How to quickly unlearn swearing and how to replace obscene language: 5 strong tips

To stop swearing, you need, firstly, to want it, and secondly, to change your environment. When a person swears in a circle of people like him, swearing is considered the norm. Nobody stops, shames, or is indignant. So everything is fine. You can continue to “speak eloquently.” In order for swearing to move aside, you need to realize that swearing is ugly, uncivilized and shameful. The level of his upbringing and social affiliation is determined by the way a person speaks.

Where did the mats come from and how do they harm?

Surprisingly, communication with mats in such abundance is typical only for Slavic peoples. Although there is a version that the Tatars and Mongols introduced obscene language to us when they came to seize our lands. But, as the history of Slavic philology says, mats are only Slavic vocabulary.

Interestingly, there are only 3 swear words, which denote male and female genitalia, as well as sexual intercourse itself. But now you won’t surprise anyone with anatomical names, so why did swear words become curse words and foul language?

The Slavs have long attached great importance to childbearing, since the well-being of an individual family depended on it: many children - a lot of labor - the wealth of the family. And these words were “protected” in every possible way so as not to jinx them. They were not used in conversation. But then they began to be used by sorcerers and sorcerers who cast spells on people.

Then the lower strata of society began to scold: slaves who had served time in prisons, girls selling themselves. So gradually obscenities began to enter people’s speech and be used without relation to the object. Today they are often used to link words in a sentence to show their “coolness”, that “the law is not written to me.” This is a kind of protest against existing censorship rules.

Much has been said about the influence of such words on the human psyche. And their negative impact, by the way, has been confirmed by scientific research. Now in the Russian Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church), swear words are considered demonic. Actually, even before, they were considered a call on oneself and one’s kind of dark forces.

If a person swears, he curses himself, his family and clan. I didn't make this up. Just look at the meaning of the swear word starting with the letter “e,” which in Old Church Slavonic means “to curse.”

And now some scientific facts. Having become interested in the question of the influence of swearing on humans and all living things, Academician P. Garyaev proved that protein chromosomes in our body absorb all the information and use it for growth and development. Our genes respond to incoming information that has the power to change them. How does this happen?

Under the influence of constant swear words, the structure of water changes (a person consists of 75% of it), molecular chains change their properties, and the genetic code of heredity changes. Mutated genes lead to accelerated aging of a person, diseases of the offspring, and shortened life.

How does swearing affect DNA?

A powerful destructive force is hidden in foul language. If you have such a bad habit, don’t blame someone because your child is often sick or you have problems in the family. It turns out that you are bringing them upon yourself?!

Believe it or not, here's another scientific fact. In countries where swear words that attack the reproductive organs are not used, there are practically no Down's diseases or cerebral palsy. For example, in the east you rarely meet a person with obscene language, and there are fewer seriously ill children there.

Positive thinking and good music

Those who have realized that there is no need to swear and have seriously decided to eradicate this bad habit can be advised to be positive. After all, many of us begin to swear precisely when something makes us nervous.

  • You need to try to distract yourself from irritating factors and not pay special attention to them.
  • You need to try to develop resistance to stressful situations and not worry about trifles.
  • Don't be annoyed by the sudden rain or lack of money at the nearest ATM.

Those who are constantly thinking about how to stop swearing need to listen to as much good music as possible.

These can be classical works or any other beautiful compositions. To make sure that swearing to music is much more difficult, you can conduct a simple experiment. While listening to your favorite tune, try swearing and see what happens.

If at the moment when you feel the urge to swear, there is no music nearby, you can start quietly humming your favorite song instead of bad words.

Reasons why a person swears

To wean yourself from swearing, it’s not enough to just shut up and that’s it. It is important to understand the reason why you urgently need this.

The psychological reason is the ban of society on the pronunciation of such words. Some people subconsciously do not accept prohibitions. Therefore, I will show how cool, independent I am, and I don’t care about other people’s barriers.

But this is a deep misconception of man. It is he who becomes dependent on such words, not finding others in the conversation. Have you noticed that men often use such words? It is important for them to show themselves as “handsome”. People start using swear words out of uncertainty and lack of support from loved ones.

Another reason for foul language in adulthood is constant stress. A person cannot stop cursing, as this will leave him alone with his fears. What impression does a swearing man give us? That's right, he expresses aggressiveness and increases the distance.

In fact, frightened and emotionally crippled people vigorously use swear words. It’s as if they were saying: “Just touch me, I’ll hit you!” You can often hear: “This is how I express my emotions” or “Sorry, I freaked out!” But mentally healthy people learn and know how to control their emotions and do not allow themselves to become extra crazy.

This is why children who feel pathological insecurity and misunderstanding begin to swear. If you want to wean your child from this bad habit, first of all show him that he is protected and understood.

Why do people curse

To believe that the reason lies in lack of education is stupid. Indeed, nowadays everyone can easily find a way to quickly increase their cultural level.

Obviously, swear words should be ordinary atavisms. Therefore, the reason must be looked for in something else.

Mat helps to assert oneself

Swearing is not just a part of the language, and not even just a language, but a special phenomenon. It exists and is actively used. However, there is a social ban on the use of such language.

Prohibitions, as a rule, are violated for one of two reasons: either out of naivety or out of fear. Therefore, those whose speech is not complete without obscene expressions certainly cannot be classified as happy people.

By demonstrating his aggression, a person thereby, without realizing it, is trying to hide his weaknesses and self-doubt.

The more confused a person is, the more often he turns to swear words. This is akin to the behavior of an aggressive animal that is frightened by something and at the same time furious. It growls, hisses and shows its fangs.

Thus, teenagers use swear words, fearing that they will not be accepted for who they are. After all, it is much easier to assert yourself by following common principles, that is, by trying to be like everyone else.

And when people grow up, a large burden of responsibility falls on their shoulders. And they continue to swear, trying to drown out their fear of possible failures.

And the worst thing is when people swear at their interlocutors. By insulting them, they begin to feel superior. But, of course, this feeling is actually deceptive. After all, someone who calmly endures even the worst words addressed to him is certainly much higher in moral and ethical terms than his aggressive interlocutor.


Another reason why people swear is laziness, unwillingness to come up with something. Indeed, it is much easier to use some “hackneyed” phrase than to try to construct any complex sentences in your head.

But laziness must be fought. Otherwise, the ability to speak beautifully in competent Russian will soon be completely lost.

Frequent stressful situations

Today there is no need to prove once again that a swear word or an entire expression helps to release accumulated anger. There are many reasons for stress and conflict in the modern world.

A person uses swearing to protect himself from the outside world. In this case, its behavior can be compared to a hedgehog that has curled up into a ball and exposed its needles.

Such a person always experiences discomfort and gradually stops paying attention to other people’s problems, increasingly losing his loyalty.

How to replace swear words

When you refuse to use such a familiar combination of words in a sentence, you need to fill it with something - you have to look for what words to replace obscenities or filler swear words.

There are entire dictionaries that help replace swear words with cultural expressions. Besides, when you try to do this, there will be no trace of negative emotions left - it sounds so funny. In addition to getting rid of foul language, you will look and feel like a happy person. So, you can replace swear words with comic word constructions.

Sometimes, with strong emotions, the names of diseases are used: idiocy, down, moron, etc. But this is still a literary language. In addition, you can force the other person not to swear.

And also read books. They will expand your vocabulary and allow you to speak competently on various topics.

How to stop swearing at a girl in a week

Very rare people may like swearing girls. Do you understand this and want to stop swearing quickly?

Learn some helpful tips:

  • Find a calming hobby. Cross-stitching, drawing, tailoring and other handicrafts will help you forget, take your mind off troubles, and reduce the level of aggression.
  • Attend performances, performances by your favorite bands, and exhibitions more often to improve your mood. Do you prefer active recreation? Ride a bike, skate, ski.
  • Chat with your friends, tell them about your experiences - this will help throw out the negativity. Combine a meeting with a friend with shopping – another well-known “female” medicine.
  • If you want to stop swearing faster, read more. This useful hobby will significantly increase your usual vocabulary.
  • Start counting the swear words spoken during the day, and try to reduce them to a minimum every day.
  • Communicate on the Internet, make new acquaintances. In front of unfamiliar people, we try to show ourselves in a better light and control ourselves more productively.
  • Read poems from your favorite classics. Sometimes repeat the memorized lines mentally - this will distract you and gradually wean you from foul language.

How to remove swearing from your speech and improve your life

To improve your life, including weaning yourself from swearing, you can take an online course or training. Learning from a person who has walked this path will help you believe in yourself and achieve what exactly you want in this life.

For me, such a person is Pavel Volya.

His online course “Improver Express” will teach 3 main things: initiative, action and efficiency.

The training consists of 23 chips. It was they who helped Volya turn from a simple beggar Penza guy into the highest paid presenter of the TNT channel and my favorite stand-up comedian. According to Forbes magazine, Pavel earns $2.5 million annually.

The course is suitable for both men and women from 16 years of age.

How the training will take place:

  1. You receive theory and practical assignment.
  2. Do it.
  3. If you did it right, move on to the next one.

If you don’t mess around and do all your homework responsibly, then pleasant changes await you: at work, in your personal life, with relatives and friends. This will lead to more money, connections and success.

Cost – 15,000 rubles. with access forever, but there is also the opportunity to take the course for 3,000 rubles.

If within 2 weeks you decide that the course is not suitable for you, your money will be returned.

After registering for training, a girl from Pavel’s team will contact you and answer all your questions regarding the training. You will discuss payment terms with her.

Also in this article you will find reviews of all courses of the “Willpower” project from Pavel and Laysan Utyasheva.

Practical advice

So, we decided that we had crossed all boundaries: swearing had firmly entered our lives. To fight him and yourself, the same methods are suitable as when fighting parasitic words.

Among the proposed methods there are also very radical ones. For example, wrap an ordinary rubber band around your hand. And with every strong word that comes out, pull it, and then release it so that it hits your hand as painfully as possible.

As a result, “bad” words will be associated with pain. For greater effect, it is even recommended to use a stun gun. However, this is not far from masochism.

We punish ourselves with “rubles”

You can have a piggy bank where you throw money every time a word pops up that isn’t a sparrow—you won’t catch it. The job is done - we pay the fine.

But this method will only be effective if the piggy bank belongs to someone else, and our money will float away from us.

After all, we will want to fill our own piggy bank faster, which will not encourage us to forget swear words.

What else can you do?

For those who don’t know how to stop swearing, you can give one more valuable piece of advice. For everything to work out, you need to enlist the support of family or friends. It is advisable to ask someone who is constantly nearby to remind you of the need to be more restrained and control your speech.

For every swear word that comes out of your mouth, give yourself a painful slap on the wrist with a rubber band. As a result, after a short time, obscene language will become associated with pain and will forever leave your vocabulary.

If you believe most modern scientists, then in order to permanently eradicate any bad habit that has formed, it will take only 21 days. In some particularly advanced cases, this takes a little longer. But, one way or another, it is the first three weeks that are considered extremely important.

After all, according to experts, during this period the foundation is laid that allows you to gradually move towards your goal.

Throughout our lives, we often encounter people who use swear words in their everyday speech. A cultured person initially reacts to this calmly, although inside himself he is very indignant.

But we still really want to be surrounded by people who adhere to certain standards of decency in communication, especially when it comes to being around women and children. On the one hand, it seems that it is quite simple to restrain yourself from expressing rude emotions in verbal form, but on the other hand, many residents of our country never cease to ask themselves the same question: how to stop swearing?

Who will win?

Swear words are unusually tenacious, like cockroaches, the unsuccessful fight against which lasts for millennia. Despite drastic measures aimed at combating them, their use has not decreased.

On July 1, 2014, a law came into force in Russia that prohibited the use of profanity in public places, in particular on television and radio, during the public performance of works of art and in film distribution. This process is controlled by Rospotrebnadzor, which imposes fines on offenders - both ordinary citizens and officials and legal entities.

But, as you know, it is the forbidden fruit that is sweet. “When something is prohibited, you want it even more,” “... the temptation is stronger, the stricter the ban,” wrote the classics. So it is unlikely that the amendments to the law “On the State Language”, designed to protect the population from swearing, will play a significant, or even any, role in the fight against foul language. Unless they will allow some replenishment of the treasury through fines.

The jokers proposed their own version of combating profanity, namely: replacing swear words and expressions with cultural ones that carry exactly the same semantic load. For example:

  • stuck - you are too annoying;
  • it? - your behavior does not meet my expectations;
  • went to... - don’t distract me, I’m busy;
  • we missed it - it seems we didn’t take something into account;
  • don’t piss—don’t say nonsense (nonsense);
  • - someone took something that was lying badly.

And so on.


Every parent understands well why teenagers swear. To assert oneself, to demonstrate one’s maturity, to control the situation, to protect oneself from the control of elders. And despite understanding the reasons, parents of teenagers often act incorrectly, using ineffective strategies:

  • directive prohibitions;
  • hypercontrol;
  • strict punishments, restrictions, deprivations;
  • ultimatums;
  • scandals.

A teenager wants to be equal in rights, but is not ready to accept equal responsibilities. He wants to be an adult, but is neither psychologically nor physically ready for adult stress. The optimal way to communicate with a teenager is cooperation, partnership with elements of the child’s dependence on the adult. Even friendship will be inappropriate here, since friends are a select category in which parents are not included.

Take workarounds. Help your teenage child to assert himself through creativity, sporting achievements, and successful learning. Support your son or daughter's idols, but teach them to rationally evaluate the appearance and behavior of stars.

Offer to understand the meaning of your favorite song, just like in a literature lesson. Allow your child to argue and argue, encourage the ability to express thoughts without swearing. And at the same time, ask for what purpose the author of the rap single used an obscene speech structure: to enhance the effect (there are brighter words, after all!) or simply there was no other rhyme?

Be a good example for children

Many people really don't know how to stop swearing. But they really want to do this, guided by the fact that they do not want their children to repeat swear words. In order not to “infect” the younger generation with your bad habit, you need to constantly monitor your own speech.

Under no circumstances should you swear in front of children.

After all, they very quickly absorb not only the good, but also the bad. Therefore, your main goal should be to establish complete control over your words. When you feel an irresistible urge to curse, try to switch your attention to something else.

You can do gymnastics at this moment. Physical exercise is considered one of the most effective ways to overcome aggression.

We all come from childhood

The culture of Russian speech should be instilled from infancy. But the reality is that many of our compatriots absorb swearing literally with their mother’s milk. If a child grows up in a family where mother, father, close relatives, as well as their friends and acquaintances do not mince words, then, naturally, he adopts this style of communication.

But childhood ends someday, and a person enters a time when he can analyze the actions of himself and those around him and try to figure out how to behave. For example, a teenager is already quite capable of choosing which books to read and with whom to be friends. The same applies to the manner of speaking.

If you understand for yourself that using obscenities is wrong, then you don’t need to follow the lead of your relatives and those around you, row against the tide as best you can! Let your loved ones talk as they want, but you should feel like an independent and independent person. This will evoke nothing but respect from those around you.

Don't make mistakes

Almost all adults forget that they were children too, misbehaving and breaking the rules.

You should not try to turn your children into those you yourself could not become. Let them develop their own selves. A harmoniously growing person does not need to rebel to prove his worth.

Pedagogical climate

Weaning away from evil is through understanding. It is worth accepting that the son is really talented in folk dancing, and mathematics is a cosmic distance for him. My daughter likes architecture and design, and not at all the need to continue the dynasty of physiologists. Overcoming any psychological difficulties and behavioral problems lies in self-acceptance and approval of loved ones. Provide both!

Be purposeful

In your desire to change your child’s behavior, pursue one single goal - to help him become better, and not just wean him from swearing. And there is absolutely no need to voice your goals out loud. Just know what exactly you want and act comprehensively, systematically and rationally.

Act consistently

Consistency suggests that the rules of good speech are for everyone. There is no situation in which dad is allowed to utter a colorful interjection. “A very well-mannered plumber constantly says while working: “Look!”

Shame is a bad helper

Don't confuse it with shyness! Shyness is a positive character quality, shame is a strong negative emotion. The feeling of shame entails the experience of guilt, and guilt leads to isolation, decreased self-esteem and aggression. Verbal aggression increases under the influence of shame.

Correct censure

To understand this principle, decide for yourself: do you not like your child or are his actions unpleasant? Surely only actions. They are the ones who should be condemned. The child himself must remain selflessly loved.

How to reprimand a child who swears:

  • Optimal : “You probably wanted to say that you are dissatisfied?”
  • Acceptable : “I don’t like how bad you swear; It doesn’t make me feel proud of you.”
  • Unacceptable : “You are a rude, unscrupulous, disgusting goofball. I didn’t raise you like that.”

Empty prohibitions have no meaning

Strict guidelines and prohibitions create a desire to break them. To comply with child psychology, they must be rational and justified, and everyone must be offered an alternative behavior - what to do instead of what is prohibited.

Reading classics and changing your social circle

People who don’t know how to stop swearing can be recommended to read more classical works. Literature not only helps to polish your speech, but also allows you to tune in to the positive.

There is another important point in this matter that definitely needs to be paid attention to. Before you stop swearing, you need to reconsider your own social circle.

It is advisable to refuse friendship with people whose vocabulary is filled with obscene expressions. You should remember that the less often you meet with such people, the less often you will swear. You need to communicate exclusively with those who watch their speech and do not use swear words.

Humiliating responses

Let's learn to be rude beautifully. Humiliate the boor.

  • You look great! Did you drink yesterday?
  • Let me tell you a story that will make you become a complete idiot. Although no, I see you’ve already heard this story.
  • Don't be afraid, I won't beat you. Nowadays you can get a prison sentence for beating animals!”
  • Okay, you win, you have more chromosomes.
  • Why do you look at me like I'm stupid? I'm not your reflection.
  • You're at the bottom of the ocean. There's nowhere for you to fall.
  • Even fate makes mistakes. One of them is you.
  • It’s too vile of me to humiliate you; life has already given you a hard time.
  • I don't even know how to help you. Would you like me to give you the empty bottles?
  • You are a decent and modest person, but you don’t know how to show it.
  • Who are you? I know, I know - you're nobody.
  • Make-up suits you a la moron.
  • You remind me of the ocean. I was already starting to feel sick.
  • I made an agreement with an employee of the Kunstkamera. He said that he would let you go there during your lifetime.
  • I believe in the power of the human personality, but apparently you are not a person.

Historical reference

One of the most common versions of the appearance of swear words in Rus' is the influence of the languages ​​of the Tatar and Turkic tribes. However, analysis of the vocabulary shows that this is incorrect. Russian swearing is of Slavic origin, and there are four well-known roots in both Macedonian and Slovenian languages.

There is an opinion that swear words were often used in pagan rituals, and later, demons and all kinds of evil spirits could be called such words. Most likely, obscene expressions became taboo with the advent of Christianity. This is why you cannot swear in Orthodoxy. Also, over time, the semantics of the language changed, and once harmless words, such as the name of the letter “X (dick),” took on obscene meanings.

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