Why foul language is unacceptable and disgusting

Today, “Zdravo-Bravo” raises a very unpleasant topic for some, and even a very familiar one for others. Today we’ll talk about the dangers of foul language and swearing.

Russian swearing has become very familiar and natural today. What is this: a bad habit, promiscuity, or is it just nature? I think the answer to this question depends on your upbringing and social circle.

What is a mat?

Before you try to understand why you can’t swear in principle, you need to find out what falls under the “swearing” category. If you carefully read the definition of this word in different dictionaries, it becomes clear that swearing is one of the coarsest and most ancient forms of profanity in Rus' and related languages.

Based on this definition, we can conclude that swear words were actively used by our ancestors. Most likely, you are now thinking that since your great-grandfathers and great-great-grandfathers sometimes allowed themselves to swear with strong words, then there is nothing wrong with it. But don't rush to conclusions. Perhaps in ancient times everything was not so simple with profanity.

The history of the mat

Many people are so accustomed to swearing in their everyday speech that they don’t even think about why they shouldn’t swear and where these strange words came into our culture. However, scientists have been interested in profanity for a very long time, and they have been studying this issue for decades.

Initially, there was a widespread belief that mating came to the Slavs from the Mongols and Turkic tribes. But a more thorough analysis of these languages ​​showed that there was nothing like swearing in them. Therefore, it is worth looking for the roots of foul language in more ancient times.

Ethnopsychologists were very surprised by the similarity of Russian swearing to the spells of the ancient Sumerians. Many words were almost identical, which led scientists to think about the sacred meaning of profanity. And, as it turned out, they were on the right track. After much research, it was discovered that swearing is nothing more than an appeal to pagan spirits, demons and demons. It was widely used in pagan cults and rituals, but even then only special people who used their power to achieve certain goals could use foul language. Still don't understand why you can't swear? Then you should read the article to the end.

Many words that we use today several hundred times a day are the names of ancient demons, while others are a terrible curse sent in ancient times only on the heads of enemies. That is, using swear words every day, we consciously turn to the dark forces and call on them for help. And they are always happy to provide it, and then present a bill for payment, which may be unaffordable for many.

It is noteworthy that even our ancestors were clearly aware of the harm of swear words. They didn't need to explain why they shouldn't swear in public places. An ordinary person could use profanity no more than ten times a year and only in the most exceptional cases. At the same time, everyone understood that retribution for this weakness would be inevitable.

Of course, to many our explanation will seem like a fairy tale. After all, modern man believes only in facts and figures. But well, we are ready to consider this issue from a scientific point of view.

The harm of foul language

The fact that swearing and foul language are harmful to health is already a proven fact. Scientists have proven in their research that swear words constantly uttered by a person simply “explode” in the human body and affect the mutation of DNA cells.

This has an impact on the gradual and imperceptible degradation of a person, and at the genetic level, on their descendants.

Scientists have invented a device capable of tracing a person’s electromagnetic vibrations during different pronunciations of words (intonation, word forms, energy message and information code).

As is known, electromagnetic waves of different frequencies affect DNA molecules: genes change places due to the fact that chromosomes change, one might say, tear and bend unnaturally.

Result: DNA changes its genetic code, i.e. cell mutation occurs. This can be compared to the effects of radioactive radiation. This is how the next generations become weaker and gradually degrade.

I want to tell you one parable by S.S. Orbeliani from the book “The Wisdom of Fiction”:

One day a hunter invited a bear to his home. But the wife really didn’t like the smell of this animal and, without restraining herself, using rude foul language, she said about it so that the bear could hear everything. Offended, he went into the forest.

When the hunter came into the forest again, the bear said to him: “Please hit me on the head.” No matter how the hunter denied it, the bear did not lag behind. I had to fulfill the bear’s request - a wound appeared on the bear’s head. In pain, he ran into the forest.

After some time, the hunter and the bear meet again in the forest. "How are you?" - asks the hunter, - “The wound from the ax has healed, but the wound from your wife’s words still hurts me, I can’t forget it,” the bear answered with bitterness in his voice.

Swearing not only contributes to personality degradation, reducing intelligence, but also cripples morally and spiritually. Often he even encourages people to provoke crimes. After all, an illusion of permissiveness and impunity is created.

But the most important thing is that foul language and health are not compatible; it is dangerous to health. Premature aging and the appearance of chronic diseases are often associated with the negative energy of such words.

Lack of spirituality is directly related to immorality in speech. And now it has already been proven that most physical ailments come from illness of the spirit: thoughts, emotions, words, actions.

Scientific experiments with profanity

Back in Soviet times, scientists became interested in how words affect living organisms. Since childhood, we have known a lot of folk proverbs and sayings on this subject. For example, “a kind word is pleasant for a cat” or “a word is not hard, but people die from it.” This should teach us to be careful about what comes out of our mouths. However, most people take their speech extremely frivolously. And, according to scientists, it is in vain.

Research institutes in our country have been testing the hypothesis for several years about how strongly a word can affect the psychophysical state of a living organism. The experiments were carried out on seeds intended for planting. Three experimental groups were created. The first was exposed to the most selective swearing for several hours a day, the second “listened” to the usual swearing, and the third was told only words of gratitude and prayers. To the surprise of scientists, the seeds on which the mat fell showed a germination rate of only forty-nine percent. In the second group, the numbers were higher - fifty-three percent. But the seeds from the third group sprouted by ninety-six percent!

It is not for nothing that our ancestors knew that in no case should one approach cooking food and planting crops with foul language. In this case, you should not even expect a good result. But how exactly does swearing work? This process was revealed to the fullest by the Russian geneticist Pyotr Goryaev.

The impact of profanity on the human body

We think many of us have read the Bible and remember that “in the beginning was the Word.” But most people didn’t even think about what exactly was contained in this important line. But Pyotr Goryaev managed to reveal this secret.

After many years of research that he conducted in Russian and foreign scientific institutes, it was proven that our DNA chain can be represented as a meaningful text consisting of words grouped with a special meaning. The scientist himself called this phenomenon “the speech of the Creator.” Thus, Goryaev confirmed that with our speech we can both heal ourselves and destroy ourselves. He claims that thought forms, and especially spoken words, are perceived by the genetic apparatus through special electromagnetic channels. Therefore, they can heal and support us, and in other cases literally explode DNA, causing certain disorders and mutations. And checkmate is the most destructive force that exists. Petr Goryaev believes that a frivolous attitude towards profanity leads not only to cultural, but also to physical degeneration of the nation.

Surprisingly, Goryaev’s hypothesis is partially confirmed by doctors. They have long noticed that stroke patients or patients after severe traumatic brain injuries who lose the ability to speak can quite freely pronounce long sentences entirely consisting of swear words. This means that at this moment in the body, signals pass through completely different nerve chains and endings.

Why can't a girl swear?

Women sought equal rights with men. Of course, now they can even swear. But is this necessary?

The negative attitude towards women's swearing is caused more by stereotypes in society. It is believed that a woman is, first of all, a mother and keeper of the hearth, and she certainly should not dilute her speech with obscene words. Especially if the woman already has children. The child consciously and unconsciously copies the behavior of his parents. And with a high degree of probability, he himself will swear if the household members are not shy in their expressions. It’s not at all good when it’s the mother who becomes the bad example.

In the eyes of others, a swearing woman looks, to put it mildly, like a “dysfunctional” person who evokes mistrust. Will she be able to successfully climb the career ladder and find a worthy life partner? This depends on many factors, not only on vocabulary, but obscene language is definitely not an assistant in building personal happiness.

The opinion of the clergy

Why can't you swear? Orthodoxy has always had a unanimous opinion on this matter. Any churchgoer can explain that profanity, first of all, is a sin that is displeasing to God. With abusive words we console the evil one and call on demons for help. And they never miss an opportunity to put a person in an even more difficult and difficult situation. Thus, we move further and further away from the Lord and cannot fully open our hearts to him.

In addition, many swear words are a real and terrible insult to the Mother of God and the entire female race in general. This is why girls should never swear. As future mothers, they should carry only a bright program within themselves, and not be “stained” with curses and blasphemous words. And this includes all swearing and any abusive speech.

Priests always try to convey that the word is God’s special gift to man. With it, he connects himself with the space surrounding him with invisible threads, and it depends only on the personality itself what exactly will happen to it. Often, even believers allow foul language, and then are surprised that troubles, misfortunes, poverty and illness come to their home. The Church sees a direct connection in this and advises carefully controlling your speech even in moments of intense anger.


Weaving a swear word into your speech to be more convincing or to attract an audience is not such a harmless thing. Even if a person has high mental abilities, a “kickback” occurs with regular foul language. Gradually, the foul-mouthed person lowers his standards. He becomes lazy to look for more precise cultural words to express his thoughts.

Why are the British called prim?

Digging into the nuances and shades of vocabulary is a very labor-intensive task for the brain. The beauty of speech fades into the background. The brain loses the habit of thinking, and the person degrades.

The negatively charged word itself also takes a person out of a balanced, calm state.

The influence of swearing on expectant mothers

Scientists claim that foul language has the ability to spoil a person’s health and condition not only in a momentary situation, but also completely change his genetic program laid down by nature. Swearing seems to knock out certain links from the DNA or completely change them. Any spoken word represents a certain wave genetic program, which in most cases does not have retroactive effect. Therefore, pregnant women must especially carefully monitor not only their own speech, but also the society in which they find themselves. After all, the influence of swearing extends not only to those who use foul language themselves, but also to that category that can be called “passive listeners.” Even one person in a group using profanity can cause great harm to everyone present.

If you still don’t understand why pregnant women shouldn’t swear, then you should turn to the latest scientific research. They became interested in the data that in some countries cerebral palsy and Down syndrome are extremely rare, while in others they are regularly included in the statistics of newborn diseases. It turned out that in countries where there is no such thing as “swearing”, there are much fewer congenital childhood diseases than in countries where foul language is the natural everyday speech of almost every person.

Children and swearing

Many adults do not consider it necessary to think about why it is forbidden to swear in front of children. They believe that children do not remember or understand anything yet, and therefore will not perceive profanity as something harmful. But this position is fundamentally wrong.

Mat is very dangerous for children of any age. First of all, he is a conductor of violence in the life of a child. Foul language most often becomes a companion to fights and any kind of aggression. Therefore, children very quickly become saturated with this energy and begin to actively broadcast it into the world around them, surprising their sometimes rather prosperous parents with their behavior.

Secondly, dependence on swear words almost instantly develops. Psychologists quite often draw a parallel between it and alcohol or nicotine addiction. A child who uses profanity from a very early age will have great difficulty breaking this habit. The process will require incredible effort from him.

Thirdly, foul language reduces your child’s chances of finding happiness in the future and becoming a happy parent of a healthy baby. Therefore, try to convey to your children as clearly as possible why you should not swear.

Swearing came from the pagan rituals of the Slavs

Before the baptism of Rus', the ancient Slavs used swear words during pagan rituals. With the help of these special words, the pagans scared away evil spirits and turned to other worlds. They demonstrated their fighting spirit and willingness to fight the demons.

After the adoption of Christianity, they began to explain to people that foul language is a grave sin. Nevertheless, swear words became commonplace, and new derivative swear words appeared.

Profanity is a grave sin.

The tsarist government severely punished foul language. Those who swore were publicly flogged with rods so that others would be discouraged.

In the tsarist army, swearing was severely punished. Suvorov told the soldiers: “Pray to God. Victory comes from him. He is our general."

Interesting fact about profanity

Many people wonder why you can’t swear in prison. There are several explanations for this rule. The first includes the fact that many swear words contain understandable insults. And in prison jargon they are interpreted literally. Therefore, a couple of such words can be perceived as a mortal insult, and one could well pay for it with one’s life.

In addition, places of detention have their own language - fenya. It carries quite a lot of negative energy and psychologists consider its effect on the body to be much more powerful than swearing.

Wisdom of the ancestors

There is an opinion that swearing has ancient roots and was commonplace among our ancestors. However, this is not quite true. Mat actually existed hundreds, or even thousands of years ago. But only its “authors” were mainly clergymen - magi, sorcerers, witches. In short, everyone who communicated with otherworldly forces.

In the Bulgarian chronicle, the word “mattered” did not mean “scold”, but simply “cursed.” For example, one of the swear words starting with the letter “e”, which is of Slavic origin, is translated as “curse.” A person who pronounces it, thereby curses himself and those around him, automatically calls upon himself, his children and his entire family all the dirtiest and most painful things. genus.

Ordinary people did not use this vocabulary in speech, because they knew about its powerful energetic impact and were afraid of incurring a curse on themselves.

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