How to get rid of immaturity and why to do it

When we hear the word “infantile,” we imagine an adult who cannot cope with life on his own. For example, to make decisions, he needs to turn to the older generation. Such a pathology, we think, will not affect us. In fact, infantilism has many different forms. This could be a negative and violent reaction to a loss or a fear of building close relationships. It turns out that this is a child’s reaction in adulthood. In the article we will look at what consequences child behavior can have in adulthood and how to get rid of immaturity.

Types of infantilism

Psychological immaturity can manifest itself both in external behavior and in internal processes. Next, we will consider the most common manifestations of infantility in women.

Inability (unwillingness) to take responsibility

A mature person is capable of healthy responsibility for current events. If a girl in a relationship consistently blames her partner for all the difficulties, then we can safely talk about her lack of maturity.

You need to understand that sometimes a person behaves this way unconsciously. The root of this behavior may be the fear of not being able to cope with the task or the fear of evaluation.

Demonstrative behavior

Most teenagers will do anything to get attention. This is a variant of the norm during a crisis of adolescence. If a person continues to seek universal attention after reaching adulthood, then this is a clear sign of infantilism.

The "victim" position

Suffering because things don’t turn out the way we imagined is not only a futile exercise, but also a sign of infantilism

Jorge Bucay

When faced with life's difficulties, a harmonious person will strive to correct the situation. The inability to demonstrate volitional effort and the tendency to “get stuck” on a feeling of helplessness are directly related to infantilism.


Most researchers agree that this happens not due to some organic brain disorder, but due to various defects in a person’s upbringing. Infantile people tend to stubbornly avoid any responsibility for their own lives, since they prefer to shift it onto the shoulders of those closest to them.

Infantility is often confused with infantilism, although these are two completely different concepts. The first of them is based on the conscious avoidance of the pain of making serious decisions, and the second is due to an objective reason, such as pathology during the formation of the fetus inside the womb. Infantilism is expressed in a clear discrepancy between an individual’s behavioral reactions and his actual age. Most often it is diagnosed when the child enters school.

This pathological condition is difficult to treat therapeutically. The article will discuss the causes, symptoms and methods of solving psychological infantilism as a problem that can significantly ruin a person’s life.


The causes of infantility may be different, but it manifests itself in a similar way. We can highlight the main features that distinguish infantile women.

  1. Gullibility. Infants are not prone to critical thinking, so they have a poor understanding of people. They quickly let the person into their close circle and begin to see him as a friend. For this reason, such individuals are often deceived.
  2. Selfishness. Infantile women cannot take care of others; this is alien to them. They take into account only their own interests and desires, neglecting the opinions of others. In family relationships, this quality greatly interferes.
  3. Spontaneity. Actions and decisions are born not as a result of meaningful reasoning, but as a consequence of an emotional impulse. It is difficult for infantile individuals to explain why they acted one way or another. Usually this happens by itself as a result of a momentary desire.
  4. Fear of loneliness. The inability to independently organize your life leads to dependence on other people. Infantile ladies cannot do without parents, friends and husbands, as they constantly need help and support. As Richard Dawkins said, “There is something infantile about expecting someone else to bring purpose into your life.”
  5. Moodiness. For infantile women there is only one motivation - I want it this way. Other people's opinions don't matter. They want to get everything in one second, without thinking about whether it is possible. Such behavior always burdens others.

  1. Reluctance to take responsibility. When a person grows up surrounded by caring loved ones who try to protect him from all the hardships of life, a lack of independence inevitably arises. Infantilism is the unwillingness to be responsible for one’s life and actions. Such women are always sure that someone will correct their mistakes, that in a difficult situation someone will come who can solve all the problems.
  2. Fear of criticism. The ability to take criticism is a sign of intelligence. This quality indicates that a person is ready to analyze his shortcomings and draw conclusions. For infantile women, this is a too long and uninteresting thought process. Therefore, criticism turns into ordinary negativity for them.
  3. Lack of point of view. Infantile women tend to succumb to the opinions of others. They cannot and do not want to defend their position, preferring to join the majority. The problem is not even that women with such traits prefer to abandon their own views for the sake of others, but precisely the lack of a point of view.
  4. Inability to plan actions. It is difficult for such women to predict in advance what consequences this or that action may lead to, and they do not want to do this. It’s easier for them to live without thinking about tomorrow and without planning their week, month, and even more so the year. They prefer not to think about the next step.

  1. Closeness. All reasoning of infantile women is superficial. They do not try to penetrate into the depths of events and understand their causes. Education for them is not a way to gain new knowledge, but simply an action for show.

Definition of an infantile woman

By infantilism, psychologists understand immaturity, manifested in behavior, thinking, and appearance. In this case, these criteria do not coincide with biological age and do not correspond to generally accepted norms in society.

A woman can show infantilism at different periods of her life. Some show a tendency towards childishness at 25–30 years old. Others behave like girls even after 40–45.

Sometimes female infantilism is conscious. In this case, it is much easier to deal with it. In other situations, a person may not be fully aware that his behavior or appearance has childish characteristics.

The state of infantilism can take two main forms. If a woman looks significantly younger than her true age, they speak of a physical version of this phenomenon. Teenage behavior is considered as psychological infantilism.

Reasons: why doesn't she want to grow up?

The main primary source of female infantilism is childhood. Children who were not denied anything, whose whims were fulfilled at the first word, do not want to become adults and take on the burden of responsibility. Spoiled children often grow up in single-parent families, where mothers try to give their child everything they can to compensate for the absence of a father.

The lack of a child's right to vote in family matters has similar consequences. This leads to the fact that, growing up, a woman simply does not know how to take responsibility and always waits for someone else to do it for her.

Another cause of infantilism is lack of attention during adolescence. As women get older, they try to compensate for this feeling and continue to behave like children.

Excessive guardianship on the part of a man who does not give a woman independence can also lead to the appearance of signs of immaturity.

There are many stories on the Internet about how to deal with infantilism, for example

Infantile - a child inside an adult

What do we imagine when we hear the phrase “infantile person”?

1. Irresponsible, prone to rash actions, in a word, an adult who does not want to grow up or cannot do without outside help. He does not realize the consequences of his decisions, does not think about what his rash actions will lead to. What can we say, he’s like a child: he doesn’t understand prohibitions when he really wants something.

2. Many of the infants would rather get into a fight to defend their interests instead of simply discussing the problem.

3. Infants will come up with a lot of excuses for doing nothing. They are looking for those responsible for failures. They turn the arrows on anyone, just not to look at themselves. You can’t build a dialogue with such people, because it turns out that the people around you, the conditions around you, anyone but the infantile must change.

Any psychotherapist will tell you that it is sometimes difficult to help infants. Adults sacrifice their pride in order to build healthy, reliable and lasting relationships. Problems can be solved if the partner admits mistakes and wants to change. But infantiles are not capable of change, so their communication with others, as well as with their other half, resembles a cheap performance. They will angrily talk about how inadequate their partner is, despite looking at themselves from the outside. However, if your efforts to convince the infantile to work on themselves are crowned with success, they will still sit and wait for those around them to adapt to their whims. This, naturally, does not happen, the problems deepen, and the life of infantiles becomes even more difficult.


Psychotherapist and psychoanalyst Vadim Musnikov gives the following definition of this phenomenon:

Mental infantilism is a lag in psychological development, a discrepancy between behavior and a person’s age. A teenager can behave like a child in kindergarten, and an adult like a teenager.

Relatives or the closest circle of the infantile come to us with this problem, because he gives them many problems. But, unfortunately, faced with such a case, we do not have a recommended treatment plan

Mentally immature women behave in such a way that problems inevitably begin in relationships with men, friends, and work colleagues.

Love relationship

Infantile women are waiting for a prince on a white horse. Psychologically immature women, as a rule, occupy the role of mistresses or abandoned women, single mothers. This happens because they cannot feel sincere love for their partner, constantly doubt the right choice, and do not know how to show care for their partner and children. It’s easier for them not to be responsible for anyone, including themselves.

Relationships with others

Infantile women do not have their own opinions. They are also extremely dependent on the assessment of others. In order not to impose any obligations on themselves, such persons ask for the opinions of others and act as the majority thinks. They have few friends, since they demand excessive attention and care, but cannot show it in return.


The ideal situation in the life of an infant is to be fully supported by a man. Lack of ambition and desire to take on responsibilities closes many doors in front of them. As a rule, such individuals occupy positions in companies where the manifestation of character and ingenuity, leaving the comfort zone and making efforts are not required. They do not dream of achieving heights in their careers, so none of their colleagues take them seriously.

Family relationships

They say about such people that “you can’t cook porridge with them.” If a woman with an immature personality does get married, the marriage does not last long. The first serious problem will reveal the true character of a person: the inability to make decisions and the unwillingness to see the problem.

Infantile women often fall for scammers. They are very naive and gullible, they are easy to win over to their side: invest their savings in a dubious campaign, turn to psychics, buy unnecessary goods at an inflated price.

Infantility - what is it?

Infantility, or infantilism, is immaturity in development, which is accompanied by the retention of childish mental traits and behavior in an adult. It is important to distinguish the meaning of the term “infantilism” in medicine and psychology. In medicine, this term usually covers a delay in physical or mental development. Psychological infantiles, as a rule, are physically developed and have no problems with communication or learning new things. They just don't know how to live like adults.

Here and below are examples from the forums.

“I grew up with my grandparents, my parents worked constantly. My grandfathers were so protective, they literally told me: “Vova, now you want to eat, sit down at the table. And now you want to play with cars.” I didn’t go to the garden, I didn’t play with the children on the street - they bullied me. School was a blow - everyone was friends, their own company, and I sat in the corner and chewed snot. I still chew it to this day. No family, no friends, no good job, I don’t understand what to do next.”

— Ilya, 27 years old

In this case, infantilism is the result of excessive guardianship. The child is used to having everything decided for him, he does not know how to plan and make decisions - he was simply not given the opportunity to learn.

Children's behavior becomes a habit, inconvenient and bad, but quite amenable to change. In this case, the child's relatives did not give him the opportunity to develop communication skills, which is why it is so difficult for him to function in adulthood.

What other reasons can lead to learned infantile behavior?

How to recognize an immature woman on the first date?

The appearance and behavior of an infantile woman is very different from how a mature, self-sufficient person behaves.

The principles by which an infantile woman lives:

  • waiting for the prince on a white horse,
  • doesn't know what he wants from life,
  • believes that everyone around her owes her,
  • achieves goals through manipulation
  • never apologizes or sees that he was wrong.

Life values

A woman’s immature psyche dictates to her that she needs to find a person who is ready to provide for her. Therefore, almost all of them look like predators, ready to grab their prey at any moment.

They know how to show off in order to interest a man. If you ask about the purpose of a woman, you can hear the answer about the family hearth and procreation. But in reality, this is another cunning move to relieve yourself of the responsibility to go to work or solve family matters.


Open social networks and look at the majority of modern girls. They look almost the same. They try to bring their appearance closer to the standard of female attractiveness and are ready to undergo operations and dangerous cosmetic procedures. It is difficult to determine the age of such women; they try to look as young as possible and do this with the help of operations, clothing and cosmetics.


Already at the first meeting, such a woman will give alarming signals. She will demand increased attention from a man, and if it is not given, she will begin to get nervous.

The first thing an immature woman will do when meeting her is to demonstrate her advantages. As children, we all loved to brag, but the girls in question did not outgrow this habit.


An infantile woman will be primarily interested in a man’s financial situation. She can directly ask the question of whether he can sponsor all her whims. Therefore, the main topic of conversation will be how much he earns and what kind of car he has.

Since such girls do not have their own opinions in matters of politics, art or other areas of life, they will adhere to standard stereotypes and pass them off as their own opinions.

Manifestations of pathology

In addition to the reluctance and inability to bear responsibility for something or someone, the infantile personality is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • selfishness, capriciousness;
  • habit of permissiveness;
  • inability to adequately perceive criticism;
  • strong dependence on other people's opinions;
  • excessive trust in strangers;
  • increased emotionality, touchiness;
  • poor self-control;
  • spontaneity typical of childhood;
  • superficiality and lack of consistency in judgment.

Many infantas are focused only on themselves and can treat others with disrespect. Such individuals are unable to admit their own mistakes. This means that they always try to blame others for any of their mistakes.

As a rule, infantile women do not strive for leadership and do not like to make even unimportant decisions on their own. They need the constant supervision of a person with a stronger character, who may be younger in age.

Is it worth building a relationship with her?

A strong, happy family and infantilism never stand side by side. By choosing a girl who has never been able to grow up as his wife, a man takes responsibility for his family and for her.

Such an alliance is doomed to failure for several reasons:

  • She is too dependent on the opinion of her parents, who will meddle in the relationship all her life and dictate their terms.
  • In principle, she does not want to get married and take on the responsibilities of running a household and raising children.

  • She cannot be independent; it is easier for her to hire a housekeeper and order food in a restaurant, guess at whose expense.
  • She does not plan to have children, because this is a very big responsibility. Even if a man manages to persuade her to have a child, she will still demand attention only to herself. This will be expressed in hysterics, whims and scandals.
  • She does not know how to support and help make decisions. In order for a man to feel like the head of the family, the infantile wife completely refuses any responsibilities.

Psychologically insolvent girls are chosen by men who want to be dominant in relationships. But partnership sooner or later leads to a break in the relationship.

Because such women do not know how to give in and compromise. A healthy, strong family is built on mutual respect and trust, in which both spouses are independent, self-sufficient individuals and relationships are built on partnership.

Opinion of a family psychologist about relationships with infantile women:

Is there a problem: why do we need to grow up?

Infantility has a bad effect on a person; it deprives him of the opportunity to take responsibility for his own life and for his actions. It is infantiles who are susceptible to influence; it is easy for them to impose their point of view. This can pose a threat to society, because the lack of critical thinking, coupled with infantilism, helps instill dangerous ideas in the public. The state and society are deformed. This affects young people the most. This social group is easy to manipulate and instill destructive thoughts into them. When consciousness changes collectively, it threatens the development of the social sphere. If we consider infantilism in the context of one person’s life, this phenomenon prevents one from being truly happy and free. Getting rid of infantile habits makes it possible to improve the quality of life.

How to help a woman get rid of immaturity: advice from a psychologist

A woman’s infantilism harms her personal life, her social fulfillment, and her intellectual development. Therefore, a woman needs to get rid of infantilism.

It is difficult for a woman to remove infantilism on her own, so the help of her husband, friends and relatives is very important!

Advice to the husband, friends and relatives of an infantile woman:

1. Talk to the woman about her immaturity, help her realize and accept her problem, and also convince her to get rid of it.

2. Childhood traumas are the cause of infantilism in women. They need to be worked through.

To do this, you need to invite the woman to see a psychologist - and visit him until the moment when childhood traumas no longer interfere. It’s good to go to a psychologist for the first time with a woman to support her.

3. Explain to the woman what the locus of control is within herself (reliance on herself first, and not on the world around her). Then, when she solves a problem, tell her how she can solve it herself without the help of other people. Next, give the woman the opportunity to solve the problem herself, supporting her, but without interfering.

4. Draw a woman’s attention to her life resources: health, money, work, family, friends, etc.

In infantile women, many resources are often not developed. Tell her that greater development of resources helps to cope with infantilism. Convince a woman to start pumping up her resources. For example, it’s good to start with the health - invite her to play sports - and do sports yourself with her, for support.

We also recommend that you read the articles:

  1. Basic rules for a healthy lifestyle
  2. Principles of healthy eating

5. Tell the woman about what psychodefenses are (false pictures of the world) that prevent her from seeing the world as real. Then, as an example, tell her your real view of the situation, which she sees distortedly. Then often have such conversations with her and guide her towards the desire to see the world realistically.

6. Tell the woman about personal boundaries (these are psychological boundaries that separate our inner space and the inner space of another person). Draw the woman’s attention to the fact that she does not have clear personal boundaries, and that she constantly violates other people’s personal boundaries.

Add that many people perceive a violation of their personal boundaries negatively, and the lack of clear personal boundaries leads to trouble. Convince a woman to build her personal boundaries, and also to stop violating the boundaries of others.

7. An infantile woman often does not provide for herself financially. Meanwhile, maintaining oneself is one of the ways to get rid of infantilism. You need to talk to the woman about this. Then help her choose a job with which she can support herself financially.

It would be good if it was a job in which the woman would have a lot of responsibility. Further support her during employment. Then teach her how to properly distribute her salary so that she has enough for everything.

8. Explain to the woman how important it is to control and correctly express her emotions. Next, advise her to see a psychologist to learn how to do this. For the first time, go to a psychologist with her for support.

Here you can learn how to get rid of negative emotions

9. Tell the woman that she needs to learn to please and interest herself, so as not to depend on others. To do this, advise her to learn, for example, to draw, play a musical instrument, learn a foreign language, etc. In the beginning, do this with a woman for support.

10. The ability to make decisions independently and be responsible for them is necessary to get rid of infantilism. Therefore, talk to the woman about her life strategy, and explain how necessary this skill is. In a controversial situation, support the woman, but make sure that she makes the decision herself, implements it herself and is responsible for it herself. Over time, a woman will learn to cope with this on her own.

11. Give a woman the opportunity to take care of herself: clean up the apartment, cook, buy clothes for herself, etc. In the beginning, you can help her with this, but make sure that over time she begins to do all this herself.

12. Infantile women often build codependent relationships with their husbands, family, and friends. They take on the role of a little girl who is completely dependent on those around her.

If an infantile woman has a husband, then he should discuss their relationship with his wife and rebuild it so that the woman becomes an equal partner, and not a weak being.

If a woman does not have a husband, then she must now build all her relationships with men as equal. Friends and relatives will help with this - they will first help the woman build partnerships with them. Then it will be easier for women and men.

13. Infantile women often fall into addictions: alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, etc. It is necessary to get rid of addictions! If there is an urgent need, then the husband, family and friends should convince the woman to seek treatment from a narcologist.

After this course of treatment, a woman should begin to develop other aspects of her life. For example, start playing sports, learn a foreign language, learn to draw, play a musical instrument, renovate your apartment, etc.

14. If a woman is married, then she can temporarily leave for another city or another country. If she’s not married, she can leave forever. When a woman is left alone: ​​without a husband, relatives and friends, she will be forced to start solving her problems herself.

15. If the help of her husband, relatives and friends is not enough for a woman to get rid of infantilism, then she should be advised to consult a psychologist in order to first develop new behavioral strategies in consultations, and then begin to implement them in real life.

Accepting the help of her husband, friends, relatives and changing, a woman should not compare herself with other people, she must focus only on herself.

The only person you should compare yourself to is your past self. And the only person you should be better than is who you are now.

Sigmund Freud

A woman, husband, relatives and friends should not be upset if something does not work out right away. You need to be patient!

Test for infantility

To determine if you have a problem, read the statements and answer yes or no:

  1. I don't have enough experience to make decisions myself.
  2. I often do rash things.
  3. People often don't like what I say.
  4. My actions often go beyond generally accepted norms of behavior.
  5. I don't have any special goals in life.
  6. I find it difficult to cope with many things in life.
  7. I do not consider it necessary to analyze the reasons for my actions.

If you answered “yes” to 3 or more statements, you probably have some immaturity. We recommend paying attention to developing your self-sufficiency.

How to overcome infantilism yourself: a step-by-step guide

Infantilism is a huge problem for any adult. Indeed, in this situation, he becomes dependent on his parents, on the opinions of others, and is practically unable to achieve anything on his own in life. Such a person will not be able to build a career or proper, reliable relationships.

Therefore, people with a similar problem need to identify it as quickly as possible and begin the fight to become an adult, full-fledged person. How to deal with the problem?

Listen less to the opinions of others

On the one hand, this point can be disputed, but still most decisions in life need to be made independently. Naturally, you can first consult with your parents or friends, but the final decision should not rest with them. If a person’s fate is determined by other people, then responsibility can also easily be shifted to them.

For example, if something did not work out because the girl followed the instructions of her parents, then all the blame for this failure can easily be placed on them. This position of an innocent victim and an immature child is always convenient, because the fault is not yours, it was others who gave bad advice. You don't need to listen to advice about:

  • finance,
  • relationships with the opposite sex,
  • friendship with someone
  • relationships with family.

Especially if they come from people who themselves have similar problems and cannot deal with them, and therefore do not set a positive example.

Go through the process of separation from parents

It is always warm, cozy and comfortable under the parental wing. After all, they will help with money, provide free housing and food. For many, such a life is quite convenient and comfortable. But an adult should separate from his parents as early as possible and go away to earn his own bread.

If, due to certain circumstances, you need to live with your parents, then you should offer to at least split the money for utilities and groceries in half.

The sooner a girl stands on her own feet, begins to think about how to survive on her own, how to feed herself, the sooner she will become more responsible. This is a rather harsh and categorical method, but you cannot get rid of infantilism if you rely only on your parents all your life. Separation from parents is a mandatory component of getting rid of infantilism.

Get out of your comfort zone

Infantilism is about comfort and convenience. But it is unlikely that the life of most adults is always convenient and comfortable. Such concepts are generally not close to those who take risks, for example, by opening their own business.

Every day a woman can get a lot of opportunities. For example, an excellent vacancy, but for it you need to know English well or improve your professional skills. An infantile person will be afraid to change and bring something new into his life. But a mature person will gladly meet new prospects, despite the fact that this will require trying harder than usual.

Assess future prospects

A common problem for many infantile people is the desire to live only for this moment. It is convenient and pleasant not to know when the future will come and what will be in it. But often, in order to achieve many goals, you have to give up those desires that dominate at the moment.

For example, a girl without hesitation runs to buy a new dress from the collection of some famous designer. This is a desire in this moment, now. But that money can be saved for courses, buying a home, a car, traveling, and all of them will relate to the future. Naturally, you will have to be patient and give up your desires, but such things are much more practical and promising for life than a momentary desire.

Choose your environment carefully

Particular attention should be paid to this advice from adolescence, since a person’s environment determines who he is. When a woman is surrounded by irresponsible individuals who skillfully shift all their problems onto the shoulders of their parents, husbands or partners, it is easy to become infected with this lifestyle and become exactly the same person.

But when there are motivated, successful individuals around, who themselves achieve everything in life, and are not afraid to conquer new heights, then anyone will want to be equal to such people and keep up. Good people are not so difficult to find, for this you need:

  1. Start any hobby through which you can find like-minded people.
  2. Devote time to social activities, for example, at university, be an active participant and make new acquaintances.
  3. Attend various courses and trainings.
  4. Don’t refuse to meet with friends in a company where there will be strangers, this is a chance to find new friends, and overcome your shyness.

Stop expecting things from others

Immature people always believe that other individuals owe and owe them something, and they must also be able to read their thoughts. In real life, things are not so rosy. You need to be able to, first of all, rely only on yourself, and secondly, be able to build competent relationships with other people and give something in return. Otherwise, it is unlikely that anyone will want to provide help and support to a person who does not give anything in return, but hangs on his neck like a small child.

Find your life's purpose

For many people, infantilism is often a consequence of the meaninglessness of their existence. They do not have specific goals or plans for which they are ready to wake up in the morning and try tirelessly. Moreover, these do not necessarily have to be some unusual and global goals.

Let them be small, but it’s better to put them in front of you. After achieving even the smallest goal or dream, self-confidence and strength will immediately appear. But such pleasure will not come from the fact that everything easily falls into the hands of parents or other people.

Read the article: How to develop strategic thinking

Plan your day

For many successful people, this point helps them manage absolutely everything in life. When a person does not plan his day, the likelihood that he will waste time irresponsibly and achieve nothing is much higher. Therefore, if you notice that you are irresponsible in completing tasks at work or other assignments, you submit everything at the last moment, or, on the contrary, you are always delaying deadlines, then you should start planning every hour of your day.

Then it will be clear where the time goes and that in fact there is enough of it in the day to cope with all the necessary matters and not be an irresponsible and immature person in front of your superiors. Time management helps you avoid wasting time. To plan your day you can use the following methods:

  • notes in a notebook,
  • using various trackers on a smartphone,
  • create an online planner on your computer or laptop.

What does infantilism lead to?

Infantile women tend to blame men, not themselves, for their unsuccessful personal lives. The infant describes another unsuccessful romance to her friend as follows: “He didn’t want to do anything for me! He ignored me! Why do I need such a man?

Infantilism in a woman entails difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex. The initial stage of a relationship with an infant is usually romantic and spurs the man on, but he does not seek to develop it. This does not mean that he will leave the lady, he just definitely won’t ask her to marry her. As a result, in love, the role of a mistress is the lot of infants.

The role of a mistress entails the following two problems in the infant’s female life: either she will not become a mother, or she will become a single mother. Both options cannot be called successful for a woman to realize her natural destiny.

The desire to overcome infantilism

Something to remember! A person has the fate that he deserves. Awareness of your shortcomings is the right path to self-improvement. Having a goal and determination to achieve it are the conditions for overcoming not only infantilism, but also other personal problems.

Is infantilism a problem or not?!

Psychologists do not allow themselves to be led into temptation in order to somehow justify infantilism. For them, this is not a separate way of life, not a different view of the world, and certainly not belonging to any subculture. According to experts, this is precisely a problem characterized primarily by the inability to achieve success in personal self-realization within one or another social framework.

It is worth noting that despite their unsuitability for adult life, such people often demonstrate high creative potential. An infantile lifestyle, which often takes place against the background of the absence of any boundaries and self-restraints, stimulates the work of the right hemisphere of the human brain. Increased activity of the creative center leads to daydreaming and immersion in fantasy. Such people can be good artists or musicians.

"Children cannot have children." Sergei Shnurov about infantility and who a mature man is.


In order to part with infantilism, radical changes in the psychology of thinking will be required. A sincere interest in the results is of great importance.

It is important to clearly understand: infantilism in women is quite difficult to eliminate. This requires a considerable period of time and a large supply of patience. At best, the formation of a new personality takes several months. In other situations, a longer period is required.

To speed up the process, modern psychologists recommend taking drastic measures. You can start an independent life in another city, abandoning the guardianship of relatives; get a job that requires a lot of responsibility. Try to live for a while on small means, giving up the usual material goods.

Some experts consider the birth of a child to be a good cure for infantilism. The appearance of a baby encourages his mother to take many independent actions, radically changes the previously established daily routine, and teaches her to take responsibility for her own family.

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