, try not to do it every day, give your hair a rest. And use products to protect your hair from high temperatures.

I am 100% sure__100

Forget about complexes, stop looking back and delving into yourself, wondering if you are worse than his ex - these are some of the most important steps that a woman must overcome on the path to her happiness with the man of her dreams.

Constant complaints and attempts to feel sorry for themselves seem to men not like cute manifestations of weakness, but disgusting female whims. You need to behave in such a way that a man knows the value of any word you say and understands that in front of him is a real person who presents himself and behaves as he sees fit.

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